1. W

    LG 65CX Panel edge problem, Pixels?

    Noticed this on my OLED65CX yesterday and now it has me worried, anyone seen this before? The ones down the side seem to have gone since I took the picture, but the ones on the top left of the screen are always there and a couple in the bottom left corner. None on the right though.
  2. G

    Are this dead pixels? 50A7100F one month old TV

    Dead pixel? I noticed them yesterday.
  3. C

    Coloured dots on black screen 43PUS7303/12, dead pixels?

    Just moved my TV onto the wall, while finishing setting up I've noticed close up on a black screen lots and lots of tiny green/blue dots.... looks like very small dead pixels but seems to be all over the screen. Take it this is just busted? You don't really notice it on normal viewing or from...
  4. P

    LG C1 - Flashing red pixels in black background, G-sync on/off fixes it?

    I have a new LG C1 that I use as a monitor. Sometimes I'll notice that there are a bunch of red flashing pixels in black backgrounds that are spread throughout the screen. This usually happens after I turn the TV on. I thought it was a G-Sync issue, so I turned G-Sync off. However, it is still...
  5. Lighty

    Any brilliant ideas - dead pixels ????

    I lifted this down with my wife and then back onto the bracket. we don’t recall impacting the screen at all but sadly it seems to be growing 🙁 it’s a 65” KS7000 thanks Lighty
  6. S

    Currys ad pixels query

    Who's seen the currys advert where the expert says if you watch movies go for an oled because the pixels are seperate what do they mean in comparison to lcd tv
  7. D

    LG OLED 55CX - Vertical line of equally spaced white pixels

    Hello, I purchased a brand new OLED55CXPUA yesterday. Set everything up and it worked great for about 4 hours. For apparently no reason, a large line of perfectly spaced white pixels appeared out of nowhere (pictures below). This line only appears watching 4K Dolby/HDR, etc using my AppleTV 4K...
  8. N

    Q70T dead pixels - Need advice

    Hello, I recently bought the Samsung Q70T (65" model) when the local store had a great deal as it only cost me about 950 dollars (682 GBP). The good: I am very happy with my TV: It has minimal dirty screen effect and no banding (that I can see). When doing stress tests on YouTube to spot...
  9. S

    oled 55cx6la - black spot on the edge of the screen. Cluster of dead pixels?

    Hi, new member here (with concerns). Yesterday I saw a strange black spot on the right edge of the screen, not sure if it’s a cluster of dead pixels or something else. Took a while to realize that it was permanent. I have switched between different sources (tv and xbox mainly) with no change. Do...
  10. Kylekodi

    Nano 90 stuck pixels after using menus

    Every time I use menus or change inputs, blocks of pixels in different colors show up all over the screen like the one shown in attached picture. Anyone know what causes this?
  11. ahaydock

    Question What Is This? Dead Pixels?

    This little black mark has randomly appeared today. Anyone know what it is? Dead pixels maybe? It’s not in the surface of the screen itself and is static. It’s visible on every source as well...
  12. korayus

    Hundreds of Dead Pixels in 4 years !!!

    I have Hundreds of Dead Pixels in 4 years on Sony 55XD8505 !!! Do you think its normal?
  13. H

    C9 Dead/Stuck Pixels?

    Hi there i have just spotted 2 dead/stuck pixels in the bottom left corner of my 55 inch C9. I bought the TV in November 2019. Would a pixel refresh be worth doing and where would I stand warranty wise, bought from RS in 2019?
  14. T

    My Tv has randomly started showing Red and Green shimmering pixels

    So out of nowhere my tv has started to show shimmering red and green pixels and I don’t know how to fix this I’ve tried everything, I’m using a Sharp LCD tv. This only seems to happen when using 4K these do not show up when using 1080p
  15. L

    Dead TV pixels Sony TV

    Hi, purchased Sony bravia 3 years ago. Noticed what looked like dead pixels when first switched on but only a couple, it's getting much worse now and more noticeable. Would. I be covered under the warranty for a replacement,i am worried it will just get worse
  16. D

    Q90T - 7 dead pixels

    Hi all, just wondered if it is common or normal for some TVs to arrive with dead pixels. ive had the tv a couple of weeks and watched it normally from the sofa a few feet away and looks perfect from that distance. But I wasup closer to it today and there was a white screen. It’s then I...
  17. ALahson

    TV black with pixels. Help

    Hi just wondering if anyone would know what is wrong with this TV and is it an easy thing to fix. Pictures below:
  18. Aradour

    Weird pixels on edge of screen (Pana Gz1000)

    Hey guys, Sorry for my first post to be a downer... I have a Panasonic GZ1000. I love this television but the other night I noticed in the bottom left corner that there are some strange pixels, at first I thought they were dead, but they appear to be 'diluted' in brightness and colour. I'm...
  19. M

    Question Hisense AE7400 stuck pixels

    I had my TV delivered yesterday but noticed 2 stuck pixels straight away, pics enclosed. I ran an hour long dead pixel fixing video (flashing) but they didn't go. Would such issue be normally covered by RS or Hisense please? Thanks
  20. R

    Pixels uhd42

    What's sort of distance should you not be able to see the squares? Screen width is around 2.9m and seating position is around 3.5m. All the white lettering of the black and white menu screens you can see the squares doesn't matter if the image is 1080p or 4k. For example when gaming in 4k the...
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