1. A

    Question Issue with pixel degradation (?) on LG OLED55B7

    Hi, I have had the LG OLED B7 for about a year and a half. Yesterday I noticed that on certain colours (lighter yellows, reds, etc) there was a line down the centre of the screen. Upon closer inspection, it seems that the entire left hand side of the screen is a slightly different colour to...
  2. mosultan92

    LG C8 Oled Uniformity Issues - 4th Defective TV!!

    Hey everyone, I have a C8 Oled with some visible uniformity issues in the form of a cross in the top left quarter of the screen. The tv’s total power on time is 1540 hours and I’ve done countless pixel refresher cycles with no help. This is my third replacement from LG after two tvs with much...
  3. Andy Bassett

    NEWS: Google launches Pixel 3a and Nest Hub Max

    Google’s annual I/O developer conference showcases software and hardware advances. This year Google launches the Pixel 3a, 3a XL, Nest Hub Max and teases Android Q. Read the news.
  4. V

    Question SONY KDL75W855C screen issue after repair

    Hello guys, Hope you are all well. First post so im sorry if I'm not up to standard yet but i have a burning question. My Sony TV came back after new LED strips were fitted. Problem is i have 4 “dirty” marks in the middle of the screen that resemble dead or stuck pixels but its neither...
  5. Aaron Macarthy Beards

    NEWS: Google Pixel 3 and 3 XL: What, When and Where

    Bigger screens, better cameras and new designs for Google's new flagship devices. Read the news.
  6. Aaron Macarthy Beards

    NEWS: Google Pixel 3 Rumours: What You Need To Know

    Find out all about Google’s latest hardware before the event, thanks to multiple leaks. Read the news.
  7. tomster2300

    Question Dead pixel or damage?

    This spot on my Sony Bravia 930D showed up two weeks outside of my 1 year manufacturer's warranty, and after calling and sending this photo to Sony support, they determined that this was physical damage and not dead pixels, and refused to offer any warranty / discount on repairs. I've never hit...
  8. K

    UE55MU7000 - Stuck Green Pixel

    Hi Guys, Had my lovely TV since around mid June and it has now developed a stuck pixel in green which is rather annoying and extremely disappointing. Is there anything I can really do about it? Has anyone else had this issue with the same model TV? I purchased it with RGB Direct if that...
  9. jjgreenwood

    The Pixel 3/Pixel 3 XL

    As the Pixel 2 thread is starting to clutter up with Pixel 3 stuff I thought I'd kick off the Pixel 3 thread. Supposed to be 3 models this year with one of them actually being quite affordable. So what do we know? Snapdragon 845 Processor probably a given Dual Front cameras 8mp cited by many...
  10. D

    strange pixel refresher issue

    Hi all (edit : forgot to mention it's an LG55B7V) A few days ago, typically just before i was due to go on a short holiday, i suddenly got a popup message when turning the tv on. It said pixel refresher is about to run and the tv is about to turn off (words to that effect - can't remember...
  11. illmaticdragon

    Sony 900F: Green pixel noise on HDMI 3

    I bought new 49” Sony 900F last week and it was fine for few days but now I am randomly getting green pixel noise all over the screen on HDMI input 3 ONLY. It looks like a green noise/snow effect overlayed ontop of the image. Some of the pixels flicker green. Some of the green pixels just stay...
  12. L

    Question Is this a dead pixel... or something else?

    I took some pictures of the spot I now have in my screen, the TV is an LED Samsung UN50f5000AGCFV. One day it appeared out of nowhere and despite the distance, it's very noticeable and annoying because I use the TV with my PC as a monitor. Could it be dirt inside the panel? If so, how could I...
  13. M

    Pixel error or thunder flies in My new sony xe9305?

    Hey All, Brought this tv two months ago. I love it. Yesterday I notice three dark dots on my tv. Dont know if it is pixel error or thunder flies? This is something the warranty should take care of right? How do I proceed from here? Just take it back to the store?
  14. apollonia

    Question Google Pixel vs Huawei P20 Lite

    I am looking to buy a smartphone to replace my now useless iPod Touch but I want to buy one with a great camera. My budget is a bit limited so can't go latest generations. I was between the Pixel 1st generation and Huawei P20 lite. What do you reckon is best? THANKS!
  15. R

    OLED Pixel Issue?

    Does anybody know what this fault is and if it’s fixable? I ran a clear panel noise as it’s been a year with my C6 and this suddenly appeared? Still a year on my insurance thankfully! Any help or guidance greatly appreciated!
  16. playaplayer

    Long line of pixel on B7a

    Got this on my 65b7a that come on and off on a black screen. LG said run pixel refresh twice.
  17. Adamski72

    Brand new C7 with a stuck pixel

    Have any of you experienced a stuck pixel on your LG OLED panels? I have just purchased a C7 55" from Currys 2 weeks ago and it has developed a bright white pixel to the right of centre of the screen. (v.distracting now I know it is there). They have agreed to swap the TV for a new one as it is...
  18. B

    Does this look like a dead or stuck pixel?

    Hello, guys. I have Samsung s34e790c monitor. Had it about 1 1/2 years, I probably use it about 6 hours every other day. I just noticed today right in the center a grey mark. I'm trying to figure if it's a stuck or dead pixel. Can I get your guy's opinions? Thanks You can download the image...
  19. AlanX

    OLED pixel structure 2017 vs 2018

    I've been holding off buying into OLED following the discussions about staining, tinting and image retention with the 2017 panels. But 2018 is a new year (OK, not so new now). I would be really interested to see (and I'm sure others would too) a close-up image of a 2017 LG panel (from LG, Sony...
  20. anduns

    Dead pixel XE9305?

    hello! Is this a dead pixel? visible on all bright backgrounds slightly less on dark and nothing on black. Only visible when staring at a distance of 20-30cm. If you want me to take more pictures, I'll do it. Talked to people who think there is dust behind the LCD, because it is visible on...
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