1. sebbykin

    Pixel Perfect Movie Poster Quiz

    Found this on t'web. All credit to the originator. I'm struggling with two . If you know the answers try and just name one poster and let others do the same. A-D vertical. 1-6 horizontal. Have fun and stay safe :smashin:
  2. J

    Question Google Pixel 3 64gb - how much is it worth?

    Hi everyone, i always sell my old phones on the classifieds, usually i find the same phone for sale to judge the price but cant seem to find any pixel 3s for sale. Just wondered how much you think its worth? its got a few scuffs on the corners but nothing major and the screen is fine Thanks!
  3. LTSmash

    Panasonic 65FZ950 with Stuck Pixel - Options?

    Hey AVForums, First time poster, long time reader. Recently (and stupidly) purchased an OLED TV second hand and of course, Murphy's Law - I now have a bright white stuck pixel in the middle of the screen. I've performed the screen refresh/maintenance 5 times now which is located in the menu...
  4. Tristan45

    Pixel Refresher LG 65B7

    How often should I be using this feature?,I’m averaging about once a month
  5. X

    Stuck pixel 55oled754

    Hi! So I had a 55oled754 for a couple of months and it has developed a dark pixel. Not sure if it is dead or stuck it looks red but not sure. Bad picture attached. It has developed this recently. I noticed that the night before the tv Made a strange clicking sound in standby for a bit I assume...
  6. Daxterminator

    Pixel "stains" on upper part of the tv (UE55JU6400)

    Hi all, yesterday I noticed that the upper part of my tv (UE55JU6400) started to have some “stains” of pixels showing colors different than what they are supposed to be. Normally these stains are of a light blue color when on the screen there is a bright image, then they turn black if there is...
  7. B

    Question Is this a dead pixel or dust blob?

    I noticed the projector we bought last year the latest Epsom TW9400 has some sort of either dead pixel or dust blob ? See images, any ideas please? Bottom right of images attached. Thanks.
  8. ptho

    LG C9 pixel defect - advice please

    I brought an LG C9 from Currys on black friday about 5 weeks ago. This week I noticed a vertical line of defective pixels all the way down the tv (pic). It's barely visible but apparent on all sources, apps and channels. I've tried doing a factory reset and fiddled with cables but it's made no...
  9. aidey6

    Pixel 4 / 4XL £150 off at Currys - ends today !

  10. Homeby51

    Does Pixel Refresh Tool Damage the Screen?

    LG has instructed me to run the Picture Refresh Tool 3 or 4 times to see if it fixes my burn in or retention (whichever it is). But I have read articles and opinions that this can severely damage your screen. What say you? Thanks
  11. C

    Question LG OLED55C8PLA Stuck pixel/s

    A couple of weeks ago I noticed a stuck green pixel on my 1 year old oled tv and after calling LG's support I learnt that the warranty doesn't cover 1 stuck pixel. I paid closer attention to the stuck pixel today though and it looks quite big to be a single one so I was wondering if there are...
  12. staffy 2

    Bands after second 2000 hour pixel refresh

    My lovely E7 has developed horrible bands after it’s second 2000 hour pixel refresh.They don’t show on my iPad camera but look bad on my iPhone.What does everyone think as I’ve a 5 year warranty with Peter Tyson and they show bad in football the most.Can everyone see them
  13. Carl1988

    OLED B7 pixel damage (Richer sounds)

    After just over 2 years of my LG OLED it's now fell well under my expectations of a TV that cost me over £1,700 it's been great so far until a few weeks ago. I was aware of this screen burn after my purchase it was never discussed to me at the point of purchase that I couldn't even watch a...
  14. Coz22998

    Question Flickering pixel problem

    Hey all, Hope some of you fine experts here can help. I’ve done a search here and on Google and couldn’t find this exact problem I’m having so apologies if I’ve missed this discussion elsewhere. My Xbox One day one edition has now got flickering white pixels dotted around the screen. It’s...
  15. M

    Buying decision: Pixel 3a vs Xiaomi 9T

    Hi all, I would appreciate your opinion on a buying decision. I have narrowed down my choice to (pretty much) Pixel 3A vs Xiaomi 9T to replace my Moto Z Play. I'm quite specific about what I need but have some wiggle room. Let's start what I learned from my Z Play: I absolutely LOVE a good...
  16. Andy Bassett

    NEWS: Google Stadia and Pixel Buds launch dates announced

    Among a number of product launches including Pixel Buds, Nest Mini, Nest Wi-Fi and Pixelbook Go, Google announced that its Stadia gaming platform will launch on November 19th and the Pixel Buds will be available in spring 2020. Read the news.
  17. Andy Bassett

    NEWS: Pixel 4 and 4 XL smartphones launched at Google event

    With virtually everything already known about Google’s newest smartphones, the Pixel 4 and 4XL have been launched at the company’s Made By Google event just to make everything official. Read the news.
  18. A

    Question LG OLED B7 issue - Possibly Pixel Degradation?

    Hi, I have had the LG OLED B7 for about a year and a half. Yesterday I noticed that on certain colours (lighter yellows, reds, etc) there was a line down the centre of the screen. Upon closer inspection, it seems that the entire left hand side of the screen is a slightly different colour to...
  19. A

    Question Issue with pixel degradation (?) on LG OLED55B7

    Hi, I have had the LG OLED B7 for about a year and a half. Yesterday I noticed that on certain colours (lighter yellows, reds, etc) there was a line down the centre of the screen. Upon closer inspection, it seems that the entire left hand side of the screen is a slightly different colour to...
  20. mosultan92

    LG C8 Oled Uniformity Issues - 4th Defective TV!!

    Hey everyone, I have a C8 Oled with some visible uniformity issues in the form of a cross in the top left quarter of the screen. The tv’s total power on time is 1540 hours and I’ve done countless pixel refresher cycles with no help. This is my third replacement from LG after two tvs with much...
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