1. HaRd2BeAr

    Google Pixel 5

    So who's interested in the Google Pixel 5? Looks like it will be announced at an event on the 30th September - Device Announcement Rumoured specs so far - - Snapdragon 765G Processor (5G) - 8gb of Ram - 128GB Storage - 6inch Full HD OLED Display - 90hz refresh rate - 4000mah battery...
  2. S

    For Sale Pixel 3 XL (128gb) Clearly White

    Pixel 3 XL (128gb) Clearly white, £350 posted RMSD (direct purchase from Google, unlocked) reduced to £310 Phone great condition, couple of tiny marks just above the front camera, must have been just outside the screen protector. Can't manage to photograph. Includes box and unused headphones...
  3. neil1979

    For Sale My Pixel 4XL 128gb White

    Hi All, I have my Pixel 4XL which I purchased sim free from John Lewis on the 9th April 2020 so still a good chunk of the 2 year guarantee left. Phone is immaculate and has had a spigen case and protector on it since day 1. Fully boxed and comes with all the accessories. I also have 2 dbrand...
  4. S

    Question Screen burn or pixel degradation

    Hi, I have a 2016 lg ef950v 55" that is showing some serious image retention. The well known high Street retailers 6 year warranty as we all know doesn't cover screen burn but wanted to check if that if even what I'm contesting. On colours the top and bottom bands are clear along with logos...
  5. M

    Stuck pixel or dust? Epson TW-6700

    Hello, I have an epsonTW-6700 that has a small green dot on the projected image that’s visible on dark scenes and when I turn AV mute on. Is it a dead pixel or dust? Any advice would be much appreciated.
  6. P

    Wanted Pixel 4 XL - Unlocked

    As in the title and it has to be unlocked.
  7. H

    2000 hour pixel refresh.

    So I just had the 2000 hour pixel refresh after 9 months of use. I blame the lockdown as based on my normal usage I was not expecting it until April 2021. How have people’s experience been with this on the newer C8-C9? Better, worse or indifferent after the refresh? Haven’t looked properly...
  8. HaRd2BeAr

    Google Pixel 4a Announced

    So finally the Pixel 4a has been announced - Pixel 4a I currently have a Samsung Galaxy S8 that's now relegated to Quarterly updates :( was looking at maybe a new Iphone 12 and jumping ship, but at £349 with 3 major updates guaranteed, this looks something of a bargain really. I don't game...
  9. E

    Question Google pixel warranty

    Has anybody had any warranty dealings with google? Do they work off the IMEI number like Apple or is a receipt required as proof of purchase beforehand?
  10. stblob

    Question Pixel Refresher!

    Hi guys, Yesterday ( Friday 27th) my LG C7 wanted to do a Pixel Refresh for the very first time. OK, put into standby and of to work I went at 2pm, back home at 8pm, tv on and a message saying " tv turned on, coul not complete refresh". TV in standby at midnight and it ask for refresh again, OK...
  11. R

    Wanted Samsung S10e | Samsung S10 | Huawei P30 | Pixel 3 | Pixel 3a

    Hi, Looking for a smaller mobile device and the Samsung S10e, Samsung S10, Huawei P30 or Pixel 3a seem to be as small as they get for a good current spec phone. Anyone got one of these in excellent condition and unlocked for sale? Thank you.
  12. C

    Line of pixel problem??

    Just got a new Vizio TV... I was doing one of those dead pixel test.... And I noticed a line every now and then... Just want to know if this is going to get worse or something that will work itself out over time... Wasn't able to post the video but I got some screenshots
  13. harry66

    Question Will a Google Pixel 4 Pay Monthly from Vodafone be locked?

    Hi, I have been googling this - but just wanted to check - will my new Pixel 4 from Vodafone on a pay monthly contract be locked? I would rather not open the box to check - googling seems to give mixed answers.. Anyone who can answer definitively - much appreciated. Thanks!
  14. IS2

    Question What are these green pixel patches Panasonic TX-P50VT65B

    Hey everyone, My TV has developed these odd green banding like patterns. At first I began to notice it occasionally on people's faces if they were lighter skinned, or was generally in the same place (mid-centre right). It's now more noticeable and it can be seen elsewhere on the panel on...
  15. KingMaverick

    LG OLED Stuck Pixel Issue

    I've seen a few posts about this already and want to exhaust all troubleshooting options before I contact LG customer support. We just got this LG OLED tv just a few weeks ago. Just yesterday a stuck pixel with a black vertical line appeared while I was gaming. I've tried the pixel refresh...
  16. J

    Bright reds Pixelated on Acer H6531BD

    Hi all, I got this 2020 new DLP 1080p projector, pretty impressive results across the board. I calibrated it as best as I could, and I am happy except for a clearly visible pixel effect on bright reds. I played around with every possible setting, on the Apple TV 4K (so via HDMI) and on the...
  17. D

    2 day old LG55UM7400 with a dead pixel?!

    So got this tv 2 days ago as my last one blew! Annoying time to get a new tv anyway because not many stores/deliveries available but managed to get a um7400. Been messing around for a few days on the game mode trying to get the pic right. Anyway as I was right next to the tv I noticed this...
  18. BM08

    Anyone got a Google Pixel phone here? Google Pay question

    Just trying to find out if anyone knows how google pay works on the Pixel 4 XL. I’ve heard that you can’t use face unlock to pay, you have to enter a password, then it goes through? Perhaps face unlock for google pay has since been added in a software update? I haven’t got the phone but was...
  19. sebbykin

    Pixel Perfect Movie Poster Quiz

    Found this on t'web. All credit to the originator. I'm struggling with two . If you know the answers try and just name one poster and let others do the same. A-D vertical. 1-6 horizontal. Have fun and stay safe :smashin:
  20. J

    Question Google Pixel 3 64gb - how much is it worth?

    Hi everyone, i always sell my old phones on the classifieds, usually i find the same phone for sale to judge the price but cant seem to find any pixel 3s for sale. Just wondered how much you think its worth? its got a few scuffs on the corners but nothing major and the screen is fine Thanks!
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