1. T

    For Sale Google Pixel 5 (Black)

    Selling Google Pixel 5 in black. Been in case and screen protectors since new, so no damage. But you may find some usual wear and tear if you use a microscope. No charger or cable but comes in original Box .
  2. MrR0b0T

    For Sale Google Pixel 6 - 5G - 128GB - Stormy Black

    Bought on a whim before changing my mind and getting an S21. No contract attached, unlocked to all networks. Delivered today 02/12/21 it's complete;y brand new & sealed. £470+postage
  3. R

    For Sale Google Pixel 6 128gb Sorta Seaform

    Selling my Pixel 6 phone which was purchased direct from Google Store. I have used it for 1 month, always in a case with screen protector and lens protector and is in like brand new condition. Boxed with all original accessories. Selling as this was my attempt to jump back to Android but...
  4. chew1t

    For Trade Pixel 6 128gb Black for iPhone Mini

    Brand new & sealed in box. Assume it’s locked to EE. Looking to trade for BNIB iPhone mini, 12 or 13.
  5. pandabearrr

    For Sale Pixel 6 - Spigen Thin Fit case (new)

    Selling this as I bought it and the official case at the same time, assuming the official case would not really be my thing but I quite like the colourful-ness of it! It's brand new and never been applied to the phone. After £14 delivered, which should save someone a few quid compared to...
  6. F

    For Sale Pixel 6 - 128gb Stormy Black

    Hi, I have for sale a BNIB pixel 6 which is sim free not tied to a contract.
  7. S

    For Sale Pixel 5 Sorta Sage

    Selling my pixel 5 begrudgingly having recently switched to iOS. Condition wise, the phone has always had a sceen protector fitted so screen is immaculate to my eyes. The phone has also always been in a case, however despite this there are some small marks/indentations on the back which I've...
  8. T

    For Sale Samsung S10+ White 128GB Snapdragon

    Pixel 6 - £500 Google Pixel 6 for sale, 128gb storage, Stormy Black colour. Originally purchased direct from Google store. Used for about a week or two. Looks to still be in 'mint' condition to my eyes but I know condition can be subjective so have tried to include a few pictures. Anymore...
  9. K

    For Sale Pixel 4a

    Purchased in January and have now bought the Pixel 6. Slight signs of wear and tear but have been using a case and screen protector through that time, and will throw the case in.
  10. robloxian

    For Sale Official Pixel 3a Fabric Case & Screen Protectors

    Excellent condition Fabric Case which is official and boxed and a sealed pack of 3 glass protectors.
  11. paulbuk

    Wanted Pixel 4a

    Thinking about getting a Pixel 4a, want something that will last a few years before needing replaced and not break the bank! Anyone have one they are looking to sell? Not bothered about 5G so the 4G version would be fine. Thanks in advance.
  12. FrostGaming

    For Sale Pixel 6 Kinda Coral 128gb Unlocked Opened Never Used £540

    Purchased a couple days ago, however it's slightly too big for me. It's only been taken out of the box, the screen cover is still in tact and the device has not been turned on. Looking at £540 delivered. Payment via bank transfer or ebay. Unfortunately I can't post the device before payment...
  13. wolowitzer

    For Sale Google Pixel 6 128gb kinda coral

    Selling a new and unopened Pixel 6 bought directly from the Google Store
  14. S

    LG C9 - VERY bright white dead/stuck pixel

    Unfortunately my TV tonight developed a VERY bright white dot on the screen, no physical damage was done, all that happened was I accidentally hit the power button on the controller, and when I turned it back on there was a single white pixel It is very bright, like the whitest light you can...
  15. D

    For Sale Pixel 4XL - 64Gb - Black - Unlocked - Boxed

    FOR SALE Pixel 4XL 64GB Unlocked Black Boxed The Phone has the smallest of scuffs on two corners of the phone, and about a 1mm mark on the volume buttons. Ive tried to make look worse in the photos so the seller can see exactly whats going on. You don't notice when using the phone, or when...
  16. I

    For Sale Google Pixel 5 128 GB, Just Black, Unlocked -- ONE MONTH OLD

    For sale is my Google Pixel 5. I took delivery of this on 29th September so it is only a month old. Purchased direct from Google Store. Has been kept in a Spigen Rugged Armor Case (also included) since day one and both are as new. Box is included along with charger and USB-C cable (both used...
  17. S

    Google pixel 2 alternate?

    I'm looking to replace a Google pixel 2, the battery has come to the end of its life and its not worth replacing the battery, so what's a good alternative? I would however like a phone this time that a battery can be replaced in easily. Also I have read about the Chinese branded phones does...
  18. 40something

    LG55B9 Possible dead pixel Flashing pixel

    What can I do to fix a LG55B9 that looks like it has one dead pixel and one pixel flashing. Sadly its not under warranty, so its pay or what? Cost I expect will be costly, sell, purchase new model with longer warranty. Love this OLED
  19. W

    Recommended trustworthy replacement battery supplier for google pixel 3

    Are there any shops or websites that only sell genuine replacement batteries or is it just a gamble when you buy a compatible one? I contacted google pixel help by chat, but they only have the option of sending the phone in and they will fit one. I will fit it myself.
  20. corbetta

    Sony WH-1000XM3, Pixel 3a, and Tidal HIFi

    Hello! Just purchased these having researched that they support AptX-HD, as does my Pixel 3a. Got three months free Tidal HiFi subscription as well. When I connected the headphones via Bluetooth and played music, I checked the developer options in the phone and could see that it was using the...
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