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  1. aftigr

    Second Pioneer receiver died in 6 years, Denon???

    Well, I'm done with Pioneer/Onkyo whoever they are now. My Elite SC-60 dies at 2 years 3 months due to HDMI board, few weeks ago my SC-97 died (no sound), tech support could not correct it, they said EOL no parts! They did offer me a 10% discount (wahoo!!!). So, never again with these clowns. I...
  2. M

    Music muted when casting music on Pioneer vsx-934 using Chromecast and FireTV with no video

    I have a Chromecast Ultra and an Amazon FireTV 4K device connected to my pioneer vsx-934 AV receiver. I have disabled CEC in my TV, FireTV, and receiver. When I listen to music, I don't want my TV to be on. I have used a variety of music services such as Spotify, Tidal, YouTube Music, and Amazon...
  3. G

    For Sale Pioneer VSX-932 Dolby Atmos Receiver

    Pioneer VSX-932 Dolby Atmos Receiver Excellent Condition Data Sheet Attached for Specifications
  4. Lanius1984

    For Sale (SOLD)Pioneer Kuro PDP-LX5090 Plasma TV in Excellent Condition

    After a few years of hesitation, I've finally made the jump to OLED, so I'm saying goodbye to my beloved Plasma. This is the PDP-LX5090, which does not have built-in speakers. The panel is working perfectly, with a beautiful picture. This TV still looks better than the cheap modern LCD TV's I...
  5. C

    4k projector forces Pioneer Susano replacement?

    In 2009 I purchased a Pioneer SC-LC90 amplifier (the “Susano”). It’s great and I would prefer not to change it. At the same time, I bought a JVC DLA-HD950 projector. It’s also great. But I feel the time has come to look at a decent 4k projector (something like a Sony VPL-VW290). Sources would be...
  6. T

    For Sale Pioneer PURE VISION PDP-507XD 50" 1080p Plasma for spares or repair

    Pioneer PURE VISION PDP-507XD 50" 1080p HD Plasma Television for spares or repair. Regrettably this stopped working this morning and it keeps switching to standby. This is most probably a very simple and easy fix for someone with the knowledge but that I’m not technically minded to do it or...
  7. B

    For Sale Pioneer PDP-RO6FE 43" Plasma TV. Comes with heavy duty wall bracket

    43' Pioneer Plasma TV with multimedia box and remote Comes with bracket that allows for a full 180 degree swivel Perfect working order
  8. L

    Pioneer Composite advice

    Hi all. I have an old Pioneer 2011 VSX which is composite no HDMI... Could i use this for anything home cinema orientated or should i just sell it and get HDMI version.... I understand there are adaptors one can use, but would composite to HDMI push 4k/vision etc ?.. Its gathering dust at the...
  9. Goldie85

    For Sale Dali Zensor 5.1 Surround Sound with Pioneer Sub

    4 x Dali Zensor 1 speakers 1 x Dali Zensor Vokal centre speaker 1 x Pioneer S51-W subwoofer Everything is in great condition! Not used a great deal. The Dali speakers are all boxed as new with covers etc. The Pioneer sub is not boxed but again in great condition. No wires supplied...
  10. A

    Pioneer VSX-933 - CONSTANT black screen video/sound cut out issues.

    Hi everyone I’m going insane. It’s been months since I’ve had this issue but it’s now back on multiple inputs on this receiver which I wish I could just return to the store. I was watching playing on my PS5 when it happened. I went into settings and set the HDMI output to -2 and that seemed...
  11. H

    Pioneer BDP-140 "UNK DISC" error

    My Pioneer BDP-140 has worked flawlessly for around 8 years. However, lately when I insert CD-audio and DVD-video discs it just displays the message "UNK DISC" and refuses to play said discs (the discs do not even spin). Blu-ray discs playback is normal. Some things I already tried with no...
  12. Alexwells

    Pioneer PDPLX5090, sound but no video from SCART inputs

    Seasons greetings everyone, i've just joined AV Forums precisely to ask about the LX5090 that i recently came into possession of. My dad brought it home from a house he was working at, he managed to get it for 20 quid. After looking it up online i came to realise that it's got quite a cult...
  13. M

    For Sale LG 55’ C1 for sale. Pioneer tv and soundbar available free

    Hi Finally got around to replacing this beauty - not because of anything wrong with it but house move etc necessitated an 'easier' tv rather than a panel with what is now limited connections. This forum has been a godsend to me in picking a new tv, even though I didn't listen and went for a 55'...
  14. J

    Coupling Onkyo and Pioneer recievers

    Hello everyone, currently I have three Onkyo recievers (Two NR777 and NR686 ), I can group all of them and play music together. I am looking to buy Pioneer reciever SC-LX801 (supports Flareconnect and Multiroom playback). Will I be able to group Pioneer with Onkyo and play music on all four...
  15. M

    Pioneer Speakers Elite T z7 4Ohm speakers to Marantz MM7025 amp

    I have a Marantz SR6011 receiver but will drive the front speakers with a Marantz MM7025 2 channel amp I just purchased a couple of weeks ago (specs attached below). The amp is rated at 170W/[email protected] ohms and 170W/[email protected] ohms, (no mention of 4 ohms rating). I was thinking of buying a set of used...
  16. malctAN

    For Sale Pioneer AV RECEIVER SC-2022

    selling my Pioneer AV RECEIVER SC-2022 for £250 or nearest offer This is part of my TV Pioneer Set up that i am now breaking up. I have advertised my Kuro 500a for £135 on ebay The Pioneer AV RECEIVER SC-2022 is a really good Receiver and its served me well Prefer this to be checked at my...
  17. SplMonk

    Pioneer PDP-507XD Power button

    I have a Pioneer PDP-507XD (14 years old I know) sadly today the power button has stopped working well it works but won’t stay on. If you press it and hold it in the TV will turn on and if you wedge it in with some paper it will stay on but it’s clear the power button has had it. It seems...
  18. Z

    Pioneer SVX-LX305 center Speaker low after calibration

    I just got new Pioneer VSX-LX305. I ran Full Auto MCACC setup. Did nothing after that and tested results using The Tomorow War which has amazing sound effects. The results of sound effects I am getting are simply fantastic as I would expect from Pioneer Elite since I had it before. The sound...
  19. B

    42'' upgrade to max 77'' screen - best screen for purpose

    Hi I am considering upgrade in next months? to main TV [largest tv in house is at 42'' so alot has changed in tv world since I got it!] 😊 The pioneer 427Xd plasma has served me very well and still going strong and wasn't a budget tv by any stretch back in 2007. Considering my space and...
  20. A

    Pioneer 919AH

    Hi, I’ve just switched on my Pioneer 919AH after it being in dry, secure storage for a year or so. Switched on ok but character display very dim (sometime non existent) in places. Any suggestions what I can do to fix it? Or is the unit now u/s? It was perfect when put into storage. Thanks in...
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