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    TV with HDMI 2.1 and Pioneer Receiver with HDMI 1.0.... issues?

    Hi all, Haven't posted here in eons, BUT... I am considering an LG C9 that has HDMI 2.1 connections, but my decades old Pioneer VXS-82TXS receiver has (presumably) HDMI 1.0 connections. Will I be stranding my Pioneer if I get the LG? I don't want to replace my Pioneer unless I have no...
  2. J

    For Sale Pioneer BDP-150 Blu Ray Player

    As title in excellent condition. This comes boxed with the original remote, power cable and of course the Blu Ray player itself. It has been a very good blu ray player in the limited use it's had.
  3. R

    Question Best way to connect KS9500 and Pioneer VSX LX 303 for Atmos

    Hello I have the Samsung 65'' KS9500, and a Pioneer vsx lx 303 av receiver. I am not sure what the best way to get 4k/hdr and crucially, Atmos content to play from Amazon Prime or Netflix would be. I would ideally like to play content using the TV's inbuilt apps. But would ARC support atmos ...
  4. P

    For Sale Pioneer PDR 509

    CD player/recorder Unit is fully working comes with remote control It plays standard CD’s but it requires music not data CD-R and CD RW to record. Open to offers
  5. P

    For Sale Pioneer 808rds Home Cinema Receiver

    Receiver is in good working condition Receiver volume knob is a bit erratic but unit works with remote control. Back missing on remote 5.1 Dolby Digital and DTS full surround sound via optical in puts this unit has NO HDMI inputs. Open to offers
  6. B

    Hi all..Newb here. ARC issue with new Bravia 850 / Pioneer receiver

    Just got a new 85” 850. DIRECTV receiver / Pioneer 340 / Sony 850 HDMI cable to ARC and I get nothing...I’ve walked through the setup and enabled ARC in the receiver setup menu...I’m sure I’m missing that little something...hoping someone can help. Thanks in advance
  7. Bigfingers

    Wanted Pioneer MCACC calibration mic

    Does anyone have a Pioneer MCAAC set up mic? Not sure how much they are worth? I need to set up my son's Pioneer vsx-934 and the mic must have been in the box that has since been recycled :( Or I am happy to loan one for a nominal sum and pay postage both ways. I could return it in 24 hours...
  8. Billkaza

    Wanted Pioneer SC-LX59

    Wanted Pioneer SC-LX59
  9. goatlips

    For Sale Pioneer LX83

    I'm selling my awesome pioneer lx83. I have ownd this from new and it is 10 years old. I paid £2k from Peter Tyson. It's in a nice condition very looked after and used daily. Only bad side is the remote control has wear and the back battery cover is loose/broken. I little bit of sellotape...
  10. milano j

    Pioneer SC LX 704/904 Owners Thread

    Hi thought l would start up a owners thread for this new to the market receiver,l have just taken delivery of my second one as the first receiver was damaged in transit,going to set it all up tomorrow and give my thoughts on it.....all owners welcome to post theirs thoughts about it how they...
  11. jonnee

    Pioneer VSX-LX303 a bargain at £449?

    Hi all, I'm up for an upgrade from my Sony STR-DN1040 and had narrowed the choices down to: Sony STR-DN1080 @£429 or Denon AVR-X2600H @£425 'Accidentally' popped into my local Richers and they have the Pioneer VSX-LX303 @£449 - any thoughts on where to put my money? I know the Sony is highly...
  12. K

    Pioneer LX01 - AXD7530 remote control to operate SDVR-LX70D HDD DVD Recorder

    Dear All ... my AXD7530 remote control no longer works; does anyone know which other Pioneer model's will operate the HDD DVD recorder (SDVR-LX70D) please? If there is no Pioneer alternative, is there anything else that will work (OEM)? Thank you. Marc
  13. N

    For Sale Pioneer VSX-LX55 & BDP-LX55

    New family has forced a lounge re-jig so these are for sale. A few small marks here and there but in generally decent condition and fully functional, amp we pretty high in the range and has ARC so works well with TVs etc and sound is fantastic. Comes with calibration mic, remotes and power...
  14. S

    Wanted Pioneer LX-5090 Table Stand

    Hello, Does anyone have a Pioneer table stand they'd be willing to part with? Looking for models PDK-TS33A or TS36B for my LX-5090. If you know any other Pioneer stands that fit this model please let me know. Thanks, Saajan
  15. Bergggg

    1983 pioneer pre amp question

    I'm looking to buy a seperates system but I am not sure if I'll be able to use the amplifier as a pre amp or not using the 'adapter out' rca connections, any ideas? Amplifier is a pioneer SA-740 Thanks.
  16. B

    Wanted Pioneer PDP-S63 Under Mount Speaker for 9 Series Kuro Plasma

    Hi, I am looking for a PDP-S63 Under Mount Speaker for my KRP-500A. This is the same speaker that fits the PDP-LX5090 9 Series Kuro. Must be in good condition with mounting brackets and speaker wires. Thanks
  17. M

    Wanted Pioneer BDP-LX88 (black)

    Hello, Does anyone have a black BDP-LX88 for sale? Thanks, Matt
  18. M

    Wanted Pioneer BDP-LX88

    Hello, Does anyone have a black BDP-LX88 for sale? Thanks, Matt
  19. Stevem89666

    will this be better than sonos 5.1 / sonos playbase?

    I currently have a sonos 5.1 (playbase, sub, 2x play1s) Considering swapping this out (due to poor dialogue in https://www.amazon.co.uk/Pioneer-VSX-934-Receiver-7-2-channel-Inputs-Black/dp/B07NX5YDLK and Yamaha NS-P41 speakers...
  20. Nightfa11

    FREE Pioneer PDP - LX 5090 KURO

    This isn't my TV, I simply noticed it was being given away for FREE on Freecycle and thought someone here might be happy to have it even though it needs a repair. This TV was over £2000 new and received rave reviews. Be a shame to see it scrapped. I've no idea what that repair involves, but...
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