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  1. goddardicus

    Question Pioneer VSX S-310 and Apple TV 4K

    Wondering if anyone has been able to get 4K and HDR to work with HDMI via this receiver? I can get 4K to passthrough but not HDR. So Apple TV can do 4K SDR but not HDR. This is for any frequency (50, 60Hz). If I plug Apple TV direct to the TV (Samsung MU7040 UHD Premium), I can get 4K HDR...
  2. H

    Pioneer VSX 824 low volume on left or right channel

    Hi All I am new to the forum and this looks like a wealth of knowledge for when I buy a new receiver. However in the meantime I bought new a Pioneer VSX 824 and it has been used very very lightly. I am now experiencing a problem where the left front channel will have low volume and I get...
  3. L

    Question Pioneer VSX--AX10Ai to be replaced, what Pioneer unit to get??

    Hello AVFORUMS Members. my SUPER DUPER Pioneer VSX-AX10Ai is due to be replaced, it has been with me since 2004 and been sick sometimes, but the Doc had him fixed. Now i decided its time for an UPGRADE, and need your help to sort our what to replace it with. I use MIRAGE (Canadian brand...
  4. C

    Question Pioneer VSX 930 and Xbox one S issue

    Afternoon all, I have a pioneer VSX 930 amp and an Xbox one S but i'm unable to get a picture onto the TV. The HDMI light on the amp goes red to show the connection but nothing outputs from the amp to the TV. There also seems to be an issues as it keeps disconnecting the HDMI connection and...
  5. T

    Pioneer VSX 923 UE33 Update ??

    Hello, Am new here and am really desperated. I bought the receiver Pioneer VSX 923. I installed it and now i see the error code UE33 constantly but evertything works. Can anybody help me out where to find the firmware Update and how to update it with a usb stick? i found this on the internet...
  6. S

    Question Avr for my new Kef's

    Hi, looking for some advice as I have recently purchased Kef e305 5.1 system, I already own a Yamaha rx-v467 and also a Pioneer vsx-330 but which would be best with the Kef's? Thanks in advance
  7. C

    Pioneer VSX 920 Buzz

    Hi, any suggestion to cure the following please..There is a buzzing sound coming out of the speakers connected to Pioneer VSX 920 the only way to stop the buzzing is to un plug and re plug the power supply to the av, this will cure the problem for that session but the problem will reappear...
  8. O

    Question Pioneer VSX 923 - Deep Colour / HDR

    Hi. i have a LG OLED with HDR capabilities and VSX923. I'd assumed VSX doesnt have HDR and have run a HDR source (Xbox One S) via Amp which didn't trigger HDR on TV (whereas when run direct it did) but I've noticed the amp has 'Deep Colour' and whilst I understand these to be different, I...
  9. B

    Pioneer VSX 920 help needed

    Pioneer VSX 920 I don’t know how, or why but I can no longer access or adjust any of the settings on the amp. I have tried a factory reset by holding the “Enter and Standby” buttons at the same time on start-up I get the word “Reset” on the display, but next to it is the word “lock” and none...
  10. K

    Pioneer vsx ls 70

    Hi all, I currently have a pioneer vsx ls 70 av receiver for the last number of years apart from the extra hdmi inputs and dual sub connections is it worth upgrading to a pioneer vsx 923k? Sound quality wise will it be an improvement?
  11. B

    Pioneer VSX 920 Question

    Hi All, can anybody help please? I have a Pioneer VSX 920 AV receiver I’ve downloaded the manual and gone through everything I can think of, but I’m unable to run the “Auto MCACC Setup” I can only access system data and within that area it will not allow me to alter any of the levels? I canot...
  12. whiteswan

    Pioneer VSX Amp Problem - can you help ?

    Hi I have a Pioneer VSX527 amp that's been boxed up for a few years. Bought brand new and never been used. I decided to put it into use yesterday in a small cinema room I am making (used to be my garage) Everything works fine - sound is okay - switches all hdmi inputs ok BUT.......... When...
  13. H

    Question Speakers for Pioneer vsx 830

    Setting up my first home cinema in a converted garage, I am leaning towards the Pioneer VSX 830 as it seems so fit the spec I would like and is available at £280 As it is a first effort trying to keep costs down would the Tannoy TFX 5.1 be a good fit? any advice gratefully received.
  14. M

    Question Looking for parts!

    Hi All I'm on a hunt for a HDMI/Video board for my Pioneer VSX-321-K-P AV, Can anyone point me in the right direction? have had no luck whatsoever!
  15. Mills08

    Pioneer vsx 330 k no audio from 1 hdmi

    Hi, I can't home from work today and noticed that there was no audio coming from hdmi port marked Sat/Cbl. I've tried swapping speaker cables and headphone only ports but nothing all the other 3 inputs work fine but I get nothing from that on hdmi and also no audio from cd RCA port. HELP...
  16. C

    Pioneer VSX 824 lost sound problem

    I posted here over a month ago after having lost the sound on my VSX 824 after the cat stepped on the remote, (!) and tho had a couple of replies havent been able to sort it out and have been so busy since (reverted to input to TV direct from freesat etc) Tried the mute button on/off several...
  17. iamnik

    Question Pioneer VSX 824 K Source Volume

    Hello everybody, I've been trying to solve a problem with my AV receiver. Some of the sources are louder than the other, is there any way to solve this problem like with the SLA setting but i can't seem to find it. Or my receiver just simply doesn't have it. I tried google a couple of times and...
  18. cd993

    Pioneer VSX-529 listening modes unavailable? Please help!

    Hi there, My setup is: PC DVI/HDMI - Pinoeer VSX-529 HDMI out - Samsung 4k TV (UEJU6800) I have managed to get the 4k/60p output working great. I have the PC going into "BD" HDMI input, but I have also tried "GAME" and "SAT" - as these are the only ones that support 4k/60P. My issue is the...
  19. J

    Question Pioneer vsx 930 or Onkyo TXNR 646

    Looking to upgrade my current Onkyo TXNR 515 with a budget of £350 and narrowed it down to Pioneer vsx 930 or Onkyo TXNR 646 can anyone suggest which is better ? The man in Richersounds says he prefers the Onkyo claims it has a better sound than the Pioneer but that is personal preference. Will...
  20. sconnyuk

    Fault diagnostic Help

    Hello brand new to the site and i hope im posting this question in the correct place. I have a Pioneer vsx 1017av which ive owned for a few year. I had a fault develop with HDMI last year but wasnt too much concerned about it as it didnt affect my use at the time. Now id like to see if i can...
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