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  1. Daz7610

    Pioneer vsx 930 k usb issue

    My pioneer vsx 930 k has an issue when playing music via USB. It plays great for a couple of months and then out of the blue it just stops reading and playing. I've tried other USB drives with music on them and it still won't play. I also turned the unit off for a period and still it won't play...
  2. T

    Out with pioneer vsx 1029 in with Sony STR-DH790

    Well after about 15 years the old pioneer vsx1029 power board and other bits are gone and repairs and parts sourcing are just not worth it cost wise. But I have a few more years in this house before we move so needed a new AVR. After a bit of reviewing the Sony str-dh790 seems to fit the stop...
  3. M

    Roku AVR passthrough not working (Pioneer VSX-324)

    I have just bought my first projector/receiver setup and have spent weeks (on and off) trying to get it set up... and it's just not happening. My setup is: Source - Roku Streaming Stick+ (and/or Roku Premiere) Receiver - Pioneer VSX-324-K-P Projector - BenQ TH585 Speakers - Mordaunt Short M10...
  4. T


    Hi - I have (don't laugh) a Pioneer VSX 821 amp, which seems to have started hanging. When I plug it in, it goes on, but will not switch off either by remote or the power button, when on, the display seems OK, but cannot get any sound or vision through it. Can't reset, as can't get it to standby...
  5. P

    Question Pioneer vsx no sound

    I have a pioneer vsx c301 which has been unused for many years but kept in its original box. I recently tried to set it up in my summerhouse and find there's no audio output. It switches on fine, the display is normal and all the inputs can be selected ok. There is no output from the speaker...
  6. GhostRider17

    Question Pioneer VSX 534 Occasional clicking

    Hey guys A few months ago I bought a Pioneer VSX 534 receiver. I'm really pleased with it and it's a nice small upgrade from my older amp. Despite only having 5.1 channels the Atmos is still very impressive and theirs plenty of extra features compared to my older amp. One thing I've noticed...
  7. GertsI

    Two receivers together

    Hi, I have pioneer vex-932 av receiver and older onkyo, is there way how to connect them together? On pioneer I have 7.1 setup, but on onkyo 4 good speakers and I want to those two receivers work together. And I can’t find any outputs on those receivers only subwoofers pre-outs.
  8. A

    Denon AVR-X2400H vs Pioneer VSX-1131-K 7.2

    Hello, I just bought the ELAC Debut 2.0 speakers but plan on purchasing a surround system within a year or so, something on the lines of the SVS Primes. Hence, I want to purchase a receiver from now that will be good enough in the long run, so don't have to waste money buying something new in a...
  9. A

    No sound coming out of Pioneer VSX-521

    Hello all, im a noob here. Having an issue with my Pioneer receiver. Was working fine the last time we used it but now cannot get any source to play any sound. I've performed a hard reset and that didn't make a difference. My 5 year old may have messed with it; either via touching buttons on...
  10. lukeysl

    Pioneer VSX 531 keeps turning off

    Periodically my new AVR turns off. I've checked the speaker wires aren't touching the case. When it goes off the HDMI light blinks. I know there is a reset sequence but any idea why this keeps happening? Is it a fault with the HDMI cable and that's why the light is blinking?
  11. andy aceter

    pioneer vsx 923

    hello I have a problem that has suddenly occurred, there is no sound coming from my speakers which have been working fine for more than a year. the message" phones in" is displayed, does anyone know how to solve this? many thanks in advance.
  12. Shuggzi

    Question Problem: Pioneer VSX-329

    Hi all Tonight my Pioneer VSX-329 remote slipped down the side of my sofa, upon retrieving it I inadvertently hit a button, now I have no sound coming from the system. I am at a loss as to what button I pressed so I can undo it. Have reset the Pioneer but it still has no sound from either...
  13. D

    Question Pioneer VSX 420 - Zone 2 setup

    Afternoon, picked myself up a Pioneer VSX 420 receiver a few weeks ago for £15 on eBay .Trying to get Zone 2 to work for some ambient music upstairs but unsure. how to go about it Pretty sure I read somewhere I need to use an amp of some sort, but I can't find that piece of information any more...
  14. L

    Question Pioneer VSX AX 10 Ai in a 220V option

    Hello all sound freaks here and anybody else. My dear trusted friend Pioneer VSX AX 10 Ai has gone sick and need parts, problem is its apparently obsolete according to Pioneer, but I assume somewhere worldwide i can get help from someone to find my needed parts as per below. Appreciating any...
  15. S

    Why no Sound.

    Okay all... I have a Pioneer VSX-330. With my sky box connected into the Cable/Sat port and the AV receiver off... I get the image and sound through the TV. With the xbox one connected to the game port and the AV off there is no picture or sound??? turn the AV on and select the game "port" I get...
  16. mattyp

    Question Pioneer VSX LX-55 / iControlAV5 issue

    I’ve recently upgraded the majority of my system bar the receiver which is a Pioneer VSX LX-55, not sure how many people are still using this one other than me! While it can’t handle 4K it has always performed well so wasn’t thinking of changing at the moment, no intention of running Atmos any...
  17. daBateman

    Question Help novice looking for advice

    Okay so currently I have a Vizio 4K 50” M series with a 2.1ch LG soundbar. I’ve been looking at the pioneer VSX-832. Basically I want 4K and HDR pass through (Dolby vision preferred) the issue is I only have approximately $350 for the receiver. It has tons of features, Atmos, 4K, HDR, WiFi, etc...
  18. jimmymleeds

    KEF 2005.3 & PIONEER VSX AX5IS correct set up

    Hi guys I'm after a bit of help/advice, I've just bought the KEF 2005.3 surround system as an upgrade to my old system. Ive kept my kef floor standers to try make a 7.1 system. The problem I have is my HiFi doesnt have the desired 'front height ' setting for me to have the floor standers and...
  19. T


    I've just recently bought a new AV receiver (PIONEER VSX 932) My new receiver appears to be causing issues with the TV when turned on. If I turn it on I loose all the TV aerial signal, also if I turn my XBOX 1 on I get interference down the left had side of the TV screen which is also where...
  20. goddardicus

    Question Pioneer VSX S-310 and Apple TV 4K

    Wondering if anyone has been able to get 4K and HDR to work with HDMI via this receiver? I can get 4K to passthrough but not HDR. So Apple TV can do 4K SDR but not HDR. This is for any frequency (50, 60Hz). If I plug Apple TV direct to the TV (Samsung MU7040 UHD Premium), I can get 4K HDR...
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