1. D

    Sky Picture Settings

    Hi all, I have a 7yr old Sony HX850 TV which when watching the built in Freeview I have full access to the TV's picture settings and can adjust it to how I like the picture to look, however when linked to my Sky Q box all the settings are not available and I have to make do with how the Sky...
  2. Beardalorian

    2020 Nanocell 4k 90 Series Picture Calibration?

    First and foremost, this is my first true 4k TV and I'm absolutely STOKED. Behind in times but I'm finally here lol. I needed to know which picture modes are the best to choose when watching my content (shows and movies) and then for gaming? EXPERT MODE Cinema Filmmaker Mode HDR I can't find...
  3. Arcam_boy

    Question Graphics card stops displaying picture when I try to load a game...

    Hello. I'm currently trying to play Train Sim 2020 on my computer but when I try to load it the screen cycles a few times before reverting to another input and the one my computer is connected to goes blank. If I press control / alt /delete the screen then comes back. I'm managing to load and...
  4. darkovo

    49/50" LCD TV for parents not watching UHD source - recommendations please

    My parents want to replace their 43" LG 43UH650V, they're complaining the LG picture quality isn't great, certainly for TV watching, probably due to bad upscaling, we've tried calibrating as best we can! They want a 49"/50" TV, they only watch Freeview, Freesat, basic Smart functions eg...
  5. Ktbrooke

    Samsung Q7F - strange picture glitch every now and then?

    Hi, I purchased a used Samsung Q7 55” TV. Every now and then (once every few days) I get a split second jump in the picture, or glitch. It’s like the picture jumps a fraction up and then realigns. It happens for an hour or less then will stop for days. It’s very minor but noticeable. I thought...
  6. V

    Samsung UE65HU8205T no picture but sounds works.

    My UE65HU8205T suddenly stopped giving picture, sounds and backlights are working but no picture coming at all. I made some research on the internet and I think that t-con board could be faulty because sounds and backlights are working. With that model number I didn't found any t-con boards from...
  7. K


    Hello I just purchased LG 65SM8600 once I got it hooked up to cable service picture is beautiful untill picture starts moving has streaking following movment not crisp at all when nothing moving it perfect is this in the settings? Did anyone else have this problem or know how...
  8. T

    Should I go for picture quality or size?

    I currently sit 8.5 feet from the tv and we have a 40" Samsung LED from 8+ years ago. The 40" does seem small, and I know at my distance I'm on the edge of 55" or 65". I'm willing to spend $1300-1400 USD. So I'm wondering which of these options I should go for: 55" LG B9 65" Sony x900f/x950g...
  9. F

    Question Toshiba poor picture

    55u2963DBT 2 weeks old Can a clear picture be obtained
  10. C

    Benq W1070, flat looking picture

    Hi all, picture on the benq w1070 looking very flat, hard to explain but it looks dull, the projector is 5 years old with only 500 hours on the lamp, is there a setting im missing or could the lamp need replacing. TIA. Chris.
  11. C

    LG 50 UM7600PLB picture settings

    Would anyone be willing to share best picture settings for LG 50 UM76 or direct to me where I can find this information please? Many thanks!
  12. John Woodcock

    JVC X35 Picture

    Hi All i seem to be having a problem with picture setting i have a 2:37 screen and when i change to 16 x9 i keep getting image bleeding over the screen, any help would be much appreciated.
  13. T

    Optoma UHZ65UST Picture settings

    Dear community. After 3 months of wait, i finally got my Optoma UHZ65UST. And i must say i love this projector. Its the best so far i have had. And i have to state, i am not a professional nor had a lot of different equipment. But it blows me away. As i mentioned i am not a professional in this...
  14. Flickz0r

    Question Picture calibration for Philips 7354 'The One'

    Hi all, I'm new here and I don't know an awful lot about calibrating TV picture settings but I recently got the 50" Philips 7354 and although j absolutely love it, the preset settings just don't look that natural and amazing. I was wondering if any of you had settings for a proper ISF...
  15. Lyahi

    Question Picture settings for Samsung UE39F5000

    Hello. I am looking for picture settings after tv calibration for Samsung UE39F5000AW. The picture in this model on the default settings is tragic. Any help appreciated.
  16. C

    No picture with NAD T777 V3 and Mitz HC7000

    Could anyone please give me so advice. I bought a NAD T777 V3 receiver and I can’t get a picture at all with my Mitsubishi HC7000 PJ. There is no syncing, nothing. The HC7000 is temperamental with some sources and IIRC it’s happened in the past with another receiver I had (but the picture came...
  17. C

    Review Thread for Picture and Audio Quality of iTunes Content

    Hi Guys, I have noticed that there doesn't seem to be any good sources for picture and audio quality reviews of streaming movies. I wonder if that is the case why don't we try and have a thread here where people can give short reviews of PQ/AQ of streamed content. I have noticed that...
  18. J

    Question Best picture setting for Sky Q 2TB box

    For a Panasonic 4k oled should I have my sky box set to 2160p or 1080p and let the TV upscale Sky says 2160 read somewhere 1080. Picture ok a 2160p but happy to improve.
  19. P

    Please Share Best Picture 75GX880

    I Buy 75Gx880 Please share picture setting for my TV
  20. F

    New LG OLED TV picture breakup on Freq Channel 23

    Looking for some help with the following; Have just purchased an LG OLED55C9PLA (2019) OLED HDR 4K Ultra HD Smart TV, 55" with Freeview Play/Freesat HD. It is configured to use Freeview. The aerial configuration is; 2 external digital aerials on outside of house. One pointing at Mendip...
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