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  1. Jokerr

    Question Netflix, Amazon prime vs Sky Q = picture quality?

    So much program content on Netflix and Amazon is very poor quality even if shown to be 4K. There is so much graininess on the picture. Even more new content is now deliberately mastered that way such Netflix Marvel shows, including 4k HDR programs. As far as I understand Sky Q tries to maintain...
  2. buchouk

    Recent 5.3.10 UK Update has improved picture quality!

    I have decided to open up this thread as I am surprised there is not one open already. (a couple of weeks ago or so i have recieved an update that i assumed was the one that ruins hdr gaming and 1080i was disapointed to hear of all the issues that have occured with it, but instead of...
  3. A

    Question BT TV picture quality

    Hi, I'm looking at getting BT TV in for someone instead of their basic sky tv package. I see plenty of reviews online but little mention of the picture quality. When BT sport first came out and I watched it online through the app it was pretty bad, it was HD but a low frame rate. Even last year...
  4. I

    Question Which tv has the best picture quality?

    I'm looking to upgrade my tv. I only use it to watch my amazon fire tv box so don't care about any inbuilt android functionality or freeview tuner. So all I care about is the quality of picture while watching films on amazon. Ideally I would spend under 500 quid, but could pay more if it makes...
  5. PrinceOfEgypt

    Question Best media player for picture quality with Dolby Atmos?

    Dear all, Im looking for a media player withe best picture quality with Dolby Atmos. Will be hooked up to an LG 65G6 and Sony HTST5000 sound bar. All my media is on a NAS so not concerned with HDD in the media player. Any suggestions please? Many thanks
  6. Has

    Best 1080p picture quality in 42-43” range?

    I’m moving into a relatively small flat soon and need to sort out a new TV. I have a budget of £500 and I’ve settled on either a 42” or 43” and mostly I’ll be watching 1080p content, including sports. It’s unlikely I’ll be signing up to any 4K content any time soon so I’m just looking for...
  7. Harkon321

    Poor picture quality - blocky pixels on dark scenes. Compression artefacts?

    I'm using a Roku 3 with iplayer, Now TV and Netflix. These output via HDMI to my Denon 4200 then to either my Sony Bravia 751 tv or Epson projector. Iplayer is borderline unwatchable. Any dark scenes look like a screenshot from minecraft. Tonight we watched a film on Netflix (HD). Nowhere...
  8. C

    KS7000 Examples?

    Hello. Trying to decide between a Samsung KS7000/8000 and an LG B6 but I want to see some photos of the Samsung playing Sdr content. I know there's probably photos in the specific threads but it's a siege trying to find them as they're spread over roughly 150 pages lol. Would anyone be able to...
  9. Bacus

    Picture quality on SkyQ mini box is crap. It can't be 1080P......

    Please have a read and look at the pictures...... I do like SkyQ even though I've had lots of issues with the connection dropping on the mini boxes that's hopefully after 3 months of sky techs and visits now seems to be fixed.However after getting a new TV fitted in the bedroom the SkyQ 1080p...
  10. C

    Question Amazon video picture quality

    What do people think of the video quality of Amazon Video? I watched 10 Cloverfield Lane last night, which has a lot of dark scenes. The compression artefacts in the shadows are terrible. I noticed the same problem on Sicario. This is using an Amazon Fire TV over a wired 50Mbps internet...
  11. B

    Sony KD-65XD9305 picture quality

    Just wondering how to connect hdmi cables from : Panasonic DMP-UB700 Sky Q 2 tbx At the moment I've got them going through Denon avr- x2200 to the tv ARC. Just Wondered if it would be any better straight to TV and Optic from Sky And Blueray to AVR?
  12. mtenga

    Picture Quality Between Different Players

    This is a regular argumentative talking point with people usually split into two camps: those that say players essentially output the same or the others that think players show PQ differences and some are better than others. I'm generally in camp one so did a bit of a test. Concentrating on PQ...
  13. A

    Question 43" FHD or 4K, Sony, Samsung or Panasonic?

    Hi, I'm looking for a new 40/43" TV. We sit about 8 feet from the TV but size is restricted by location, seating is up to about 20 degrees either side. Watch a mixture of TV and movies (I guess most content is HD but unlikely to be viewing much native 4K content for a while), also use it for...
  14. H

    Sony 65inch XD8599 poor picture quality

    Hi all I bought a sony 65inch XD8599 tv and the picture quality on normal channels is a lil blurry and does not look good The only channels its proper clear on is HD Channels Its horrible because i just paid 1300 and I really dont like the picture on the normal channels Can you please advise...
  15. S

    Question How big a difference in picture quality between budget and mid range projector ?

    I have read the reviews of the Epson EH-TW5350 which sells for £600 and the Sony VPL-HW45ES which costs 3 times more at around £1,800. Both get good reviews for picture quality leaving me wondering how they differ in this respect. Is the increased cost of the Sony due in large part to extra...
  16. P

    LG 55B6 Picture Quality Question

    I've owned my LG 55" B6 for a little over a month now and love it. Almost all of our viewing is from our Local Cable company. I'd say 95% of what we watch (Sports, Network News, Reality Shows, etc) look fantastic. However there are a few programs that seem to have some issues. For example...
  17. Smarty2

    Panasonic UB 900 picture quality

    Hi all Newby here, anyone explain to me why a 4k hdr YouTube video blows away my Panasonic? It seems to be imposing a colour bar on my display? My TV is a Sony KD55X9005A. It's so dull I'm thinking of taking the player back!
  18. I

    Question Which 45 inch tv has best picture quality

    I'm looking to upgrade my tv. I only use it to watch my amazon fire tv box so don't care about any inbuilt android functionality or freeview tuner. So all I care about is the quality of picture while watching films on amazon. Ideally I would spend under 500 quid, but could pay more if it makes...
  19. M

    Average picture quality from PC to Samsung TV

    Hi All, Re: Average picture quality from PC to Samsung TV I'm a bit of a noob at this so please bear with me whilst I explain. Apologies if this query has been repeated elsewhere but I'm struggling to resolve my issue. In short, the picture quality of my blurays from my HTPC to my TV is...
  20. S

    Samsung KS7000 SD picture quality

    Hi, been looking at purchasing one of these in replacement for my Samsung ES6710 that recently broke. the majority of the tv that i watch is from a standard sky HD box, a mixture of HD and SD. what is this TV like for that? can anyone recommend anything that will beat it from John Lewis for...
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