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  1. B

    Is Sky HD Picture & Sound quality as good as a Blu Ray disk film?

    Is Sky HD Picture quality as good as a Blu Ray disk film? Selling my Blu Ray player as don't buy films no more usually download on Sky etc. I have a Panasonic PTAE3000 projector. Thing is though is the Sky HD rented film as good quality as a standalone disk in a Blu Ray player? Same for sound...
  2. W

    HDMI Over Cat5 Picture Quality

    Hi I have just received my Tivo V6 box and want to send a signal to my tv upstairs. I have an ethernet cable between the two rooms which is about 6 mtrs away. I wondered how good the picture quality is when using a HDMI extender?
  3. TheSpiderWeb18

    What is Resolution? (Creation Reality)

    What is the difference between Sharpness and resolution on my XE30 TV? I heard that Sharpess all the way down to 0 is best but that is too soft. At the moment, both my sharp and resolution are set to 50 but what is the best number for each setting for watching HD tv and film content. I like to...
  4. W

    Question Is picture quality gained in 4K Oled,Qled,Full UHD TV's when I only watch Free To Air TV.

    G'day,AVforums, I recently bought my first Samsung Galaxy S8 Phone. I thought it would be a good idea to pair it up with a new HD Smart TV. So I went to a major retailer in South Nowra. My problem is that the Salesman kept trying to steer me towards buying the very...
  5. Immanuel Mckoy

    Which is the better TV picture quality wise, a LG OLEDC7P or an LG wallpaper TV?

    Have a 77" LG wallpaper TV for the living room and wanted to know should I go for another one(smaller maybe) or a LG .OLEDC7P. I heard that the LG OLEDC7P has the best picture quality of any TV, is that true and if not what is. Money is no object here and I just had a few questions. Thanks alot...
  6. Hergesheimer

    Question LaserDisc Player bad picture quality on UHD TV

    Dear Forum, I just bought a vintage Pioneer CLD-1750 player. I used to have one in the 90's and I just wanted to have some good old memories back. I was quite surprised about the picture quality on my Samsung KS8090, all movies are grainy, washed out and no fun to watch. It doesn't matter if I...
  7. cutes6

    Picture quality Sky football tonight

    Anyone getting awful picture quality tonight ? Mine Is dull with a very blue cast to it
  8. R

    Question VT50B picture quality

    Over the last 2 or 3 years I've become increasingly disappointed with the HD picture quality when watching BBC and ITV dramas via Sky. It first became apparent in the initial series of Ripper Street which had very dark background scenes which started to have a halo effect around the brighter...
  9. B

    Picture Quality or Size

    Im in the market for a new 4K HDR tv and I’m stuck at what to get. Should I go with the quality of a B7 at $2,400 at 65” or go with a larger alternative at the same price but with lower picture quality?
  10. S

    Question Picture quality of 4K Ultra Hd Blurays is garbage.

    Anyone else have this? My tv is a samsung 4K tv but not HDR, so i suspect its a problem displaying SDR content. The picture is soft and flat, no punch to it. When i play a 4K film on apple tv, no problem at all.
  11. I

    Best picture quality 47 inch TV for watching movies on a firetv

    I used to have a wonderful Panasonic TH37PX80B until it was struck by lightning and insurance replaced it with a pretty crappy TXP42X60B. I'm now looking for something better to replace it with. I'm looking for a tv no bigger than 47 inches. According to the optimal viewing distance guide, I...
  12. J

    What difference in picture quality will I experience if.........

    I currently own a Panasonic TX-50CX680B which continues to serve me well and was enthusiastically received by the reviewers at the time. In my view, the picture is very good, and I only paid £600 for it. My question is that with the LG B7 (55) OLED now selling for £1,500 (and possibly going...
  13. bradjhicks1984

    Poor Picture Quality Sony KD-49XE9005

    Hello, This is my first time I've posted on this forum but I'm at the end of my tether with an issue that is making me pull my hair out. I purchased a Samsung TV a couple of months ago and had an issue where connected devices via HDMI would "drop out" for a second every 10-20 minutes. I also...
  14. Y

    Question 1st Post! 4K/HDR Quality Difference Among Set-Top Boxes?

    1st post from new user here.. I’m in the process of selecting a set-top box for my TV (Sony XE900 75’). Currently I’m using the TV’s built-in apps. I’ve tentatively limited my selection to the new Fire TV or the new Roku Streaming Stick Plus. My question is, for the same content (let’s say...
  15. Sajk1992

    how to get best picture quality out of a Samsung Ue50mu6100 series TV

    Hi I recently bought a Samsung Ue50mu6100 series TV and can't seem to find a guide on how to get the best picture quality out of it and so I was hoping someone could give me a guide on what to do your help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks
  16. MrNPG

    Question Amazon vs Netflix picture quality

    Hi guys, I'm currently trying the Amazon Prime 30 day free trial and have noticed that the picture quality using Amazon is nowhere near as good as Netflix. Is this a common problem? My Netflix is usually very stable and provides an almost constant excellent HD picture quality, however, with...
  17. N

    Sony KD55XE7002 Picture Quality disappointing

    hello, my first post so please excuse if I break any forum rules. I had a Samsung TV for 4 years, which broke few days back. last night I got Sony KD55XE7002 from Currys and got a good deal. Picture quality looked comparable to my old TV in store. However when I set it all up at home, I do...
  18. M

    BBC iPlayer vs Freeview HD - picture quality

    I really haven't used iPlayer all that much as I usually try to record all the BBC stuff I want on my freeview HD PVR (Humax HDR-FOX T2) but lately I have been using iPlayer more, specifically the built in app for my LG OLED55C7 (with beta features option enabled). To my eyes the iPlayer quality...
  19. DannyM

    Question Picture Quality - nothing else matters

    I am looking at my options for a TV. I don't need one with a thousand features I will never use. I do'nt want built in streaming or internet. I could care less about the sound as I will use a receiver. I just need a panel on the wall that does one thing, give me the best 4k HDR picture...
  20. ziggy931

    LG oled settings for best picture quality?

    I have an LG oled55c6p. What would be the best settings to have the best picture quality?
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