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  1. nezavadsky

    Question Which 43'' TV to buy - Just picture quality

    Hi, I have now spent unreasonable amount of time going through the internet trying to figure out which one is the best for me. I'm in EU/SVK, looking for TV for my parents, they can only fit 43'' into their slot in oldstyle furniture. The only thing that matters is picture quality. There will...
  2. G


    I’ve had my 49SM8500 for a week and a half now, I am struggling with the picture quality. Watching football games is terrible, in sport mode the ball keeps wanting to disappear When the ball is hit hard, I’ve turned off trumotion which fixes the Problem but then the quality reduces, I have the...
  3. J

    LG "75UM7050PLA" and LG 75UM7000PLA what's the difference...??? + Picture Quality.

    Hi. Is there anyone out there with knowledge of the LG UM series...??? I'm particularly interested in the LG "75UM7050PLA" and LG 75UM7000PLA & what the difference is...??? Also any feedback on picture quality....??? Thanks in advance JC
  4. D

    Rate my picture quality

    This is a screenshot from a show that uses quite rich colors so the tone may look a little off but that is by design. What do you think 20191213-110724 how does it look? TV LG C8, my first OLED.
  5. T

    Question Which one of these TVs has the best picture quality?

    Hello, which one of these TVs would be the best in terms of picture quality for 4k content and also 1080p upscaling? Philips 50PUS7334 Sony KD49XG8396 Hisense 50U7B
  6. wiz

    Is the picture quality going to be much better with a new shield?

    Hi as above already have a 2015 model, kit list below Thanks Ossie
  7. W

    Picture quality and Apple TV 4K

    Hi, I recently bought a Toshiba 50VL5A63DB TV, and have an Apple TV 4K box. I started watching Apple TV+ on Friday night with The Morning Show. In the opening scenes, when it was dark I noticed noise (If that's the right way to say it?) on the screen. I have been trying to sort out my picture...
  8. Lin3ar

    Virgin picture quality

    I'm thinking of making the jump from Sky Q to Virgin. It will be a big saving plus a huge increase in BB speed. But a friend has just swapped and is not impressed at all with the picture quality on his 65C8 Oled. I will not make the change if PQ is going to be worse than Sky Q. Anyone else who...
  9. S

    Question Netflix Panasonic Oled App more superior picture than 4K disc on Xbox, why?

    Dear Readers, I need a fix for playing 4K source material through my Xbox One S, as it is displaying more inferior 4K picture quality in comparison to both my 2018 Panasonic FZ802 OLED TV's inbuilt Netflix TV app and the Xbox Netflix app. To explain: the quality of the picture on my Xbox is...
  10. miggyboys

    Question NAS/Ethernet streaming v UHD disc playback for the best picture quality

    Is playing a disc in a blu-ray/UHD player better picture quality than streaming the ripped file via ethernet from a NAS. Or are they the same? If you're going to say yes or no, please elaborate on your answer! As well as technical answers, I'm also interested in real world opinions, i.e. if to...
  11. S

    Question Panasonic FZ802 inbuilt Netflix app superior picture quality in contrast to Xbox One 4K disc or app

    In summary, I need a fix for playing Xbox 4K source material, as it is displaying more inferior 4K picture quality in comparison to my own 2018 Panasonic FZ802 OLED TV's inbuilt Netflix TV app. The quality of the picture is reduced somewhat for the same film source whether it is being played...
  12. M

    Question X850F, need help connecting..

    Hello everyone, i'm new here so please excuse any mistakes on my part. I bought a couple of days ago a new X850F. Don't ask why, the price was good. as a 4k hdr tv one would think that passing such a signal to it is easy. apparently not. I'm using a desktop as a source. the best output I've...
  13. Slim6969

    Netflix and Amazon quality poor on TX-DX800 series.

    I have the 55" version and it struggles with all netflix and amazon content, with badly defined blacks and block colours and so much motion tracing/judder that it's close to unwatchable. I've been into Netflix preferences so netflix can use all the bandwidth it needs, as I've seen on one advice...
  14. figo

    Hisense H40M3300 picture quality problems

    Hi All - I am new to this site so go easy on me if I seem a sandwhich short of a picnic in my questioning I have just picked up a manufacturer refurbished 40M3300 model for a relatively reasonable price -£235 very happy with the sound quality and its freeview play update - wasnt expecting to...
  15. S

    Amazon Prime UHD Picture Quality

    Hi, I recently purchased the LG 55 B7 3 weeks ago so I would think it is "run in" by now. I have watched some of the YouTube 4 k short videos and they look excellent in some samples. I took advantage of the Amazon Prime free offer for 30 days which is doing the rounds at the moment yesterday so...
  16. M

    Picture quality issue with sony HDR-CX450

    Hello, I'm experiencing problems with the picture quality when shooting videos. There is pixalation and a lack of sharp detail specially when it's at full zoom. I've tried filming in highest quality FX and with steady shot and conversion lens but still it's the same. I'm always filming out doors...
  17. P

    Logik L32SHE17 Blurry Picture Quality Help

    I just got this Logik 32" LED Smart HD TV set up yesterday and the first thing I noticed, after getting past the general setup, was that the picture was moderately blurry whenever anything moves on the screen. :( Turning off the Noise Reduction helped but, it isn't entirely gone. It's still...
  18. bullterrier

    Epson eh-tw9300 projector picture quality

    Well i am seriously impressed with my new buy over my sony hw40es projector. The picture memory a massive plus regarding widescreen and fullscreen alternatives plus picture quality is ace the hulk 2nd film next on test.
  19. B

    Is Sky HD Picture & Sound quality as good as a Blu Ray disk film?

    Is Sky HD Picture quality as good as a Blu Ray disk film? Selling my Blu Ray player as don't buy films no more usually download on Sky etc. I have a Panasonic PTAE3000 projector. Thing is though is the Sky HD rented film as good quality as a standalone disk in a Blu Ray player? Same for sound...
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