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  1. P

    Picture Problem

    Hello I'm hoping someone can help me here as this is a problem I've never come across before. I have a 58 inch 4k Panasonic TV. When I'm watching football the grass keeps changing different shades of green. I managed to watch snooker and the colour of the table remains the same, but when...
  2. HelloThereUK

    Pls help projector picture problem

    Epson EH-TW5350 So I've had this problem with my projector for a while now and haven't been able to figure out how to fix it. If you look at the image below you'll see there is some sort of almost refection of the taskbar on the image, and the problem is really noticeable in high contrast...
  3. J

    OLED picture problem

    Have this line going through my tv. I have tried different sources and it's still there. Did pixel refresh no difference. I added a picture. Anyone know what's going on
  4. OllieWilko83

    Picture Problem (6SPUS8535/12)

    Morning everyone, I’ve been living with this issue for the past couple of weeks but it’s starting to grind on me more and more… Every time I turn the tv on after it’s been dormant, the colours are all distorted. I turn it off and on again and the problem is solved, see this morning’s example...
  5. B

    Yamaha RX-V3800 - Intermittent Picture Problem

    I got hold of a Yamaha RX-V3800 a few days ago for £100 (quite cheap, it seems). Lovely bit of kit but an occasional slight problem with the video. I've got: 1. Sky HD Box -> HDMI -> Yamaha 2. Apple TV 4th Gen -> HDMI -> Yamaha 3. Yamaha -> HDMI -> Telly The sound...
  6. K

    OLED705 HDR/Dolby Vision issue

    Hi. I got PHILIPS Ambilight 55OLED705/12 yesterday from Currys, great upgrade from a 8 years old LCD LG. However, I got a problem with any HDR/Dolby Vision content (tried Netflix and YouTube). It started with the colors being other way around (like a negative- blacks were white, reds were cyan...
  7. Plumsandpearls

    Tv picture problem

    Hey there, new member of the forum, and not great with TV issues. I have a new Samsung tv- it gets the below artefact on dark screens - red squares with a dot in the middle. any idea what this could be and how to remedy it? Not really sure of how to describe the fault, so thought a pic would...
  8. N

    Need Help figuring out my TV Problem

    Hello I've just joined this forum looking for help understanding what I'm seeing happen on my TV (and now other TVs). I have videos that I took with my phone that would be the easiest way to show and identify my issue. This forum doesn't allow me to upload MOV files directly? What the easiest...
  9. S

    Panasonic Viera Picture issue

    Good Afternoon. I have a Panasonic viera TV that has subtle lines now appearing on the TV. I have attached pictures. If anyone has any ideas what the issue could be and how this can be resolved that would be great.
  10. PaulSabana

    LG CX Xbox Series X picture problem

    Hi all, I got a CX for the Xbox Series X and when I open a game I have terrible and worrying picture problems, it looks like the screen is breaking. Can anyone help? Or identify the correct terminology for this type of screen issue? It looks like HDR and Instant Game Response are fighting for...
  11. D

    4K picture noise problem

    Hi all, I was wondering if I could get some explanations/help on this. When playing certain 4K HDR movies (disc), I see a disturbing 'static' on almost anything that's a bright white. It essentially looks like digital snow, but appearing on white objects only (or occasionally other very bright...
  12. M

    Question Sound bar - Distortion/Muffled sound when playing content

    Hi all, I need some help with an issue I'm having regarding my current setup. I have the LG OLED65CX6LA TV, LG SN9YG sound bar and the Panasonic UB820 Blu-ray player. I’ve connected the HDMI to the eARC port from the sound bar to the eARC port on the TV, I then connected the HDMI to the Blu-ray...
  13. G

    HD550K3 picture problem

    I have an HD550 with a picture problem. It started as a vertical black strip in the middle that took up approximately 1/3 of the screen. You can touch the screen at the bottom and the black increases, and now it is almost the whole screen black. What causes this?? TIA
  14. Murrayc1977

    Question Possible tv problem that needs a diagnosis from the AV community-2016 Vizio M series M55-D0

    I have a 2016 Vizio M series 4k tv with some banding and posterization issues mainly with light banding lines in the background and posterization in the front during low light scenes. Can anyone tell me what the problem is? I need to know if it's a streaming problem or an actual problem with the...
  15. V

    Question Samsung UE65HU8205T no picture problem!

    My UE65HU8205T suddenly stopped giving picture, sounds and backlights are working but no picture coming at all. I made some research on the internet and I think that t-con board could be faulty because sounds and backlights are working. With that model number I didn't found any t-con boards from...
  16. H

    Help with weird artifact on Q60T

    Hi. I'm new to this forum. I recently got a Q60T 55" and today noticed some weird artifacts in a round form just at the lower part of the screen. I'm wondering what is it and I already looked to see if it was a plastic or fur and its not any of that. Also it is visible in all menus but doesn't...
  17. 5

    Question LG Uh850 picture problem

    Hi, Does anyone have any idea what would cause the picture on my LG Uh850 to look like this? Looks the same across the whole width of the screen, being more noticeable at the top and fades slightly towards the bottom. Many thanks
  18. 5

    Question LG picture problem.

    Hi, Does anyone have any idea what would cause the picture on my LG Uh850 to look like this? Looks the same across the whole width of the screen, being more noticeable at the top and fades slightly towards the bottom. Many thanks
  19. D

    55PUS7334/12 sudden picture problem with Netflix & Youtube

    Hello, Two weeks ago while watching cartoon's on Netflix & Youtube with my childrens we've notice that the picture in our screen was suddently deformed as you can see below.... I tried to unplug/replug the TV, reset the manufacturer settings, unistall the Netflix App etc. but the problem is...
  20. Grant77

    Picture problem - Samsung ue49mu7000

    Can someone please help with the large circular shadowing/dithering? When viewing dark black/blue scenes with light in it. What's causing it or can it be fixed in settings etc?
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