picture loss

  1. S

    JVC Smart TV LT-32C690 sudden picture loss - software or new motherboard?

    Staying at friend's. TV fine for two days and suddenly no picture. After two days when I went to programme guide the screen suddenly went black. Trying restarting a few ways the picture came back for a short while then went again. A few more restarts etc and it came back fine for a day. Then...
  2. Mlittle

    avr picture loss

    Hi all this is the first time posting and I am at a loss! This is my first av system and saved up for quite a while. I have a Sony kd-65xd8599 tv a Sony bdp-s6700 blu ray upscalling, and denon avr-x2200 with elac debut speakers, I'm using audioquest hdmi cables... 2m from bluray to av then 8m...
  3. R

    Panny TX50C680B / Sky Q - picture loss problem

    I recently purchased a refurb Panasonic TX50CX680B from the official Panasonic eBay outlet, and I've had two issues - I'd like to get your opinions on them: 1) Occasional sudden picture loss I've had several instances now where the picture suddenly goes black, and sound is lost. Sometimes the...
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