1. sunpazed

    65A90J panel replacement photos

    My 5 month old 65" A90J developed a line of dead red pixels down the entire screen (I've posted this in the main A90J thread). Sony Australia refused to replace it, and instead organised a panel replacement — which was very annoying given that the unit was so new with only 400 hours. The Sony...
  2. stu646

    Anyway at all to recover photos after a factory reset?

    After looking around about this, I am pretty sure I know the answer is a no but thought I would ask anyway. I have a Oppo Find X3 Pro (android phone) and long story short, day from hell yesterday where everything went wrong, including breaking my arm but I needed to wipe the phone and do a...
  3. S

    Downloading full pics from Photos

    I am very confused here. I have pics taken on my iPhone 11 Pro that then automatically are uploaded to iCloud and then to my Mac. Looking at say one pic: It says on the phone it is 3.6MB The copy on my Mac, which I have told to download smaller files (Optimise Mac Storage). is also 3.6MB Why...
  4. Chadford

    Looking For An App To Take Photos At Timed Intervals?

    Anyone know if there is an app that allows individual photos to be taken at intervals, say every 2mins for example? I'm not looking for something that creates time lapse videos, just a set of normal photos. Ta.
  5. S

    Is there an easy way to rotate photos in slide show OLED 48C16LA C1

    When looking at photos stored on my NAS drive via media player on the TV, many appear on their side ie 90 degrees out. All photos were correctly orientated on my laptop before storing on the NAS drive. Is there a quick way to correctly orientate them on the TV, to save the tedious process of...
  6. LouiseTopp

    CD with photos on won't run?

    Hi I run windows 10 and have burnt some photo's onto a Verbatim disk via Ashampoo, but when I insert the disc it won't run. Something is there as I can see a line on the disc. Can you advise me what to do please? Thanks.
  7. BN1980

    Best speaker positioning? - photos attached

    I just purchased my first home. The TV position is limited to a small corner of the home. I have 2 floor standing speakers which unfortunately have to go right next to the tv. (Centre speaker as well). The couch (and rear wall) is long and being in the centre of the couch is not directly in...
  8. L

    Problems Moving Photos

    My wife has just asked me to move some photos from her camer to her laptop but when I started there was a problem as there were about 500 photos on the camera but when I connected it to the laptop it was showing about 34 photos.I then plugged it into this laptop and again was only 34 photos were...
  9. J

    Connecting speaker wire to RCA cables - Photos included

    Hi can someone please advise on how I connect my speakers using speaker wire to my turntable which has only got a single red and white RCA cable? Photos included sorry not very techy when it comes to audio! thanks Jeff
  10. D

    Moving photos from library to My-Album not My-Albums

    Basically got a new iPad and trying to move photos from iPhone 11 to iPad Air 5th. Signed into both with my apple id, can see My-Album on the ipad. But several photos from the iphone library are not shown on the ipad. Have tried selecting a photo in 'library' and then 'add to album'...
  11. Alps

    Mac Pro iTunes and Photos storage advice needed

    Hi Guys, I need some advice please on iTunes storage on my Mac Pro. I have the following setup: Mac HD drive of 600gb (this is the standard HD that came with the Mac) - this stores all my applications, Photos file and iTunes file. Additional Internal Drive 1 of 1tb - this stores all my...
  12. B

    50PUS6703 - Display ipone photos onto TV screen?

    Hi Please can anyone recommend the easiest way for me to Display ipone photos onto TV screen? Miricast does not appear to work with iphones ? Its also has an annual fee. I can do via an hdmi attached to a Lightning digital av wire adapter. Is there a “wireless” way to achieve this ?
  13. J

    Comparing backups of photos on PC

    Hi. Not sure how best to articulate this question for it to make sense but here goes... Over the past decade or so, I have built up a load of different backups of document and photo folders, not all of them sharing the same structure. I'm trying to consolidate the backups so that I can free up...
  14. G

    A80J Wall hung with Sony SU-WL850 Wall-Mount Bracket advice / photos please 😊

    Hello, I’m looking at getting the Sony 77 inch A80J ( or possibly the A80K when available) as it gets really good reviews. I will be wall mounting the TV so was originally looking at getting the LG G1, however I’m tempted with the A80J. Has anybody wall mounted their A80J with the SU-WL850...
  15. goatywoaty

    Easy way of transferring everything from old Galaxy S9 to new Xiaomi? Text messages, photos etc

    Hi everyone My wife has always had Samsung galaxy phones. The transfer process each time she gets a new one is always really simple with their software and it transfers everything - texts, WhatsApp, photos etc. You just hold the new phone next to the old one whilst it's doing it's thing. I'm...
  16. Markee

    Google photos….

    So a bit peeves this evening. I was getting a message from Google saying I’d hit my maximum storage (15Gb) and to delete some stuff. I then went ahead and deleted loads of emails with attachments - and loads of photos and videos, that got my storage well below 15Gb! I’m paying for 200Gb with...
  17. Ilovewaffles

    Deleting photos on Google drive.

    I saved many photos from my old laptop onto Google drive, but received a notification saying I had used up half of the 15 gb allowance. On looking, I see that there are multiple copies of some photos. Manually deleting each one would be a long, time consuming chore. Are there any free apps...
  18. S

    Example photos of TV stud wall with AV Equipment?

    Im looking to create a new stud wall but im struggling to find the best method of the mass of power cables. Ive drawn this quick sketch which is close to what im looking for, but at the moment the only thing I can think of is to have individual sockets within the recess behind all the AV...
  19. vancreef

    Hide photos from gallery on Poco F3.

    Hi. Does anyone know how to hide photos from the gallery on the Poco F3? My old Android phone let me do it but I can't work out how to do it on my new phone?
  20. Garrett

    Laser Printer printing Photos Not Right

    I have a Samsung CLP-360 series laser printer and when I got it it use to produce some astounding picture so much so I has some photos printed and framed on a high end ink jet and thought of re doing them on the laser. Anyway not printed any for a long time only used for letters, but I cam to...
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