1. G

    Question An easy method for transferring photos from iphone 5s to Samsung android?

    I thought this would be easy but searching for a friend and gets loads of bumf. Surely it must be possible and relatively easy at that!! Can anyone help? As a last resort I was thinking usb to pc
  2. L

    View photos from USB onPanasonic TX-50GX700B

    Hi Guys is it possible to view a slideshow of photos from memory stick on this tv and if so how? Cheers
  3. piston broke

    WhatsApp has stopped downloading photos. Help!

    Hi I thought it was just the amount of traffic through the servers, but my phone (Moto g6plus)has mostly stopped downloading WhatsApp photos and videos. It will download one occasionally, but usually just get a fuzzy image and the spinning download symbol. I've tried cleaning cache, deleting...
  4. J

    Question Need to plug my turntables power chord into something.

    Don’t know if it’s just me or what. My turntable has 3 fixed cables coming out of the back, 2 are the normal red and white RCAs which I’m quite happy about and know how to put them to comparative good use. However the 3rd is beginning to annoy me as it should connect into my amp which has a 12...
  5. northeastradio

    Question iPad Pro 3rd Gen Importing Photos

    Hi There, I have just bought an iPad Pro 3rd Gen 12.9" and intend to use "LumaFusion" to help vlog and edit videos whilst on the go rather than taking my Macbook with me everytime. I vlog on a Samsung Note 10+ and have read that you can take the images from it and sync them to your iPad using...
  6. C

    Photos app/Google Photos

    I am new to iPhones and my son has just got one. I installed Google Photos on his phone as I am familiar with this and he already has photos backed up on there from his Samsung. Is there any other way of accessing photos on an iPhone other than through the Photos app (which I'm assuming is the...
  7. raigraphixs

    Our Sun - new images captured
  8. E

    Sending multiple photos

    Is it possible to send a block of photos - say, holiday snaps - to email rather than one-by-one? Thanks.
  9. Aziz Ismail

    Considering Projector Setup (Current Setup Photos)

    I'm considering getting a projector setup installed and need some ideas please. I am not the greatest when it comes to DIY but looking at getting a manual drop down screen over the TV. Can anyone confirm if Manual pull down projector screens are lighter than electric ones? The reason I'm wanting...
  10. Steve N

    Can't view Photos on Q Box?

    I've been trying to use the Sky Q Box app to view Photos from my PC with no luck at all. I've got as far as finding the Sky page on the PC, entered the code supplied from the Q Box, and the uploaded a bunch of Photos apparently successfully. But still can't get them on the tv I called Sky and...
  11. Deeez Nuuutz

    Question How to store photos in iCloud but not on iPhone?

    Hi, I’ve bought my mrs a new iPhone 11 Pro Max for Xmas and it’s a 64GB version. Last night I was trying to sort something out for her in the settings and I noticed she’s got over 100GB of just photos on her iphones memory (currently an iPhone 7 128GB). She has a 250GB iCloud allowance that she...
  12. C

    Google photos on iphone

    Is it possible to use google photos on iphone? My son is moving from Samsung to iphone and he would like to continue using Google photos rather than iCloud so his photos are all in one place.
  13. C

    Google photos without SIM

    Am I right in thinking that google photos will still work without a SIM card in the phone? Eg. are you able to access google photos and will it continue to back up any photos if there is no SIM card in the phone?
  14. disneyboy

    Question Help Please: Trying to recover photos from an iPhone backup on to a macbook

    Hi all, The backup won't restore on to my iphone so I want to open the backup up on my macbook and pull the photos out of it. Can anyone recommend any software for this please? Cheers all.
  15. chaz

    Question Printing Photos ?

    I own a HP Envy 5540 Printer which works fine. Until this week when my wife brought me some Photo paper from Wilko Which Looked very good quality.So I loaded it into my Printer but when it came out it only done half a print so I Tried a second time same result half a picture So checked the...
  16. fcz

    Question converting live photos

    Hi everyone. Desperately seeking some help here please. my wife transfered loads of her photos from her iphone to my laptop to store to free up space on her phone. the iphone she has, has been taking the live photos. when they saved to my laptop i have since learned that they save two files...
  17. QuestShield

    Windows 10 - creating videos on Microsoft Photos

    Anyone else use Microsoft Photos on Windows 10 to edit videos? I have used it before successfully but some days it's like it just doesn't want to work and I don't know why. I loaded the clips no bother and edited around the first 30% of the video yesterday. Today it's literally unusable. It just...
  18. V

    Calling all Audiophiles - How do I Connect LG C8 TV to Bose/Yamaha amplifier (photos)

    I have an LG C8 TV. I have tried to connect it today to a bose lifestyle 614810 av receiver that I bought second hand recently. The TV itself has an optical audio out but the Bose av receiver system doesn't, it only has red and white female connections on the back. How can I go about...
  19. Spiderpig

    iPhone 11/Pro Photos?

    Looks like I’ll have to wait a while longer for my 11 Pro to arrive and play with the new camera. Does anyone have any real-world photos to share from their new iPhones? All I’ve really seen so far are professional and review photos. Feel free to post away.
  20. SkiSand

    Delete photos Amazon Drive but personal hard drive

    Hello. Been using Amazon Drive to backup 1000's of phots with success. However, I'm reorganizing my local backup hard drive, which messes up the whole Amazon 'sync'. I simply wanted to delete the Photo folder on Amazon Drive, for a clean restart/backup. However - Amazon Drive's File...
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