1. PAGE26

    Photography trolley and Workstation research

    I am a Nottingham Trent University final year student who is carrying out a research and design project. The project is looking into trolleys which are used for transporting equipment as well as using the same product as a workstation. I am conducting my research phase and would appreciate if...
  2. AVTEZ59

    Street Photography - Rochdale

    #1 Walking by Terry Wynne, on Flickr #2 Smile by Terry Wynne, on Flickr #3Red by Terry Wynne, on Flickr #4 Portrait 2 by Terry Wynne, on Flickr #5 Portrait 1 by Terry Wynne, on Flickr #6Hair by Terry Wynne, on Flickr #7Earphones by Terry Wynne, on Flickr #8Buy Sell Exchange by Terry...
  3. stearman65

    "Media City Lights" A new AV show featuring night photography, HDR & Video.

    A couple of weeks ago we tried this in Liverpool, but used completely wrong camera settings. This time, using tripods & ISO set to a max of 800, & A instead of iA, we went to Media City in Salford Quays. For those non Brits, Salford Quays is a redundant inner city docks at the end of the...
  4. shotokan101

    Free Photography Cheat Sheets.....
  5. Bittern

    My Bird Photography - Slideshow

    A slideshow i made of a selection of my bird photos from the past years, to date Camera: Canon 1D MKIII + 1D MKIV Lens: Canon 500f4 IS L, with or without a 1.4TC
  6. T

    Sports Photography

    Can anyone point me in the right direction? We are looking for a new camera which will primarily be used for taking photographs of our sons rugby matches and then sharing online. We are currently using a Canon SX510 but we are looking to upgrade. We have a budget of around £500. Any help...
  7. D

    Question How does each headset view images?

    Hi all, I have some questions on how to view images in VR. I'm starting a business as a VR 3D 180 model photographer (I'm already a professional "2D" model photographer). There is still a lot to learn. The main thing right now that is standing in my way is technology. I don't know the best...
  8. RichardGeo123

    Advice on Drone for Video Recording

    Hi there. I would appreciate some advice on which drone I should purchase for high quality video and image recording. I am brand new to drones in the sense that I have never owned or used one before. What I need a drone for. * To record videos and to take some aerial photos. * To effectively...
  9. The Dreamer

    Want to improve your landscape photography?

    Watch this guy... Thomas Heaton YouTube Channel Not sure my link above works because I’m abroad, or just that it doesn’t work period - but look up Thomas Heaton on YouTube to find his channel. I’m sure many of you already follow him - but I stumbled across his channel by accident, and I’ve...
  10. N

    For Sale 2 Months Old Canon EOS 2000D Digital SLR Camera with 18-55mm f/3.5-5.6 IS II kit

    Hi, I purchased this brand new from John Lewis 31st August 2018. I still have the receipt which is pictured. Reason for sale, I actually want to buy a higher model with a few more features and a flip out screen. This comes with everything from purchase. Postage is RMSD for £9.99 Price and...
  11. S

    Wanted Baby photography props

    Guys having finished my new studio I'm on the lookout for baby props. Beanbags, blankets, clothing etc Location: Coatbridge, Scotland ______________________________________________________ This message is automatically inserted in all classifieds forum threads. By replying to this thread you...
  12. MariHarris

    Charme En Soie

    New shot! Please let me know what you think. :)
  13. TaurusDevil

    Beginner Photography Book?

    What's the best one to go for? One that explains everything in layman's terms. Someone mentioned Dummies.
  14. =adrian=

    Photography laptop

    Hi peeps, I know sooner or later I will have to buy a laptop to be able to work on pictures on the road. There is no escaping it I think. I am away for 2 weeks this summer and seriously thinking about buying one before. What else to do on holiday than work ;) If not for this summer, then...
  15. snerkler

    Master of Photography Season 3 Starts Tomorrow

    Looking forward to this starting again. OK it's not the best program on the planet and the judges can be a bit pretentious but it's still good to watch imo.
  16. JabbaNut

    You Can Watch 99 Hours of Free Online Photography Classes from the School of Visual Arts

    You Can Watch 99 Hours of Free Online Photography Classes from the School of Visual Arts Came across this online so sharing here, hope it helps. You Can Watch 99 Hours of Free Online Photography Classes from the School of Visual Arts (SVA)
  17. xchinox

    For Sale Photography Accessories Clearout (Filters, Strap, Chargers etc.)

    Hoya Fusion UV 43mm - £18 !Hoya Fusion UV 49mm - £22 SOLD! Hoya Revo UV 49mm - £26 Hoya Revo UV 58mm - £31 Hoya Fusion UV 62mm x2 - £31 each Hoya Revo UV 62mm - £36 Hoya Revo UV 67mm - £41 SRB Circular Polariser 62mm - £16 SRB Circular Polariser 67mm - £18 SRB Circular Polariser 77mm - £21 Kenko...
  18. R

    Question Camera Choice for Aquarium Photography

    I'm looking for a camera to replace my Canon 7D. Whilst this was great for local use, as I'm going to be travelling light around Europe, perhaps further afield visiting aquatic installations I don't want the bulk and weight of the Canon. I don't do as much sports or wildlife work nowadays which...
  19. Thumpermawer

    Unsuccessful Photography Trips

    Normally when I go out to shoot, I have one or a few ideas of what I'm trying to capture. A specific viewpoint, subject, mood, event etc. Not always, but I'm more likely to get "snapshot" photo's if there's not a goal image in mind. A lot of the time something will happen to spoil those plans...
  20. M

    Future of Photography

    Hi, I'm doing some research on the future of photography and I'm trying to get a better idea of why people might continue to buy cameras in the future, despite the increasing capabilities of smartphones and other vehicles of image capture. I was wondering if anyone on this forum would be...
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