1. R

    Wanted Wanted i phone xs max

    Hi everybody looking for an i phone XS max, 64 gb would be fine, its a present for the mrs birthday, so need to be tidy, boxed with accessories and unlocked, any colour but space Grey so we can tell who's is who's Cheers Chris
  2. R

    Good quality usb c to headphone jack adaptor for mobile phone

    Wasn’t sure which section this question best fits into, I am after a USB C to headphone adaptor for my mobile phone. I guess they are of varying quality sound wise as the adaptor must have an internal DAC in it. I need it for my new phone I’ve ordered a pixel 6 pro and I would also like to be...
  3. M

    For Sale I Phone 12 Pro Max - Pac Blue - 128GB - Unlocked - Pristine Condition - 6 Months Warranty - Boxed + £20 Case

    As per title. Mint condition, 12 pro max. Warranty until April. Has been in a screen protector since day, and has been in a case since day 1. No dents, scuffs or scratches. Have a look at my feedback and you will see the phones ive sold always pristine condition Comes boxed Comes with a free...
  4. le4thab

    Mobile Phone Repair.

    Hi All, Not sure if allowed to ask here, but does anyone here repair phones? OH has broken phone screen and it's not something I have the tools to attempt, along with the screen being approx £150 Cheers
  5. InvisibleDuncan

    Stop phone from connecting to device on wifi network

  6. D

    For Sale iPhone 6s Rose Gold 64gb

    Hi, selling my mum's v good condition iPhone 6s in rose gold (64gb). Looking for £75 delivered please.
  7. Tempest

    Audio line-In to a Android Phone for Video Recording?

    Was not 100% sure the best place to post this question, so if you think I should try another specific forum location please let me know..... :) I'm wanting to record myself playing Electric Drums using my Pixel Phone. Video wise, no issue of course, I'll just stick the phone on a tripod and...
  8. lawmachine

    Dead Huawei phone

    I have a Huawei phone that hasn't been used for couple of years.. battery completely dead. When I plug the charger in it automatically tries to restart and therefore uses up whatever charge its getting. I can't stop it trying to auto start. It's an old phone for the kids to use otherwise I'd get...
  9. S

    Wanted Budget Samsung phone

    Looking for a budget Samsung phone ideally around £100 or less. Must be new or mint condition. Looking for something such as the Samsung A12 series or similar spec.
  10. Gordon B

    Wanted Android phone around £150

    Hi all, On the lookout for a replacement phone. Its for a Junior B and he has a specific list of requirements :rolleyes: Under £150 Android Usb-C 3.5mm Jack if available (Told him he will struggle to find a modern phone with this but he has an adaptor so not a deal breaker) Decent battery life...
  11. B

    simless phone - what can it do?

    I am at an age that I rIde an electric bike and can't cope with a smartphone. The bike programme will communicate with a smartphone to vary the settings. I understand that a simless phone can use bluetooth to communicate but that leaves the problem of downloading the app. Is there a way to do...
  12. A

    For Sale gt-b3410 phone boxed

    light marks around the phone comes boxed.
  13. petrolhead

    Cheapest way to Stream Music from phone to HiFi

    I hope there is a simple answer to this. Just want to be able to stream music from my phone to my hifi wirelessly. My first though was something like a Google Chromcast but looking it seams they no longer have a 3.5mm audio out (Unless I am wrong) So what if anything are my alternatives
  14. L

    settings for a grandstream ATA HT812 using a sipgate residental phone line

    Hi I recently purchased Grandstream HT812 to use with Sipgate basic residental phone i have put in the settings they have said to use on the sipgate website when i log in to my sipgate account it says device not registered and on the grandstream HT812 ATA adapter the power light and web lights...
  15. R

    Android phone to digital out

    Is it possible to connect a usb cable to android phone to get digital audio audio either coaxial or optical? Rather than using blutooth for Spotify streaming. My Squeezebox has spotty you need premium account to use it
  16. C

    Odd issue with Samsung phone please help!

    Dear all. I recently changed a cracked screen on my Samsung A12 but since doing so (i replaced the whole frame, lcd and glass) my phone will no longer make or receive calls. The odd thing is, if i take the back off and insert the SIM tray, it works. If I put the back on, but leave it half off...
  17. happygolucky

    Phone 13 Pro - Facetime Quality Worse Now On This Phone

    Hi Guys, I just recently got my iPhone 13 Pro and have noticed lower frame rate and stutter in facetime calls when moving around. The phone came with IOS 15 pre installed from Apple Store. My previous iPhone 11 had no issues and was smooth and video quality was crisp. My Phone is connect to...
  18. buddy777


    i have lost the settings app on my samsung phone,can anyone advise me how to get it back?
  19. petrolhead

    Minimalistic case for phone

    Any suggestions for thin case for phone. I have the S20 Looking at these: Interested in experience using something like the above as I want to keep the phone as small as possible
  20. K

    cell phone week signals

    i need help with my problem..i have car wash in Maidstone but there its very week place for mobile signals..i have try different networks but that place its very week on reception..its very hard to communicate with others looking for some device i can install there who can help me increase...
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