1. Soulja

    Wanted Cheapo android phone

    I'm looking for something basic that can run Facebook/Instagram etc...
  2. fiercebadger

    Wanted Razer 2 phone or similar

    Does anyone have a gaming phone for sale, Razer 2 would be ideal. Thanks in advance.
  3. G

    Motion when casting from phone

    The quality of casting football from my phone to the cx55 and even when I plug a hdmi cable in from phone to the TV is horrendous, its a mess, actually no matter what tru motion settings I do or put off completely When watching direct through the set top box though it's fine Is this just a...
  4. R

    Constantly Losing Phone GPS Signal in Car

    Hi All, For some strange reason I keep losing my phone GPS signal when in my car - Jaguar XE S. The issue only occurs when I’m in the car. It works fine when outside the car & yesterday I tried it when I was in a friend’s car & it worked fine. It’s just when I’m in the car. I don’t think it’s...
  5. bunyboy

    Wanted old iPhone SE or iPhone 8 needed - child's first phone

    Hi All, Looking for an old iPhone SE or perhaps an iPhone 8. Doesn't need to be in perfect condition and I don't mind if touch ID doesn't work, but good battery life is helpful. Let me know ASAP if you have anything that might work. Thanks!
  6. G

    Wanted Android phone <£200

    Hi, looking for a android phone. Mate 20 Pro? One plus, something along those lines. But open to any below £200. Needs good cpu and minimum 6gb ram Thank you and look forward to any offers.
  7. kizzinkwocha

    How to force phone to switch off

    Any ideas on how to force a phone to switch off? I have an Oukitel C5 Pro that's not switching on properly. It gets as far as the logo screen and then re-starts. I decided to fix the problem by flashing the phone (re-installing the Rom etc). But to flash the phone I need it have at least 70...
  8. P

    How can I receive a text to both Ipad and Android phone from someone with Apple iphone, Ipad, Macbook?

    How can I receive a text to both Ipad and Android phone from someone with Apple iphone, Ipad, Macbook? I don not have an Iphone. I currently have just an Android phone. People can of course text me from an Iphone or any other phone. I am getting an IPAD soon: My family members want to text...
  9. johnhy

    Question Am i hearing hi res through phone and wireless

    Hi just a question I've got a Samsung s9+ with hi res audio dl on it eg 96khz 24bit If im listening to it wirelessly on bose quietcomfort 35 ii headphones without noise cancellation how good a sound am i actually hearing? Eg how would it compare to portable dac and wired phones or even to a...
  10. M

    Walking Headphones f/Smart Phone - Recommendations?

    Not headphones that walk - headphones to wear when walking! I haven't worn anything of the sort for many years as my ears don't accommodate buds or in-ears very well (buds fall out, in-ears don't go in). Trying to keep moving and going for walks on lunch hours, looking to start listening to...
  11. A

    Question Sky+HD interference from mobile phone mast

    A few weeks ago I started to get severe pixelation or total signal loss on all channels that are on the same transponder. I've proved that it's being caused by interference from a local mobile phone mast by temporarily raising up a small sheet of aluminium on the end of a long pole and placing...
  12. E

    For Sale I phone 11 64gb black

    I phone 11 64gb black unlocked to any network, selling due to recent upgrade phone comes with all original in perfect condition accessories can deliver local based in Gosport
  13. GrumpyOldGamer

    Help removing BT phone socket

    Looking for advice, I'm going to decorate my hallway and staircase this week, there's a master socket at the bottom of the stairs and an unsightly cable running up the stairs, around a number of doors then into whats soon to be my youngest bedroom, whats the best way to remove it without...
  14. J

    Wanted Bluetooth speaker for mobile phone

    I m looking after small Bluetooth speaker for mobile phone. Would also be interested in Bluetooth adapter for old AVR. Thanks
  15. Drexl

    For Sale Oneplus 8 Pro Popup event version with extras brand new

    Brand new OnePlus 8 Pro Onyx Black 8GB ram 128GB storage. Was purchased direct from OnePlus in their pop up event hence the massive box it comes in! Includes - Wireless Z bullets - 2 cases - wireless charger All brand new and sealed. Phone never used. £850 delivered (postage going to be...
  16. stepneg

    For Sale Ulefone 2020 Armor X6 Rugged Mobile Phone

    Bought this a few weeks ago to use when I'm out mountain biking\kayaking and just haven't used it. £45 delivered More details here:
  17. F

    Connecting a Bose SA-3 to phone and monitors

    The RCA connects to a mobile phone. And the volume is controlled by a potentiometer. It works fine, good volume, but after about 5-8 mins, it stops playing, and I need to reset the amplifier for it to start playing again. Any ideas? Thanks.
  18. J

    Moving phone socket and daisy chaining routers

    Hi. I’m thinking of moving my main phone socket down to the cellar. It’s currently behind the tv with the Sky router, I then have Ethernet down to the cellar into a switch. For neatness I want the phone socket down in the cellar, could I take the router down there and daisy chain another Sky...
  19. S

    Mobile phone contracts and moving to the EU

    Hi, I have two mobile phone contracts for fairly small amounts each month. I will be leaving the UK before brexit, I can cancel these as I am over the tie+in period and will still need to make a number of calls to the UK. Will the mobile companies (3 and vodafone in this case) accept a change...
  20. vu599536

    How to stop photos on WhatsApp downloading to phone

    My department at work uses WhatsApp for communication. Sometimes there’s photos. Which have gone onto my photos. So annoying. Is there a way to see the photos without them downloading onto my phone?
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