1. J

    Settings on Phillips 50pus9006

    Hi Everyone I am new to owning a Phillips tv, we have purchased the Phillips pus9006. We have noticed that when watching some programs, on Disney plus using app built in to the tv and on Sky that everything seemed to be going in double quick time. I did some research and found it was the...
  2. Sandman

    Are my Phillips Hue smart bulbs now dumb?

    We have Phillips Hue bulbs in the upstairs bedrooms and control them via amazon echo devices. We do not have the Hue Bridge as we use an Echo Plus as the hub. Everything worked perfectly until we changed broadband providers and set up the new WiFi network and now Alexa does not communicate with...
  3. D

    Phillips Hue LED strips in bathrooms

    Currently dithering about deploying Phillips Hue LED strips into the bathroom. The techie side I am OK with, but it is the waterproofing of the LED strips themselves. Watched lots of US videos, but they aren't convincing my builder/electrician who needs to certify the electrics. Any help and...
  4. K

    For Sale Phillips hue gradient lightstrip 65 inch brand new

    Hi up for sale is a brand new unused Phillips hue gradient lightstrip 65 inch only opened to test if its working forgot to list this for sale after receiving it about a month ago, this was a replacement from Phillips as my last lightstrip when removing from back of tv has caused a slight damage...
  5. D

    Phillips 58pus8556/12 stuck in factory mode

    Just got delivery of my Phillips ambilight 58pus8556/12 but when I turn it on it says Factory Mode in top left and TF in bottom right. The remote control only partially works. How do I exit this? Or is the set faulty? All help greatly appreciated
  6. P

    Help Blue outlines on Phillips 70pus8555

    Hello anyone who can help I recently purchased a Phillips 70pus8555 from richer sounds and seem to get a blue outline ghosting effect on image outlines it is more present on black and white movies but also at times on colour movies. The blue outlines are around objects and people in the image...
  7. R

    Phillips 50" Ambilight TV gone black screen.

    Hi guys, this is the exact TV model Phillips 50PUS6754/12 50" TV. It's my mums, and all of a sudden tonight the screen went black, tried powering it off for 20 minutes and unplugging everything, before after unplugging it and powering it back on, the Phillips logo would appear for a second...
  8. S

    PHILIPS PUS7555 Dolby Atmos indicator not working

    Hi I have bought a Philips PUS7555 from Currys UK. I have a Yamaha RXV6A AV reciever with a 7.1 set up. However, when streaming Netflix I don't get the Dolby Atmos notification, all content reads 5.1 only. I've connected via HDMI, and I understand all 3 HDMI connections in the TV uses...
  9. R

    Are universal remotes usually programmed with their own brand codes?

    For example, RCA or in my case Phillips. It says it is preprogrammed for samsung and roku but nothing about Phillips? The Phillips ph903 is the universal remote I was looking at. I know I once had an RCA universal which was pre-programmed for my tv, which was also RCA. The dvd/vhs I have...
  10. R

    iOS Mirroring to Phillips / Sony

    Hi all. Frustrating problem here. i have two new 2021 Android TVs. One Phillips 65” OLED and one 49” Sony LED. Both running the latest Android OS and both wired to the router. My iPhone can screen mirror to the Sony out the box with no software installed. But the Phillips does not show up at...
  11. elpachio

    Sky Q and my Phillips TV

    I need help!!! I have a 15-year-old Phillips 37PF5520D/10 and with Sky HD+ I had it connected via the DV port at the back of the TV via an HDMI connector into the Sky Box, and audio came through a Scart-to-scart connection. I've upgraded today to Sky Q and the engineer told me he cannot...
  12. T

    LG65CX vs Phillips 65805

    £1599 Vs £1649 @ Richer Sounds Any issues/drawbacks with any of these 2 TV's guys?? Thanks to anyone who takes the time to respond.
  13. L

    Phillips 65PUS8545 - Good TV for the price?

    Hi all Amazon have this TV at £679 in line with their prime day deals. Is this a good TV for the price for just watching TV, no gaming etc. I was looking to spend up to £800 if that helps. Many Thanks
  14. C

    Phillips 55PUS6503/12 not supported file format

    Hey! My friend has a Phillips 55PUS6503/12 smart TV. She has problems playing .mkv files saying not supported file format, where as my LG 43UN71003LB has no problems playing the same exact files. She uses Windows 10 and tried it through DLNA server, and a pendrive too. The weird thing is that...
  15. Webbserver

    Phillips Pronto TSU9200 - Windows USB driver help needed

    I’ve recently acquired one of these and have all the required software to set it up, but my PC just won’t recognize the remote as I can’t find a USB driver for it. I know they’re very old now, but they were great in the day (I’ve owned numerous 9400 and 9600 models over the years!) I’ve tried...
  16. Adrian2973

    Xbox series X, PHILLIPS AMBI LIGHT 65PUS8555/12

    Hi, I have the PHILLIPS AMBI LIGHT 65PUS8555/12 and up until about a week ago I’ve been playing my XBOX ONE X perfectly fine when I upgraded to the XBOX SERIES X, the picture style keeps changing every time I start a new game!! The auto sensor is turned off, I’ll select game setting and as...
  17. F

    Dvd dísc full on Phillips recorder but showing empty

    I have the disc full but when I go to finalise it it comes up as blank. Why is this happening and can I fix it?
  18. S

    From Sony XF87 to Philips 43PUS8535?

    My sister is taking the Sony TV due to moving with her husband. I need a TV for gaming with Xbox Series S. This is the sony TV 50" variant... I liked the VA panel. Works in 1080p at 120Hz but has to be forced on Xbox Series S. The...
  19. Vindaluke123

    Phillips pus7855 recent issues after update possibly?

    Recently had a update on the TV and I have recently ditched my sky subscription as I always use the apps well now that i cancelled my sky box it feels like my TV apps are now breaking down. I tried screen mirroring with my Huawei p40 which previously had no issues and now it says connection...
  20. Akeel Shah

    Phillips aux port on tv distorts?

    so my tv issue is as follows i plug my seperates sound system into my tv via a rca to aux lead .. on my pc when i do this its fine works great just not a fan of windows bass management ... however when plugged into ny tv the tweeters begin distorting. I have also plugged my system into my phone...
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