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  1. M

    Phillips Jan 2023 Android 11 firmware update

    I am currently using put8215 model. Like to know if anyone installed the update firmware . Are there any problems ? What are the enhancements to picture or sound quality other than the Os Update?
  2. L

    Adjusting 5.1 sound from Phillips LED TV to Yamaha amplifier

    Greetings. I own led TV Phillips 65PUS7304/12: Buy the Philips 7300 series 4K UHD LED Android TV 65PUS7304/12 4K UHD LED Android TV It is connected through HDMI ARC with Yamaha amplifier RX-V377: Yamaha RX-V377 I have a 5.1 speaker system. However, when I set the audio output on Netflix to...
  3. B

    Phillips 50PUS7906/12

    Hello, Have the above tv, I am quite pleased with it, but have noticed, from new, around 9 months old, the black and darl colours seem to be grainy, also the picture sometimes is great, the will just flicker and the blacks will have shadows, his black jumper not all black in photo any help...
  4. M

    Phillips 65" 9636 vesa spacing

    My new 9636 65" will hopefully be with me before Christmas. I'd like to get my vesa mount up ready for it if possible, but cannot find any details of where-abouts on the tv the vesa holes are. I know they're 400 x 200, but could anybody please tell me how far the holes are from either the top...
  5. A

    Phillips dvd963 SA

    I have an older Phillips player which works fine, but I wonder if with new technology if a new dvd/sacd/cd player would be better. If so, any recommendations. also, I remember years ago someone saying that by replacing a capacitor that it would be better. Is this correct. I also have an older...
  6. N

    Need help! Phillips TV wont let me turn wifi on through the TV

    Hello, My phillips tv won't turn wifi on through the menus. It just loads and stays on off. Any advice?
  7. reubo

    Phillips 50PUS6703/12 - how to connect to sound bar and sky q

    Hi, I’ve got a Phillips 50PUS6703/12 which is connected to my main Sky Q box. I’ve just bought a Samsung Q600a sound bar. All I want to connect the sound bar to is sky. I’ve tried keeping sky connected direct to the tv, and the tv connected to the sound at via hdmi arc. This causes the tv to...
  8. iamsimas

    Phillips tv network connection problem

    Hello, i have wifi connection problem with phillips 43pus7505/12 smart tv, when i connect it to wifi and start watching something it just dissconnects and then again and again...i have tried everything what i find on internet: reset, update software, reset factory settings, hard reset, reset...
  9. V

    Lighting Phillips TV comes through

    Hello! I currently have a problem with my TV. The stripe on the right side is no news, but the weird lighting when the screen is white is new. As you can see on the picture it looks like the leds shine through the screen. I made the picture with HDR on so it looks a bit overdone. Is there...
  10. B

    Phillips pus8807/12

    Just purchased the above tv and was wondering if anyone has the best picture settings for it as I can’t find anything on the internet, much appreciated, Steven
  11. K

    Settings for Phillips 65pus8506

    Hi everyone, Could someone share a calibrated or optimal settings for the 65 inch ips TV Philips 65pus8506? Thanks ^^
  12. andrewtjb

    Phillips BDP3000

    I know this is a long shot since this player is really old but does anyone still have the firmware for this player that was posted a long time ago by a user called marlboro_man? I picked this player up from a recycling place to use as a spare and I was hoping to flash the firmware to play other...
  13. Jimsie33

    Phillips 6703 Xbox series X marantz NR1711 and Dolby Atmos + HDR

    Right, just a quick question, just bought a new av amp with Dolby Atmos. The problem is the earc (hdmi1) port doesn't support HDR, how are people getting round this? If I connect the series X to the amp I get Dolby Atmos, if I go into one of the HDR HDMI there's no Dolby Atmos but get HDR.
  14. E

    Phillips 65PUS7956/12 issue

    Hi all I bought this TV in November and have nothing but issues with it since. I normally only buy LG or Samsung but decided to buy this TV due to the ambilight. Since having the TV it has frozen numerous times, lost audio or picture at times and continually keeps super zooming in on YouTube...
  15. C

    Phillips pus8536 picture settings

    Hi all can anyone recommend a good picture setting for this tv please.
  16. darktrain71

    Sluggish channel change with phillips 48OLED806/12

    Hi there I have the philips 48OLED806/12 tv and pretty happy with most of it apart from the time it takes to switch on and for the picture to appear.Also when changing channels it can take up to 10 seconds to change channels..This is 2022 and it's a brand new tv,surely it should not take this...
  17. B

    Iphone XR Mirror to Phillips TV?

    Is there a way of casting photos on my iPhone onto my Philips 50pus6703 screen ? Ideally wireless?
  18. B

    Humax fvp 500t remote and Phillips ambilight tv

    Hello, just bought a new Phillips ambilight tv have setup with fvp 5000t , no problems, previously used with Toshiba tv, which had dead screen couldn’t be repaired I paired remote with tv, no problems, but I have found, no matter what I do, I cannot switch tv on with Humax remote, I switch on...
  19. T

    Possible new Phillips

    Hi newbie looking for advice, currently using an oled lg 55EG910V Would like an ambilght bit confused on with model to go for , could some one recommend me a model 55 inch? Many thanks
  20. D

    Phillips Ambilight LED PWM?

    Hey Everyone, I have been using a Samsung Q90R for the last couple months connected to my PC. I have been experiencing very bad headaches only when watching this TV. It seems I am very susceptible to PWM frequencies. Does anyone know if any of the Phillips Ambilight LED TV's use PWM? Thanks
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