1. G

    LG SK8 + Phillips 55” OLED 754

    Hi guys, really sorry if this is the wrong place to post this. Might sound like a noob question, but I can’t for the life of me get My new tv to work with my new sound bar - via HDMI. So the sound bar is Dolby Atmos one. One end of the cable is plugged in To the tv - in HDMI1 (Arc), the other...
  2. Gondawanna Man

    Phillips 7000 LED series ambilit DAC

    Hi All. Hope you virus free out there. New here but don’t see an intro thread 😯 I have a first gen model of this tv 55” made in Holland with only two ambilite side strips. Best picture I’ve ever had, beats my previous Sony plasma hands down. Anyway I’m playing a lot of music through it using...
  3. M

    Phillips 8555 or LG un7300?

    Unfortunately I'm having to return a faulty 50" Phillips ambilight 7354. Options for a replacement are an LG 50UN73006LA (£499) or a Phillips 50pus8555 (£549). The overall picture on the Phillips 7354 was ok but I wasn't massively impressed. Would the LG be an improvement? Appreciate that...
  4. dirthurts

    Headphones like the Philips SHP9500 but less harsh?

    Anyone have any recommendations for me? Just trying the Phillips, above, and really love them except for the bright highs. I have very sensitive ears and they literally cause me pain. Anyone have any recommendations?
  5. D

    More phillips 8204 problems?

    So my kodi refuses to play content in the correct aspect ratio, I have tried changing/googling every setting I can think of and the problem still persists? When viewing 16.9 films the black bars are much bigger then what they should be, also when playing xbox picture seems stretched and blurry...
  6. D

    phillips 8204

    I am struggling to find any info about this tv, and no reviews has left me a bit concerned, My 6703 was damaged due to moisture damage and phillips refused to repair it so currys decided to honour my warranty and exchanged it for the 8204, is it an IPS panel or VA? my old one was va and am...
  7. A

    phillips 50pus6504

    televisin keeps turning off when i go into the home or source button
  8. F

    Phillips 43pus7303/12 Hdr game calibration

    Hello, Could anyone help a brother out😁. I have the 43pus7303/12 and only use it for gaming. I play games in sdr format and hdr, but I am struggling with finding a decent calibration when the TV switches to hdr. It seems to have an overload of white contrast in the picture and also seems to...
  9. C

    Richer Sounds Warranty - Philips 65OLED804 Vertical Line

    Hi all, I bought a Philips 65OLED804 TV back in November time from Richer Sounds, who I've always heard are a great retailer with excellent customer service. About 5 weeks or so ago I noticed a thin line of what looks like dead or stuck pixels on the left hand side of the TV. They seem to show...
  10. R

    Question Phillips 7555 and 7805

    Hi, my dad is looking at these to models in 55 / 58 inch which one is the better set please or is there anything else in the price range recommended? mainly be used for Netflix, movies, football. General tv viewing. Thanks
  11. M

    Soooo confused! Phillips Ambilight

    Hi Guys, Looking for some help, I'm really into my tech and know my stuff but I'm really stuck with what to do this time around, it's been 8 years since I last purchased a TV due to kids arriving. I really Like the Phillips Ambilight TV's but there seems to be no middle ground its either...
  12. K

    Phillips hue strip lighting

    Ive just installed the hue strip lighting in my daughters bedroom. can anybody recommend a good app that will make them change colour like disco lights? thanks, Kev
  13. kingwhitus

    I just bought a Phillips 55PUS6754 - do you think this white ghosting when dark screen is a fault ?

    If it's normal for this type of set....then that's fine I guess! Cheers
  14. 80knots

    Hisense H65B7500UK or Phillips Ambilight 65PUS8204

    Hi all, I'm trying to talk myself in a Phillips Ambilight 65PUS8204 at £649 from Currys. It's to go in a large lounge that just the wife an I sit in to watch Netflix/Amzon/catchup tv, YouTube etc. We don't "game" or anything and I'm quite set on 65" or larger with a budget of say £800 ish...
  15. W

    Question Need help with Philips tv models - please!

    Hi, just looking for a new TV, don‘t want anything crazy expensive so eventually decided upon the Phillips Ambilight 43PUS6754, but it seems this model is out of stock everywhere. so i looked around and found the philips 43PUS6704. Just wondering what the differences are between these two models...
  16. H

    Question Phillips Hue Bulbs

    Can someone please explain to me what i will require to have some of the Lights in my house to be smart enabled? I see that Phillips do bulbs and starter packs etc. Essentially my main aim to have some of the rooms to alexa enabled (We have alex in each bedroom) so that i can have the lights...
  17. S

    Phillips or Sony?

    Hi . Just recently brought a Samsung RU7020 50. Unfortunately its going back as it doesnt want to shake hands with my Sony STR-DN1050 receiver. I'm not sure if it's an issue with this one tv or all new 4k tvs or just new Samsung's. I've ruled out my amp as I've set up my old Samsung tv again...
  18. lottiefox

    Phillips PUS7334 Aerial

    Hi I received my new philips tv on Sunday and I'm having trouble using the freeview, itv hub, BBC iplayer, etc.. I got an indoor aerial DVB T/T2 compatible, I've tried everything I can to get it to connect or pair or whatever it does, the only way I can watch anything is by Netflix, I must be...
  19. C

    Question Phillips 55pus7394 calibration

    Feel completely lost, got my first 4k from upgrading from my 32" Samsung. I've tried to get decent settings on it but still not happy with it ( didn't even know hdr had different image settings!) anybody have any idea what are even remotely decent picture settings? Cheers
  20. H

    Phillips Airfryer

    I've let my Airfryer get into a horrendous state after no regular maintenance. The first pic of the heating element and defend is the basket. After looking up dozens of video on how to clean it and with no luck I contacted Phillips to ask for their advise. They they advised in its current...
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