1. D

    65PUS8506/12 Posterization issues

    Hi all I switched my 50PUS8555 for 65PUS8506, and what I thought was an upgrade has ended up being a huge disappointment. There are clear posterization image issues when playing any content. I use an Apple TV 4K and apps like Disney+, AppleTV+, Plex, Netflix, and it´s very evident in all of...
  2. A

    Philips 2022 OLED owners thread (707, 807)

    Philips has unveiled the successor to last year's award-winning OLED806. The new OLED807 combines a four-sided Ambilight system with a 120Hz refresh rate and a brighter OLED EX panel, the same panel used in LG's C2 and G2 OLED TVs, announced earlier this month. The new OLED TV line also gets...
  3. X

    PS5 Dolby Audio lag on 65OLED806 and HW-Q90R soundbar. How to fix?

    I'm on the edge of going insane.. like literally :'( Please for the love of God help me. /pray I have the 65OLED806 TV and and HW-Q90R soundbar. I have connected the TV's eARC port into the Q90R eARC port. PS5 is connected to HDMI port 1 on TV. On TV settings I can choose between these: All...
  4. herosrule

    Philips 2022 models 8507,8807 and 807 info

    News of the philips 2022 tvs is starting to appear in europian news outlets With two of their "the one" TV's offeing 60 and 120hz options (the 85x07 and 88x7) Oh and the 807 had a nice stand too! You'll need translate on for this...
  5. BritanniaJaf

    Wanted Philips Hue GU10 White Ambiance Bulbs

    Looking for 4 of these bad boys, anybody selling PPG finds waiting
  6. mcspongy

    For Sale Philips 32PFL7404H 1080p LCD (free for collection)

    Bought from new a fair few years back as spare room TV. Very little use, works perfectly, 4 HDMI 1080p inputs plus some legacy connections (see pics). In last six months was being used (with a Firestick) for kids for streaming and still produces a very good pic (was WHF award winner). Remote...
  7. O

    Screen warning sticker

    Hi Folks. Took delivery of a Philips 50PUS9006/12 tv and to date I am well pleased. There is a warning sticker on the top right of the screen which I take it means not to try and peel off the screen itself, however the sticker is well in place and proving difficult to remove. Can anyone...
  8. MrStavros88

    55OLED9003/12 failing to boot / very sluggish

    Hi all, our 55oled903 has started to play up today. Philips logo appears when switched on but wont boot up just a black screen. The android loading screen then stop / starts. Then Philips logo appears again as if it is stuck on a loop. I have downloaded the latest firmware to a usb but still...
  9. J

    OLED856 Subtitle Bug on TV Recordings when Seeking

    Does anyone else have the subtitles activated after fast forwarding through a DTV recording? I have to go into the subtitle setting and set it back to 'None' again. Strangely, it only happens ONCE per playback, and not when fast forward is used again in the same recording. I have the latest .226...
  10. M

    50PUS8555 Update knocks out Freeview Play

    After applying the update shown below on Friday 22/01 the Freeview Play button stopped working. The Rakuten and Netflix buttons functioned normally. The workaround was to access Freeview Play through channel 100. This channel has often been unreliable but it was useable until the next day when a...
  11. H

    Are there any Philips OLED Ambilight (4 sided) 75inch + tvs available?

    Hello, I have been looking at an Ambilight TV, either the 806 or the 936 but I want a 75inch or bigger tv and both these fit the category, however, I checked the Philips website in 2021 and the 806 had a 77inch version and the 936 had a 75inch version. I cannot find the 806 77 on sale anywhere...
  12. T

    Philips PUS8536 CI+ issue

    Hi, I am new to this forum as I am searching for a solution for the following issue I have with my newly bought Philips PUS8536. I use a CI+ module to decrypt HD TV channels (private german television channels like RTL, SAT1 and so on). This works perfectly when I switch the TV on and it is...
  13. K

    LG CX and Philips TAB8805/10 Soundbar - E-Arc issues

    Hey, So when I have E-Arc enabled with the E-Arc Soundbar plugged into the E-Arc HDMI socket on the LG CX, with an 8K cable (just to be sure it wasnt that), the TV flashes on and off constantly as it tries to connect - with the tv on screen message flashing between...
  14. JoeyJoeJo

    Philips Qwerty Remote Reset?

    I have this remote: It's not used a lot, control is usually via harmony but the other day I noticed the ambilight button was illuminated which I thought odd. I popped out the batteries, put them back in and then nothing worked. New batteries, same thing. Left batteries out for a day, same...
  15. D

    Android 65 OLED 706

    About 2 months ago i bought 65 OLED 706 Every thing worked fine and im very pleased with it , But now i have somehow lost the home screen with Youtube ,Disney apps ect on ,and just a balck screen when i press the home button . Netflix ,Amazon Prime and freeview still all work fine . Internet is...
  16. C

    Philips OLED 706 or LG B1?

    Hello! I'm struggling to choose between these, what do you guys think? The B1 is 1000 SEK more expensive. I'm gonna use the TV for movies and gaming.
  17. P

    For Sale 4 x Philips Hue gen1 E27 White & Colour Bulbs

    I've swapped 4 of my bulbs out, so as the title says, I have 4 x Philips Hue gen1 E27 White & Colour bulbs spare. £10 each, so £40 for the set (will include shipping). Being gen1 they are 600 lumens versus the 800 lumens on the newer releases, and these are solid/metal/glass - as opposed to...
  18. kangz

    Faulty leds on Ambilight? 65OLED806/12

    Hello, Have been anybody here facing issue with three/four leds seems to being faulty on Ambilight on new TV?
  19. L

    Control Button Mapping Oled865 android9

    hello I have a Philips oole854, with android tv 9 I have tried to use the app to map new buttons "RAKUTEN=HBO" I have tried with several apps. "Button Mapper" and or after. In all the apps it tells me that I have to give it accessibility permission but it only takes me to the philips options and...
  20. C

    How can I restore the factory setting on the Philips TV with the model number 32PFL7762D/05?

    I'd like to restore all of the settings to their factory defaults. I've tried this I have a philips tv model no.32PFL7762D/05 Serial - Fixya however the suggestions didn't work. Does anyone have any information on how to factory reset this specific model?
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