1. Geoham

    Garbled Dolby Vision on PUS9005

    Since the weekend, I’ve been experiencing a very weird issue when viewing any Dolby Vision content. As soon as the TV receives any Vision signal, the picture become garbled - 100% unwatchable. Basically all light grey white with some cage coloured outlines of shapes. This happens with Vision...
  2. BigBadMcG

    Question Streaming Apps Freezing

    Hi. Recently bought a Philips 58PUS7805/12 TV. Since set up I've been having real trouble with my streaming Apps. Netflix constantly freezes and I have to switch the TV off. iPlayer is the same. It's so bad that the remote control doesn't work when it freezes so I need to reboot from the socket...
  3. Phil Hinton

    Podcast: Philips TV Launch Event, Soundbar vs AVR, Samsung EzCAL and more... (27/01/21)

    This week we discuss the latest TV announcements from the Philips European launch event, look at whether a soundbar or AVR with speakers is the best option for home cinema and examine Samsung's EzCAL calibration software for their 2021 TV line-up. Plus, we have the latest Album of the week, TV...
  4. C

    Video popups

    Phillips 6000 series This is my first time Model 596252/05 I had a update of software 3 weeks ago and since then I’ve been getting a very small screen video pop up bottom right of the screen . It happens on cold starts the screen goes blank and the video starts playing for about a minute a week...
  5. N

    Philips 2021 Line Up

  6. C

    My Philips 50PUS7505/12 review.

    There are so many TV’s to choose from these days. From 22” (that was a large screen TV in the 80’s and early 90’s, right up to 85”, and even bigger if you live in the far east and have a budget that can stretch. There’s never been so many brands as well, but some are not as they seem. Many once...
  7. jbmouse101

    How to play .PV files on PC

    I have a Philips TV that records Freeview to a USB stick, but how can I play the files on my PC? The stick is formatted by the TV as NOVATEK_PVR(Ext4) and I have managed to copy the files to my PC, they comprise .pv, .tab and .cfg files, but none of my video players recognise the .pv format. Can...
  8. S

    804/12 - Clearing residual image loop - No OLED Firmware

    Currently we have the problem that the 804/12 (Operating hours: 16h) runs in a loop for clearing residual image. Maybe the problem is that in the csm showsi"NO VERSION" for the OLED JB Version and OLED FW Version. Does anybody have the same problem with such a loop. Everytime he tries to clean...
  9. S

    55OLED805 LAN Speed issue

    Hello all, Just bought a 55OLED805/12 a few days ago. I have a FIBER 200 Internet subscription with my provider. So my modem/router DOCSIS 3.1 WIRELESS (DOCSIS) receives 200 Mbps from my Internet provider. Connecting a laptop to one of the LAN 4 ports on the Modem/router with a CAT6a...
  10. eddiewww

    For Sale Philips LCD TV 47PFL9664H/12 47" Ambilight

    Hi, I'm emigrating and am selling up all my AV stuff, starting at the low end with the TV from my home office. It was a great TV in it's day, clearly not a patch on my OLED, but great for a "kitchen TV" or for the kids. Von Haus wall bracket and remote included. Collection only please as i...
  11. C

    Question Why have Philips Discontinued the 5700 series and not replaced it?

    My 50PUS7505 went faulty after 6 weeks use. The Freeview Play app and it's linked players: iPlayer, Itv Hub, all 4, my 5, UKTV Player, CBS player etc, all load up but show a black screen when playing even though playing. Netflix, Prime and other non Freeview related apps work fine. Picture is...
  12. burtonpark

    For Sale Philips Hue Hub latest version 2.1 and UK PSU

    in good condition, hue hub and PSU , two available, asking £25 each also have two hubs, the same as photo but, without the psu, asking £18 each
  13. twotone

    Philips 55oled865 sound bar won't turn on

    Hi, I seem to have an odd issue where my soundbar connected via arc won't turn on automatically. If I turn it on manually it works great though. Also if I switch the TV source to the sound bar it turns it on. My last Philips TV turned the soundbar on no problem. Any idea what I'm doing wrong?
  14. IVESY78

    Hard drive for apps and recordings

    Has anyone managed to put both apps and recordings from Freeview onto a hardrive/usb at the same time. I have a 58pus8535 and have been advised it can't be done but just seeing if anyone has managed it
  15. M

    PUS 6754/6704 55"-75" EXPERIENCES

    Hi! Since there has been so little talk about PUS6754 last 6 months so i would like to make this thread so we can share our experiences with this fine TV model. My experiences: My model is 55". When i bought this TV about a year ago i was struggling to get the right settings for watching...
  16. P

    Question Philips DTS play if speakers

    Has anyone tried the Philips DTS TAW6205/10 speakers with their TV .I have the oled+ 935 and thought having the speakers with ambilight would be good as long as the sound synced ok.
  17. Kamala

    Question Multiple Presets? (9000 series)

    Hi, I just bought a 58" 9000 series and love it. Theres an option to save "personal" settings for the image but you appear to only be able to save one. I like different settings for different situations, does any one know if its possible to save more and skip between them easily? I can't find...
  18. YankTank

    For Sale BNIB Philips Hue Tap

    An altered project meant this never got used. Brand new in box never opened. £40 delivered, courier
  19. N

    Question "Did you know"-tips on EPG (android)

    Is is possible to turn off these "Did you know" extra rows in EPG? In addition to taking screen space they also reset horizontal focus position every time you scroll past one. It's quite annoying (not to mention their the information value is questionable).
  20. Apeniche

    Philips "The One"58PUS8535 service menu

    How do I access the service menu on this TV? Looked everywhere online, but the codes I've found are apparently not working. Also, some suggested codes that involves buttons that apparently I don't have.
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