1. Kiki93

    Screen Flickering

    Hi, My ambient philips 55'' TV is only a year and half old. To be realistic it's not been used alot, but today the screen started flickering. If my sister or someone accidently whacked the screen it would be constantly flicking or have a black area. When switching on the TV it does it for a a...
  2. Z

    the latest firmware update

    How can i check what is the latest firmware update for the Philips 42PFL8654H/12 lcd tv?
  3. stratman82

    Question Issue with Bravia TV & Philips soundbar

    I just bought a Philips TAPB603/10 soundbar to connect to my Bravia TV (KD-55XD7005) via ARC. All is well when watching a Tivo box connected directly to the soundbar (HDMI) - sound comes out the soundbar and video shows on the TV (TV set to HDMI ARC channel). My problem is when trying to send...
  4. J

    Philips 50PUS7334 - Ambilight on a Teal Wall

    Hi, I just got my TV and set it up. But Ambilight doesn't seem to play well with the colour of my wall. The wall is teal, and none of the pre-sets are close enough. There's a blue and a green, but no blue-green. The colours on my wall end up completely different to the screen, no matter which...
  5. L

    Question 32PFS6402/12, Google Assistant on TV is answering in strange words

    Model: 32PFS6402/12 Software version: QM164E. When I ask the Google Assistant something, the answer it returns is in a very strange language, like a code or script. It says like 'bluetooth content input underscore text....' etc. when I ask what the weather is like. See also the video...
  6. S

    Question 43PUS6754/12 - Dolby Atmos Audio Glitch

    Hi Not sure if anyone else is having the same audio glitch with their Xbox One X or any other hardware that supports Dolby Atmos. Serious Dolby Atmos audio glitch with the latest update; TPM196E_003.051.041 where the audio randomly stops working. Only way around is to power off/on the tv at...
  7. Z

    ambilight with no wall

    Is it worth buying a Philips with Ambilight if there is no wall behind it?
  8. Z

    how can i upgrade the resolution support of my tv?

    I have an old Philips 42PFL8654H/12 lcd tv. Is there a firmware update that will upgrade the resolutions that this monitor supports?
  9. T

    Question Philips CD-i 210 Input Issues

    Looking for some technical help with a CD-i 210. So a few months ago I found a Philips CD-i 210 for cheap in a local pawn shop, with digital video cartridge! And without controller! Naturally I bought it. After a searching on eBay for a while for a decent priced controller, I bought a a CD-i...
  10. G

    Philips Hue Go and Bridge

    I currently have just 1 Hue Go (latest Bluetooth version). Thinking of buying another Hue Go and bridge. If I did this and to save me spending another £200+ on the sync box (which seems to have a few issues) are there any apps that could give me a light show to mimic the colours of what I’m...
  11. M

    Sony V Philips power usage

    Does anyone know where I could find how much power consumption my 30' sony bravia tv from 2010 uses ? Im trying to compare it to a Philips 50' 6100 series I just bought. Which one uses the most power ?
  12. W

    Question Need help with Philips tv models - please!

    Hi, just looking for a new TV, don‘t want anything crazy expensive so eventually decided upon the Phillips Ambilight 43PUS6754, but it seems this model is out of stock everywhere. so i looked around and found the philips 43PUS6704. Just wondering what the differences are between these two models...
  13. M


    I recently bought this TV to replace a Panasonic ST30 plasma and whilst being pleasantly surprised with the SD and HD picture, the HDR image is terrible with completely washed out images. I bought it knowing that blacks wouldn’t be on a par with the TV it was replacing but they are acceptable...
  14. acgingersnaps

    Akg 555 mk3 vs philips fidelio x2 hdr

    Hello. Some assistance please. Amazon currently have a super deal on the philips. I already own the akg. Will i get a significant upgrade in sound or will it be marginal? Mainly listen to qobuz and vinyl. Thanks J
  15. lottiefox

    Phillips PUS7334 Aerial

    Hi I received my new philips tv on Sunday and I'm having trouble using the freeview, itv hub, BBC iplayer, etc.. I got an indoor aerial DVB T/T2 compatible, I've tried everything I can to get it to connect or pair or whatever it does, the only way I can watch anything is by Netflix, I must be...
  16. Ryan22

    Upgrade to 65OLED804 from 55PUS8601

    Hi everyone, Have been thinking about an upgrade to my current Philips 55PUS8601, primarily to gain OLED blacks etc / proper HDR / a few more inches. My current TV has "HDR", but such a basic initial version, it's probably making things worse rather than better. I think Philips actually took...
  17. Mike RB

    Question Audio lag 70PUS6724

    Hi, Just taken delivery last week of the above TV. Picture wise, I'm very impressed especially given what this TV costs. I am however trying to resolve an issue where the audio from the soundbar lags behind the video ie the video comes before the audio. I initially connected my Samsung...
  18. I

    Questions re: PHILIPS 24PHT4304 TV

    Hi, Everyone (from a newbie). I am on the verge of purchasing a PHILIPS 24PHT4304 TV (which is non-SMART). I have one currently sitting in a basket somewhere in cyberspace, but I have a few ‘red line’s which can’t be crossed, mostly concerning the EPG. I will list them below:- a) If the...
  19. Flickz0r

    Question Picture calibration for Philips 7354 'The One'

    Hi all, I'm new here and I don't know an awful lot about calibrating TV picture settings but I recently got the 50" Philips 7354 and although j absolutely love it, the preset settings just don't look that natural and amazing. I was wondering if any of you had settings for a proper ISF...
  20. D

    Philips 55pus7354/12 calibration

    Hello im new here. I need calibration settings for 55pus7354/12. I found some settings on web for 73xx but i dont know if they are for this latest "the one" version and also there is difference in settings for va or ips i think. So if someone have this model calibrated i would be very thenkful...
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