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  1. J

    Philips hdmi sync box connection issues

    Hello, i was hoping someone with a Philips hue setup could help me. I have a Philips hue play hdmi sync box and a gradient strip hooked up to my LG CX tv. The lights sync fine with my Xbox connected to it if I play sound through the tv speakers but if I switch the sound output to HDMI ARC to...
  2. T

    Philips Hue Lightstrip V3 Strips not working together

    I have a Philips Lightstrip plus V3 that needs extending. I know the V4 is not compatible. Using the Litcessory cut-end adapters (what a pain) I managed to short out the controller. Bought another V3 set and got better working with the Litcessory stuff and managed to get a starter to angle...
  3. nick farrow 100

    Question Philips Hue sync availability

    Hi everyone does anyone know where I can get. hue sync box new or used ? please
  4. R

    Philips hue without the sync box?

    Hi guys Just bought a new set up Philips 55oled805, Sony ps5 and hue light bars, extension light bar and Bridge v2 My question is if the lights connect to the tv via the bridge then why do I need a sync box? Surely the ps5 will work with the hue lights if they are just connected using the...
  5. AVtest

    7 Reasons Philips Hue

    Just come across this video: Paul Hibbert raises some valid points towards philips hue in very entertaining way. What you guys think ?
  6. B

    Philips Hue Automation Help Required

    Hi I have 2 Philips Hue outdoor Impress lights and an outdoor motion sensor. As it stands the sensor is configured in Apple Home and Not Hue (as its one or the other as far as I can see). I have a sunrise / sunset automation configured as follows: If Sensor sees movement: Switch on Lamps...
  7. M

    Question Echo or Echo Plus (2nd generations) or nothing at all

    Hi everyone. I've previously looked at these 'smart speakers' as a bit of a gimmick and always thought it was a bit pointless. Then my brother got one which sparked my interest a little to look into it and see if I really do want one. The things I'll want to control is the following: Philips...
  8. Planter

    Question Philips Hue E27 - Downlighter Fitment Options?

    So I have 9 Hue colour bulbs ready to fit in my lounge. They are the E27 fitment type, so not standard GU10, which seems to host about 99.9% of standard downlight fitments. So, my question is which downlighter fitment works for the E27 fitment as all the ones I see at the moment show E27...
  9. Member 328449

    Philips Hue Pulse

    I'm looking for an app or setting which will let Phillips Hue bulbs pulse. So they will start bright, fade to almost off, then fade back to full brightness again. I want them to keep doing this until I turn them off. Any suggestions please?
  10. P

    Philips Hue Retrofitting Questions

    I recently moved into a new home and wanted to swap out the existing recessed lighting with Philips Hue Color bulbs. I had someone come today to install them and he said they wont work with the existing cans in the ceiling. Here's what's currently built in: 6 I found an electrician to come...
  11. L

    Philips Hue PC Setup

    Hi all, I hope I'm in the right forum, if not, apologies. I'm about to build a new HTPC and have spotted a great sounding feature on the Asus X470 called Aura Sync X Philips Hue, details here- Asus ROG STRIX X470-I GAMING AMD AM4 X470 Mini-ITX Motherboard - Novatech I have seen a few people...
  12. aVdub

    Bargain Philips Hue Hub £36.33 - Amazon As above
  13. ASabz

    Question Smart Home Help Needed

    Hi, I have my house set up with about 10 hue lights and 10 smart switches all over the place. I use Google home and Amazon Echo to run all of those lights and switches. However, I am having a bit of an issue with this whole set up that I can not figure out why. I guess this is a shot in...
  14. K

    Philips hue go lights, 2 types available?

    Hi all, New to the smart home scene and was looking at Philips hue light on eBay and came across 2 types of go lights? Only reason I think there are 2 types is that the packaging shown on pictures are different. One has full 16 million colours marked and the other is only half on the colour...
  15. MrBrightside87

    Question Is it possible to repair a Philips Hue Iris?

    So I've had a couple of Philips Hue Iris lamps setup for a few years and all been working smoothly, until last weekend when one of them decided to go off and seems unresponsive since. I've contact their support but seems I'm 1 month out of their warranty period and refuse to cover me. Tried the...
  16. pinnocchio

    Bargain Philips Hue E14 Bulbs (and others) reduced AND 3 for 2 promo

    Looks to me like Amazon might have made an error here....... The E14 bulbs are normally £84 for a pair (although they're often discounted) However Amazon right now have them for £67.95 per pair, itself a fair deal, however they've also got them on a buy two get one free promo. So you pay...
  17. rousetafarian

    Bargain Argos Philips Hue White Ambiance GU10 Spot Lights - Double Pack £44.00

    Playing with some numbers here adding quantity 3 @ £44.00 to the basket means 6 bulbs for £88.00 so £29.33 each. Other combinations maybe available as it seems to be along the line of buy 2 get 1 free. Delivery may apply obv.
  18. T

    New Philips Hue Entertainment api apps for Ambilght effects

    Following on since the announcement for the Philips Hue Entertainment api being released to third party developers. Now that we should have all received the entertainment update to our v2 hubs, I thought I might start a thread where we could combine a list of apps/companies that are on-board...
  19. fubar925

    Philips hue going outside!

    Looks like good news!! Extend your smart lighting system this summer with the new Philips Hue outdoor range
  20. Zigourney

    Question Can some please help me with the dimensions of the Philips hue Lightstrip Power adapter?

    Can someone provide me with the dimensions (WxLxD) of the UK power plug adapter that comes with the Philips hue lightstrip please? I am having a socket installed behind a wall mounted TV and need to know if the power brick will fit ok, its quite tight behind the TV. thanks!
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