phantom 4

  1. D

    Max additional payload of phantom 4 pro

    Hello wondering how many lumecubes I can add to this and still use the draw mode? Thanks. I can only seem to see people lifting stuff and not using them.
  2. M

    Question DJI Mavic Mini vs Phantom 4

    I'm in a dilemma right now. Can you please help me? I'm about to go off to a holiday and I need a drone by next week. I live in the UK. Would you recommend buying: 1. second hand DJI phantom 4 (the basic version) from my cousin for 400 pounds? 2. A second hand phantom 4 Pro from my cousin for...
  3. celtic13

    Phantom 4 Pro - get the plus or buy a tablet?

    I'm about to pull the trigger on a P4Pro primarily because of the large sensor camera for photography / video, but I'm in a dilemma over whether to get the plus which has the built in screen or buy an iPad mini. Has anyone any experience? What I have read is that there are some issues over...
  4. andyrs2000

    Question Phantom 4 drone repair

    Hi Guys I let my mate have ago and left it in sport mode, my fault. Anyway basically the drone crashed into a tree , theirs a piece of casing around an inch square missing , i tested it and it seemed to work fine for 15 minutes then it started behaving at bit strange. Apart from DJI who in the...
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