1. D

    Nvidia Shield TV - on budget 4K Tv... Better value/performance for £500 than £500 TV?

    Hi I wish to replace my ageing Samsung UE375800 5 series TV from 2010 era. Great service, Great picture - but recently got a VA pc monitor and far prefer VA blacks etc to my IPS Tv... TL/DR - I want a new TV with VA panel So I am looking at spending £500 on a new TV - Ideally 43" but possibly...
  2. bossc@

    Question How does a regular Xbox One perform on an LG C9?

    Have you had a look or search for xbox in the C9 owners thread in the LG section?
  3. C

    Question Mesh System - Is a good signal required for a good performance or do I buy a better fixed router?

    I presently have a Plusnet One router downstairs in a 2 storey house. It gives good speed and a reliable connection throughout the downstairs but is much worse upstairs. Using a wifi speed checker it gives 38mbbs everywhere downstairs and only 14mpbs everywhere upstairs. Moving the Plusnet One...
  4. I

    Question Panasonic EX700 - Ethernet performance

    Hi all, I have a Panasonic EX700 and experiencing terrible network performance. My virgin media connection is "up to 350Mbps" and usually runs pretty close to that. Most devices connected via ethernet get close to that - the panasonic is wired too, but :- 1. only manages around 3-5Mbps when...
  5. Radin

    Question Asus zenfone max pro m2

    Didnt get a satisfying review on the phone yet. Anyone here using it? Please give me an opinion on this phone. Will it be a good one for the price?
  6. Martin555

    Question Best way to connect my Sony and Sky AV equipment to get maximum viewing and sound performance?

    Whats the best way to connect my Sony and Sky AV equipment to get maximum viewing and sound performance (no Analog or Digital Terrestrial TV used only Satellite and Blu-ray) Sky Q Satellite box (Silver 2tb UHD) 1x Optical (Digital Audio) (Dolby Digital over HDMI and Optical). 1x Ethernet RJ45...
  7. T

    New Firmware For Nvidia GPUs Gives Performance Boost

    This has probably been posted elsewhere on these boards but I only visit this sub-forum here so I thought I'd post it here. Nvidia have a new firmware update that primarily is to fix some sort of problem with Display Port performance but also gives HDMI a performance boost. Download here...
  8. MikeKay1976

    Firmware update to improve GPU performance

    I just read this. What do you guys make of it TIP..: Nvidia upgrade firmware of your graphics card for more fluid graphics and fps - ED Forums Placebo effect or do you reckon he could be on to something?
  9. J

    PS4 Sky Q wireless performance issue

    Hi, I wonder if anyone can help please. We recently had Sky come round and install the new Sky Q box. With this, they also changed the modem/hub to a newer version. We had, and still have, multiroom (1 additional box). This too was upgraded to Sky Q. I’ve since had to have numerous calls with...
  10. A

    Question Does The LG OLED W8 Have Same Performance As The Others?

    Does the LG W8 have the same performance compared with the C8? So is picture quality, input lag and brightness the same?
  11. daKlone

    Question Soundbar with good speech intelligibility

    Could anyone recommend a soundbar with good vocal performance please? I've got about £150 to spend and really need something with good speech intelligibility, doesn't have to be super-loud or surround sound or anything fancy.
  12. tpro

    Answered LG 55UJ6200 Active HDR10 netflix performance poor

    New to this forum here. I did post this in an HDR10 discussion however it was a post from a while back so I am posting it as a new post. My question is about the dark and poor color in many TV titles on Netfix especially on Marvell shows. more info below from my previous post: I have an LG...
  13. AlanX

    Question Sony performance and the Android issue

    Many here have bemoaned the performance of the Android OS in Sony TVs. So here's my question ... If I'm using my TV as little more than a monitor - that is, audio processed externally through an AV Receiver, and with only occasional non-critical web activity direct to the TV - will I feel any...
  14. Wayneywoo

    Question What can affect remote/tv IR performance

    Hi All, My second post! First one was in the specific Hisense TV thread. So anyway, I had a few years old plasma Samsung TV. Thought lets upgrade. First of all I chose 55" h55n5700. Lovely set except I just couldn't get the remote to work consistently. Thought it was the set so returned it for...
  15. Dancook

    PC Performance Build - noise/style no issue

    If you were to build a PC for overclocked performance, and you could put it in another room so noise would not be an issue - do you have any ideas? choice of cooling, case choice etc..? I wonder if there are great 'go to' options for this. no real constraints on size, noise and style - apart...
  16. MahaRaja

    Auditioning a TV for its HDR performance

    I've visited many shops when I have a chance to see the latest TVs on their display but all of them have demo footage displaying with HDR looking stunning compared with SDR footage on the demo. Demo footage is just a demo, so where can you go to see actual HDR content & compare it with SDR...
  17. boxer dog

    Sapphire Acoustic Transparent Screen Performance

    I have had this Sapphire screen for a couple of years and am generally very pleased with it but have never really seen many other reviews on it. I wondered if there were any other owners out there and how they rate the screen and reasons for choosing it. To be clear, only the top section (black)...
  18. Atomicus

    Monitor Audio Controlled Performance - good choice?

    I've not had much luck tracking down many solid reviews on these, although what I have seen has been positive. I am considering them for a garage conversion, and as sound insulation is a concern, these speakers seem to be ideally suited, with nothing else that really competes? Would they be a...
  19. V

    Intel chipset in NAS, 30% performance reduction due to Meltdown and Spectre patches?

    Hi Guys, I have doubts whether to buy the Synology DS218+ or DS218. The Intel chipset in the 218+ model is pulling me out. As you are aware, Intel has found a big safety issue in all their chipsets from 1995 onwards. The 218+ uses a Intel Celeron J3355, appears in the list of affected chips...
  20. slepi

    PS4 Pro vs PS3 in audio video performance

    Hi, I know that this topic is not new, but there are new features to PS4 Pro so I wonder now with all this new PS4 Pro features which one is better for hi-fi music and blu-ray 4k and streaming video.
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