1. u4coffee

    For Sale Apple Pencil 2nd Gen (A2051) For iPad Pro NEW

    I'm selling a brand new still sealed in the box Apple Pencil. Basically I have just bought an iPad Pro and Magic Keyboard, and included this in the purchase. However, since connecting a Bluetooth mouse I've realised that I will never need this. Looking for £85 delivered. Payment by BT or...
  2. RedTomato

    Wanted 12.9 iPad Pro (3rd Gen) with Pencil - for arty daughter who's been studying hard

    Hi, my daughter's deaf & she's been studying hard for exams at home. She's got her heart set on an 12.9 iPad Pro for drawing so as we're not going abroad this year, seems a good reward. She's been doing lots of washing up and cleaning around the house to pull her weight for this :) I see from...
  3. whySh1n

    Wanted Cheap Ipad compatible with Apple Pencil

    Hi All, As above. Looking for cheap iPad compatible with Apple Pencil. Probably Apple Pencil 1st Gen due to price but will conside Ipads compatible with Gen 2 for good price. thank you
  4. A

    For Sale iPad Pro 11” and Apple Pencil 2nd Gen

    iPad Pro 11 inch 2019 hardly used not a single mark on it whatsoever!!! Not been out of the case since day one. Selling as I don’t use it at all and sat collecting dust and needs to go to good home where this is going to get used in the correct way. Honestly this has been used around 5 times you...
  5. littlesheepy

    1st gen Apple Pencil issues - help?!

    Wondering if anyone has any ideas before I send my Apple Pencil off to Apple as they want to charge me £30 to look at it under warranty and £55 if needs replacing?! And that's with Apple Care plus apparently :/ I've come to use it with my Ipad Pro 10.5 today and it won't pair. I've updated to...
  6. petrolhead

    Question Non Apple Pencil - Palm Rejection

    Looking to try an Apple Pencil but not prepared to pay Apple prices So is there an alternative that also has palm rejection that anyone can reccomend please
  7. A

    Have you got a pro and a pencil?

    Hi all, Asking a favour here as I’ve had a support call logged with Apple since October and am still nowhere near a resolution as far as I can tell. If you’ve got a pro, a pencil and a 2.4g wireless network please can you see what your wireless speeds are with and without Bluetooth on ( and...
  8. melmorc

    Apple Pencil and charging

    i see that CEX sell Apple pencils with "no adapter". Sorry if this is a dense question, but I'm assuming that an 'adapter' is required to connect the pencil to the Lightning port on the iPad to charge it? If this is the case, is there another way to charge the pencil, with no adapter? Thank...
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