1. R

    Fire TV Plex app no Dolby Digital audio just PCM

    Streaming movies using Plex App on my Fire TV and only PCM audio. How do you get 5.1 Dolby using the Plex app on Fire TV. I see no setting in the Plex App for turning on Dolby. I thought Plex was a major application for streaming movies, live TV. How come only PCM audio?
  2. G

    LG C2 cec power issue and PCM out

    OK so just got the LG C2 48 inch ( its just too good) just right for small bedroom as Im sitting 5foot away from the screen, also a Pioneer VSX 1131. But the amplifier comes on and off with the tv. Ok the eARC is on and sound from the tv is going to the amp from youtube or netflix as it should...
  3. Kenneth tinnesen

    Samsung q950/960a issue with sony kd-65xf9005 - only pcm works?

    So. Here's the deal. Bought the samsung soundbar a few days ago, to go along with my sony tv. I only use these two devies, and the apps i stream from are the build-in apps (netflix, disney, amazon etc) I have connected the bar with a highspeed hdmi cable with ethernet, and i have tried the using...
  4. T

    LG C1 (OLED48C16) Issues with 5.1 LPCM over eARC

    Hello everybody, as my last TV died a few days ago, i got the LG C1 48" on a bargain. I already read about some glitches with LG TVs (Choosing Bitstream instead of PCM, etc.), but discovered an issue maybe some of you can comfirm and have a solution for - i think it's some kind of bug in the...
  5. R

    hdmi ARC sound noise problem when output set to "auto". Fine with "PCM"

    I have a sound bar connected to my LG TV, through a "high speed" hdmi cable between the TV's ARC output and the Samsung Sound Bar's ARC input. I have configured the TV's output as follows: "Audio Out (Optical/HDMI ARC)" with additional settings "Digital Sound Out: PCM" and "LINK (HCMI-CEC): on"...
  6. J

    Bose Soundbar 900 - Is Lossless PCM The Same as Dolby Atmos?

    I've recently got a BOSE Soundbar 900 after replacing a SONOS Arc, However I'm having issues getting the Xbox Series X and the Bar/App to play back ATMOS. I've read elsewhere that when the BOSE App is showing the Bar is playing LPCM 5.1.2 - that this is in fact Lossless Dolby ATMOS, only that...
  7. S

    How does Dolby atmos for home theater handle 5.1 non atmos PCM content

    How does Dolby atmos for home theater handle 5.1 non atmos PCM content I decided to try out Dolby atmos for home theater on my soundbar and I do like it enough in Dolby atmos games enough to keep it on. I was using LPCM 5.1 surround sound in windows. I’m just wondering how games that don’t...
  8. S

    How can I setup a 3 channel soundbar in ps5 without being in stereo PCM

    I have an LG c2 with a 3 channel eARC soundbar. TV is on bitstream and passthrough. On the ps5 if I use soundbar it doesn’t play all the channels such as an actor off screen the sound doesn’t come through if I set 5.1 AVR I get multi channel PCM but same issue. I know it’s not 5.1 anyway This...
  9. T

    Sony STR-DN1080 help (not playing sub or rear speakers stuck in PCM)

    Hi Guys, so we just moved and my settup was playing properly in the old house just trying to figure out what's wrong. I'm running just a standard 5.1 system and when I test out the speakers with the amplifier's menu it plays all of them correctly. However, whenever I actually go to listen to the...
  10. D

    Adding DAC to old Sony AT-TA561

    Hi all, I recently after my father died inherited a 1996 Sony TA-AV561 amplifier with speakers. I know it isn’t much in high end, but it has a huge nostalgic value to me as my father bought it in 1996 during my childhood etc. Now I think in stereo it sounds quite nice, been tinkering around...
  11. ammar

    Denon X2700 showing PCM audio

    I replaced my Yamaha X485 with a Denon X2700 (5.1 speaker system). My Apple TV is connected to it. On my Yamaha receiver, it would correctly display the audio format. For example, DTS HD MA when playing a movie with this audio. However, everything on my Denon is displayed as 'multi in' on the...
  12. lambis24

    No PCM sound via 4k HDMIs

    I just bought a new 4K TV (upgraded from 1080). When I connect my laptop to one of the HDMI 2.0 for 4K video, my receiver does not recognise any PCM signal coming from the PC. DTS and Dolby passthrough signals from VLC get recognized normally. The TV is LG OLED A1 and I have DeepColor turned...
  13. canigetawitness2020

    Will setting Blu-Ray player digital audio output to PCM cause A/V sync issues?

    I'm wanting to play Blu-Ray and DVD discs on my Blu-Ray player. I know that the discs have 5.1 sound built into them. I'm wondering if I set my Blu-Ray player to output PCM sound, if I would have A/V sync issues when playing the discs with 5.1 sound. Or, should I set the Blu-Ray player to Bitstream?
  14. canigetawitness2020

    Do I need to set my TV speakers to PCM or pass-thru?

    Hi, I notice on my Insignia TV, that there is a menu option titled Digital Audio Format. When I click on it, it asks if I want PCM or pass-thru. Does the PCM/pass thru apply to my TV speakers or an external audio system only? Thanks for your help.
  15. R

    Windows 10 PC 5.1 PCM to Marantz NR1711 via HDMI, surround not working

    I've just purchased this AVR. Was previously using a computer 5.1 speaker system which worked OK but sound quality was not so good. I have the HDMI device in Windows configured to 5.1 surround, but doing a sound Test in Windows, the audio being sent to the back speakers are coming out the...
  16. L

    Dolby vs Multichannel PCM, AM I correct?

    Hey, I have been doing some research and I wanted to run things by people who know much more than I do. The basic setup, Apple TV 2021 (encoding), LG CX, and Sonos Beam 2 (decoding). Apple TV set up to Audio Auto, LG CX set up to pass through, and Sonos Beam 2 is the thing that ought to do...
  17. K

    Getting Linear PCM 5.1 on Nintendo Switch with Older Yamaha Receiver

    Hello, I have an older Yamaha HTR-5740 which doesn't have any HDMI ports. For all my other consoles including PS5, it's been fine to just plug them into my TV's HDMI ports and send the audio from the TV to the Yamaha using an optical cable. But because Nintendo only uses Linear PCM 5.1, I can...
  18. D

    LG C9, Bose 700 5.1 and PS5 optimal settings

    Hello, Apologies if this ground has been covered elsewhere, but there are some conflicting views and opinions and I hoped to get some assistance: I am looking for optimal settings for my setup. The setup includes a PS5, Bose Sound Bar 700 ( including Surround Sound 700 speakers and SB 500)...
  19. A

    Sony STR-DH790 Linear PCM issue

    Newbie here, So I have a Sony TV KD55XF9005 that I connected via HDMI ARC to the Sony STR-DH790, I also have a Sony UPB-X800M2 connected to the receiver. I have also connected Left, Right and Front speaker, no subwoofer yet, it is coming later. When I play blurays I get Dolby Surround, also with...
  20. M

    Multi channel PCM vs DTS and Dolby

    Does it matter which an AV processor receives? I have an Apple TV 4k v1, and when using VLC to play back my library from a NAS, instead of bitstreaming the Dolby and DTS audio tracks over HDMI, it converts them to multi channel PCM (24/96). "Multi in" appears on the display instead of DTS or...
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