Personal Computer (PC)
A personal computer (PC) is a general-purpose computer whose size, capabilities, and original sale price make it useful for individuals.

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  1. A

    For Sale VR Kit & Gaming PC

    Alienware Aurora R6 Desktop PC CPU I5 7400 3GHz. Graphics card Nvidia GTX 1070. 24GB RAM. 256GB SSD. 22" Monitor, Keyboard and mouse. Oculus Rift Headset, Left and Right Touch controllers, Xbox game pad, 2 Sensors with stands. I have all the original boxes except for the monitor. All in...

    For Sale GAMING PC 5600X RTX 3060 16GB RAM

    Selling my used gaming pc, the specs are below CASE: NZXT H510 Compact Mid-Tower Case with Tempered Glass CPU: 5600x with aio water cooler MOTHERBOARD: X470 RAM: 2X8GB 3200MHZ RAM GPU: Rtx 3060 STORAGE: 1TB M.2 PSU: 650W PSU Collection only (NW9 area, NW london)
  3. O

    For Sale Dell Optiplex 3060 Micro PC

    Dell Optiplex Micro PC for sale. Excellent condition, works perfectly. Silent, tiny and really responsive PC. Intel i5 8400T six core CPU 256GB PCIe SSD 1 x 8gb 2666 DDR4 RAM Wifi/Bluetooth Fresh install of WIndows 10 Pro genuine Loads of posts Additonal internal slots for RAM and storage...
  4. S

    Wanted SFX PSU + ITX mobo

    Looking to build a mate a PC. Parts I’m after: ITX Motherboard SFX PSU
  5. L

    Any issues running a 15m DisplayPort cable from PC to monitor?

    Hi all I need to use my PC in two locations roughly roughly 10m apart when hugging a wall, 15m with wiggle room. Without providing too many specifics, when my son goes to bed I want to be able to switch outputs on my system and migrate from the area that my computer resides to a small office...
  6. ocelot20

    For Sale Custom Built PC - 8GB RAM, RX 580 8GB 2048sp, SSD+HDD, Ryzen 1400

    Buyer must arrange a courier to collect from me. For sale, Custom gaming pc I built out of spare parts. Some of the components are used and some are new. The PC is fully working please watch the YouTube video I recorded on the 19/11/2023 of this very system playing Fortnite and Apex Legends...
  7. Tempest

    Micro PC's - Any "No-Brainer" bargains / specs out now?

    For some reason I've been looking at these micro pc's recently. Anything from the £100 to the £500 range ()the lower end the better) ;) Many seem to have AMD CPU/GPU's built in with some pretty nice sounding specs for the price. Just wondering, what with Black Friday sales on now, are there...
  8. 1

    Question why is PC going slowly?

    My PC has started to go slowly. it's 32-bit Win7 which has Kaspersky ( just recently run - no virus notified), yet it is slow to Start and shutting down says a Program needs to close - even though I've closed everything and switched off the USB Canon printer. It used to shut-down reasonably...
  9. N

    LG C2 The problem with connecting the remote PC.

    when connecting from the TV menu - remote PC after entering the IP, name and password, I receive this message: the ID of the remote PC cannot be verified. The certificate was not issued by a trusted certificate authority. Certified name: my name appears and a series of numbers and letters...
  10. Yvellic

    For Sale Alan Wake 2 - PC code £18

    £18* Discounted to sell fast to ones who didn't get the promotional code after their purchase of a RTX 4070. Needs to be redeemed with a GeForce RTX 4070 GPU, instructions/prep below.. https://www.nvidia.com/en-gb/geforce/campaigns/alan-wake-2-pc-game-bundle/redemption-instructions/ The code...
  11. P

    Surround for pc

    Good evening. I'm looking at surround sound for my current PC. The one I've just replaced had an optical out which I connected to an old Sony DAV DZ260 theatre system. Along with some fancy drivers the result was quite pleasing in games. Different sound streams from the 5 speakers, but windows...
  12. wolfie138

    iTunes on PC - Create an Apple ID??

    ok, how do you do this? i downloaded iTunes, clicked Create an ID, filled all the crap in and got the email code, put that in and it gave me a "might take a few minutes to create an ID" and a swirly circle. gave a pop-up saying "for help go to..etc" so i just OK'd it and it seemed to stop...
  13. Jimmy Grease

    4k Monitor advice

    hey fellas, seen this on a few sites but cant really seem to find any reviews, anyone have any experience with it or any input?
  14. A

    Question Pioneer SC-LX59 best way to connect to PC.

    Hi all, Today I picked up a Pioneer SC-LX59 and I am just wondering the best way to connect it to my PC, which outputs to an LG OLED B9 (eARC compatible). Nvidia 3070 GPU. I have 2x questions - 1) is 2k passthrough available? In the manual it just states the 4k info (4k @ 60fps) 2) what...
  15. R

    Question Denon Avr x2300w stuck on 8bit HDR with PC

    Hiya, so I've recently bought my first Atmos capable Receiver and need a little help. Unfortunately it's Arc only so I can't pass TrueHD atmos through my TV and my Samsung can't passthrough anykind of DTS. So instead I've tried using my Laptop plugged directly into my Receiver which works but...
  16. thedude

    Wanted ARK: Survival Ascended

    Anyone got a copy they are looking to shift steam gift etc?
  17. U

    Question Add 2x16gb DDR4 3200mhz

    My PC has 4x slots for ram..it has 2x 8gb ddr4 3200mhz already installed..can I add 2x 16gb ddr4 3200mhz to the remaining 2x slots of ram? so will be total 48gb ram. Windows 11 Pro 64bit is installed.
  18. D

    Deal Agreed Alan wake 2 - pc code £25

    £25 Needs to be redeemed with an GeForce RTX 40 xx series gpu Info: https://www.nvidia.com/en-gb/geforce/campaigns/alan-wake-2-pc-game-bundle/redemption-instructions/ Code will be sent after payment
  19. smashed

    For Sale NEW ACER N4680GT MICRO PC I3-10105T 8GB 256GB SSD £140

    Brand new and unused Acer Mini PC. Manufactured April 2023. Opened to verify contents. Intended to upgrade my parents PC but they didn't want to lose the disk drive nor have a usb one plugged into this. Purchased from Cash Converters with 12 months warranty (about 2 months ago). I believe ACER...
  20. Seth Grimes

    Football Manager 2024 (PC) Review & Comments

    A return to form for the classic footballing franchise before it makes a fresh start in FM25? Hang on, it looks like we’re going to the videogame assistant referee… Read the review. Write your own review for Football Manager 2024
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