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  1. GreyMutton

    Question Pc speaker recommendations

    Hi all, So the other half is now using my new gaming PC to play FS2020 (god help me). Anyway the ball and chain doesn't like using my very expensive headset so I'm looking for a semi decent pair of small speakers that can sit behind the screen. They have to be small and not active. I don't...
  2. C

    First gaming pc for 13 year old

    Hi all I could use a little help. I haven't build anything for a few years and haven't really kept up on what components are good etc. I need build suggestions for a first gaming pc for my son (13). We are looking to build this together. Parts don't necessarily have to be new or the latest...
  3. A

    Wanted gaming pc upto £800

    best i can get for the money, must be able to drop off to winsford cheshire please
  4. thedude

    Q T Range HDR PC

    I have a Q80T and i have connected my tv and its a little washed out and high greys on HDR content, i dont need 120hz at 4k happy to go through the other ports and just have it work. has anyone else tried it and what are you doing?
  5. JohnWB

    How to connect my Hikvision CCTV to my Windows 10 pc.

    As a 2 day newbe in CCTV have been trying to find out how to connect my hikvision ds-7204huhi-k1/P to my Windows 10 pc. I have tried to connect my hikvision ds-7204huhi-k1 with 4 ColourVU 5MP cameras to my windows 10 pc over ethernet and I can log in and the pc then shows the Hikvision desktop...
  6. P

    TV + PC = Sound bar not working

    Hi all, I hope that somebody could help me with getting my sound bar to work when I have the PC connected via HMDI. Equipment: TV: kdl-55w755c Sound bar: ht-ct780 Graphics card: GeForce 1080 Ti HDMI cable: DELONG 10m fibre optic HDMI So until now I have had the TV connected to the sound bar...
  7. andrewt9763

    For Sale Pc parts

    Selling these on due to upgrade these have performed flawlessly just got the update bug ASUS Z170-K Motherboard £45 Intel® Core™ i5-6600K Quad Core Processor (Skylake,3.5GHz-3.9GHz Turbo, 6MB Cache) £50 16GB 3000MHz DDR4 Memory (2x8GB) Dual Kit - Corsair £45 8GB GeForce® GTX 1070 Graphics Card...
  8. K

    Connect PC to TV and AVR via HMDI

    Hi, I am new to this forum so bare with me if I post the wrong place. What I am trying to do, unsuccessfully I might add, is to utilize the HDR function on my Samsung 2020 8k TV from my PC and also get audio from my Primare SP32 4k KVM pre-amp. Also I want to connect my TV box to the TV and...
  9. jbmouse101

    How to play .PV files on PC

    I have a Philips TV that records Freeview to a USB stick, but how can I play the files on my PC? The stick is formatted by the TV as NOVATEK_PVR(Ext4) and I have managed to copy the files to my PC, they comprise .pv, .tab and .cfg files, but none of my video players recognise the .pv format. Can...
  10. snadge

    making portable drive visible to PC from LG TV

    Hi I wish to be able to see my portable drive connected to my LG B8 USB port on my Windows 10 PC (all LAN'd in)...is this possible through folder shares or network sharing?? if so can anyone tell me how to do it? I want to be able to move files across too the drive over the network without...
  11. B

    Wanted Logitech MX Keys keyboard wanted for MAC and PC.

    Logitech MX Keys keyboard wanted for MAC and PC.
  12. M

    First pc , build or buy?

    Hello , I’m thinking about building or buying a gaming pc but don’t know what the best option is . My budget is £500 . It’s a long time since I had a pc so really know nothing about up to date stuff. My games will be COD , pubg, rainbow six , battlefield that sort of stuff . My main question is...
  13. P

    Problem with resolution on PC monitor

    Hi there I bought a 144Hz with 2560x1440 resolution (AOC CQ32G1). I don't know if this model is only available in Switzerland, but it is what it is. AOC CQ32G1 31.5 inch monitor | AOC Monitors On my PS5 it always says max. resolution is 1920x1080p, I can't change that. According to the specs...
  14. JabbaNut

    $1000 4K Video Editing PC on a BUDGET : Published on 29 Oct 2019. Also Laptop suggestions videos.

    Warning swearing and humor on below video !
  15. yakshemash

    pc to receiver

    Hello, hope this is in the right place. Ive got an annoying little problem. Got a new receiver (connected to speakers, tv, pc, ps4 and dvd) My pc (win10) is connected to my receiver (sr5015) through HDMI. Receiver to tv also by hdmi. Now when the receiver is already on (playing radio for...
  16. O

    For Sale Tom Clancys Rainbow Six Seige Gold Edition - PC - Nvidia Code

    Tom Clancys Rainbow Six Seige Gold Edition game code (for full game which you will own). Code can be used to redeem the game instantly. REDEEM YOUR CODE THROUGH GEFORCE EXPERIENCE You'll need a Nividia graphics card Update or install the latest version of GeForce Experience (Version 3.18 or...
  17. E

    For Trade My PS5 with games and cash for gaming PC

    I have a brand new unopened PS5 but looking for a desktop gaming PC with RTX 30 series or AMD equivalent. The PS5 is disc and has 2 games. Spider Man Miles Morales and Demon Souls. Prepared to add cash on to meet similar value.
  18. B

    Which powerful off the shelf PC for 4k video editing?

    Looking to buy a pc to edit 4k videos from drones. Is there any off the shelf ones I can get that will work say from Dell etc. Must be able to cope with 4k editing. Thanks
  19. E

    Chillblast PC Build

    I'm thinking of dropping some cash on a kickass gaming rig. I have some experience of PC building from cheap/used parts but for this kind of investment I want a warranty behind it and the reassurance of having it built by people who know what they're doing (the PC I built lasted about six...
  20. J

    Question Connecting Audiolab 6000a to PC

    Hi, I'm trying to figure out the best way of connecting my pc to the audiolab 6000a. I'm very new to this but I've done a bit of research and this is what I gathered. My pc doesn't have optical out and the audiolab doesn't have usb in. I'm assuming if I was to plug it using the 3.5mm aux port on...
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