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  1. C

    Help pick 2.1+AMP+DAC with BLE for nearfield music with space restrictions for around 1000€

    Hey guys, I'd need some help with picking the right combination of speakers, amp & dac. The setup would be used for music and the source is going to be a PC. The only digital outputs from the PC are USB and HDMI. The price for all should be less than 1000€ but I can stretch by a few hundred...
  2. Divide by zero

    Question Which PC speakers to buy?

    Hi, Recently swapped out a stereo system to some old Logitech Z323's I had kicking about due to changing to an electric sit/stand desk. They are OK but I think I want better speakers. I will just have one PC connecting to it for gaming and music, and a POD X3 for guitar / audio production...
  3. cabbie19

    Question 2.1 PC Speakers - Recommendations

    Not sure if this is the best place to ask, but here goes anyway..... I currently have a set of Logitech X-530 5.1 Surround speakers on my pc,driven by a Creative SoundBlaster Z audio card, they are good speakers but i don't game, and rarely watch movies on my pc, so i think the 5.1 is wasted...
  4. S

    £80ish PC speakers 2.1

    Hi all Looking for some 2.1 speakers for my PC for movies/iPlayer/music. Around £80 ish. Any ideas?
  5. N

    pc speakers?

    I have stereo speakers with a mahoosive subwoofer under the desk. SWMBO has 'requested' the monolith goes, but as the stereo speakers need it to work I need two small stereo speakers that give decent sound and either plug into the pc or separate power. Any good cheap recommendations please?
  6. Derek S-H

    Question Desktop PC speakers overheating

    Have a pair of Audioengine A5 active speakers (well, one's active and the other's passive). Was connected to my old tower PC's soundcard via 3.5 mm lead. Have recently bought a Chromebox and, again, connected to new device using the 3.5 mm lead via the headphone/speaker out socket. This time...
  7. Dancook

    2.0 PC Speakers £200-£300

    I've had my soundsticks a while, and they're a bit battered and falling apart to the point I actually feel sick listening to the garbled sound coming out after their move downstairs today.. I'd like decent speakers, Audioengine A1/A5+ are the first one's I find marketed to an 'audiophile' but...
  8. hander

    PC speakers - active, powered, to suit triple monitor setup

    My old Z2300 Logitechs have finally given up after close to 15 years of service. They previously sat on my desk - slightly awkwardly at wider distances than my triple monitor setup. I don't game. I just want some good sound for music that will fill my small office (10m2). I normally work at the...
  9. grnnvrzz

    Question PC speakers advice

    Hi All, I am planning a new build towards the end of this year, but I would quite like to update by PC speakers now and I need some advice. I currently have some ageing Creative 2.1 speakers - they are about a decade old that I would like to replace. I would use the speakers for games and...
  10. xylus

    Answered Great PC Speakers with no external subwoofer?

    Hi guys, I'm in need of some great PC speakers for less than £100. I don't want an external subwoofer as I don't really have the space for a box on my desk. Currently I'm looking at Creative GigaWorks T20 Series II (2.0) Speakers. I also have a DAC (FiiO E10k) which I primarily use for my...
  11. M

    How to connect old PC speakers to TV?

    I recently found a pair of old Logitech Z-10 PC speakers (these were really good back in the day). I have a Samsung UE32J5100 TV and would like to connect them. Anyone that can advise me how? I have tried a 3.5 mm jack to phono but this didn't work. Any ideas? Thanks
  12. =adrian=

    PC speakers

    What do you guys use for sound? I mostly use headphones, but sometimes listen to music through my PC, or play a game with my son. I need to buy something, I would like it to have optical input. What do you use?
  13. BenjaminAV

    Question Sound through PC Speakers AND Headphones

    Specs :- Asus Z170 Pro Gaming Creative 7.1 Speakers (only front 2, Centre and Bass plugged in due to space constraints) Onboard Realtek HD Audio (Rear - usual 3.5mm connectors) Front Panel 3.5mm headset and mic Turtle Beach X12 Headset Asus HD Audio manager. Windows 10 Firstly I'm a real noob...
  14. rs6mra

    PC speakers alternative

    Hi Guys, I am not sure if this is in the right section or not but here we go..... I have an amp & speakers connected to my PC. The issue I have is I tend to forget to turn off the amp. When i had just the crappy PC speakers connected I didn't mind so much not turning the speakers off. However...
  15. N

    Good cheap PC speakers?

    Is this the right section to ask about cheap pc speakers that give decent sound for gaming and movie trailers? I have a huge subwoofer (powered) with altec lansing speakers and a ton of cables. SWMBO has declared a cable free (or min cables) and ideally no sub. Over to you guys... thanks
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