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  1. Cyberpower UK

    Promoted A Beginners Guide To Choosing The Right Entry Level PC for Today’s Top PC Games

    A Beginners Guide To Choosing The Right Entry Level PC for Today’s Top PC Games New to the world of PC Gaming? Not sure what you need in a gaming PC to play that game you fancy? Did you know, it is possible to play today’s modern games with a setup which won’t break the bank. Framerates may be...
  2. JoseSXFIEAX

    Denon AVC-X4700H does not detect Dolby Atmos in PC games. Solution?

    I bought the Denon 4700 2 months ago and the games compatible with Dolby Atmos on PC were detected on the panel as Dolby Atmos without problems, but for about 3 weeks instead of Dolby Atmos coming out Multi Ch In comes out and although it sounds I think that the same and detects all channels...
  3. dcxs

    How do I know PC games are outputting 5.1/7.1?

    Hey! I've recently been playing a lot of PC games on my TV. But Im very unsure whether its actually outputting 5.1/7.1. My setup is as follows; PC (HDMI) -> LG B1 -> Samsung hw-q950t. PC sound output is set to Dolby Atmos. Atmos content works, and 5.1 dolby digital also it seems, (been using...
  4. Spurs4ever

    Streaming PC Games To Living Room TV

    As I have a 3060ti, is the NVidia Shield the best way to stream games to another TV in another room, or is there a better way? Also, any real world advice, or experiences (regarding setup, lag etc?)
  5. O

    Samsung Q90T autodim when playing PC games

    Hi all! I have a very weird and known problem which should be gone with the latest updates. Yeah but its not. I am often using my Q90T with my gaming laptop to play games and have a very annoying problem. Whenever I start a game, after 5-10 minutes the TV dims itself. Its like the setting of...
  6. L

    For Sale Humble games inc Legion TD2, Superhot MCD, Spongebob Rehydrated, Nickelodeon All Star Brawl; Wanted: Doom Eternal Deluxe, Severed Steel

    Humble keys for sale as follows: Legion TD2: £2 Lawnmowing Simulator: £1 Legend of Keepers: £1 Banners of Ruin: £1 Superhot Mind Control Delete: £2 I Am Fish: £1 Siege Surival Gloria Victis: £1 Spongebob Battle for Bikini Bottom Rehydrated: £4 Spellcaster University: £2 Surviving the Aftermath...
  7. MR Pc Noob

    My First Build

    hi these are my pc that I am going to buy my budget is 510 pounds and I want to go the amd route and I want to do 60 fps in most games, I already own the HDD. The second picture is the improvements I have made. The ram, the HDD and the WIFI card are all going to be brought from cex with a £46...
  8. tzeusd

    Question 55" Under £800(pref under 700), Movies, eSports streaming, other streams

    Hi! I'm looking to get a TV for the living room. I'm not sure if I'd want VA or IPS as I don't have a couch yet, but I believe I will rotate the TV to match the angle. I'm pretty sure I will put it on a stand as opposed to a wall. Things I'm looking for: It will mainly be used for watching...
  9. H

    Question Soundbar for PC (connected to TV)

    Can anyone recommend a great soundbar for PC use. I use an unbranded 4K 39" Television, as a PC monitor. I have three PCs connected to this TV via HDMI. Connections: 3.5mm jack and Coaxial out. (it does not have HDMI Arc or Optical). Although, my main PC does have Optical out...
  10. O

    Question The Unclearness

    Does anyone know when will release game “The Unclearness”?
  11. lasthidingplace

    Question Motion Blur with PC Games on new 4K LED TV

    I really hope someone can help with this one, as extensive research has brought up nothing. I have recently bought: LG 49UJ630V 49 inch 4K Ultra HD HDR Smart LED TV This is coming off the back of an 8 year old 50 inch LG Plasma TV, which was starting to die. I am really happy with it in...
  12. A

    PC games cost more?

    Hi, I'm planning on making the switch from console to pc in the near future. Before I'm buying it, I want to do a lot of research on how a pc works and how you can build one. I still see a drawback though that I haven't come across on the internet yet. On my ps4 I can practically game for...
  13. Greg Hook

    Question Value of old original big box PC games?

    This sales thread here: For Sale - Huge collection of old Skool big box PC games. I'm amazed at the prices being asked here. Are these old games really worth the money being asked? I've got a huge amount of these taking up space at home, most in top condition. If they get the sort of money...
  14. K

    Pc games on windows tablet?

    Hill is it possible to play pc games on a Windows based tablet? I have an old football manager game that I like on pc from 2008 and wondered if I could play it on a Windows based tablet? Thanks
  15. Stuart Wright

    How many PC games do you buy per year?

    Roughly how many PC games do you currently buy per year? I'm talking about games you either physically buy or pay to download. This poll does not include freebie games or the $1 bundles.
  16. A

    How is this PC?

    So i suck at creating pcs so im trying to buy this prebuilt desktop. CyberpowerPC Desktop Computer Gamer Xtreme S103 Intel Core i5 6600K (3.50 GHz) 8 GB DDR4 1 TB HDD Windows 10 Home 64-Bit - Newegg.com Im not trying to run crysis 2 and 3 at the same time at max. Just trying to enjoy some next...
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