1. Jeff254

    SVS PB1000 UK Equivalent

    The SVS PB1000 Pro sells in the US at $599 while in the UK it sells at £639 ($884) a difference of $285. My assumption is because it originates from the US hence the Price difference. Any recommendation of a UK Subwoofer that sells at a lower price but rivals the Performance and Build of the SVS...
  2. Fred777

    Dual SVS PB1000 Pro vs Single PB2000 Pro

    I need (help) to decide between dual SVS PB1000 Pros or a single PB2000 Pro (or equivalent type sub) for my living room. I cannot accommodate dual PB2000 Pros even if I wanted to- my space doesn’t physically allow for a second. I can however, just, accommodate two pb1000 pros. A single PB2000...
  3. M

    Bargain Norvett Electronics ebay shop products lower than RRP

    norvettelectronics | eBay Stores Was able to buy a new SVS SB-1000 for £469 on their £519 or best offer price. Got quoted £469 for the PB-1000 too. I am not affiliated with Norvett in anyway just thought i'd post this for everyone as they do quite a range of quality products. cheers, Matt
  4. mooperman

    Have a SVS PB1000 - buy a second and go dual OR upgrade to a PC2000?

    as title really folks - wanna add a bit more bass in my lounge (which is not large) and tempted to go dual or just sell the PB1000 and buy a PC2000 (had a svs 20-39i years back which i regret selling but loved the sound)....advice/thoughts/opinions.... cheers
  5. H

    SVS PB1000 - neighbor trouble?

    I have a B&W ASW610 home for demoing currently and I like it very much. However it seems like the general agreement on various forums is that you get much more bang for the buck with SVS subs. Therefore I'm considering getting a SVS PB1000. However in reviews on Amazon.com I keep seeing that...
  6. L

    Anthem room correction with two subwoofers?

    Hey, Im currently using a Anthem MRX500 with a single SVS pc-2000, using the room correction is pretty simple, the receiver sets the level and distance perfectly. However, I'm considering swapping my single pc2000 for two sb-1000's or pb-1000's for a more balanced sound. How would the room...
  7. D

    Bookshelf Speakers + Sub + Amp Advice

    Hi all! This is my first post and I wanted to get some help on what you think I should spend my money on. I currently have the Logitechs Z2300, 2.1 system with a fairly good 120W 8 inch subwoofer and 40W satellites, but I want to upgrade this setup. I've been looking at some bookshelf...
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