1. hassanchop

    Samsung 850 Sound bar or pay extra for the Q950?

    Hi, I'm located in the US and looking for a sound bar. Best Buy has a deal on the Samsung Q850 for $680. Then there is the Q950 for $1200 almost double the price. Is the Q850 going to be good enough or is it worth the price to jump to the Q950? Is there another sound bar recommended then I'm...
  2. k pad

    Why do speaker companies not pay attention to more lifestyle speakers that perform/measure well?

    Hi all, Been a lurker here, and people out here have really helped me in my journey setting up. When I started my search for a system with good attributes, I naturally started with floorstanders of impeccable capabilities. As I slowly understood my room, I scaled down to BS, and as I understood...
  3. pompeydean

    Samsung 55” Q70A for £636 or pay more for Sony?

    Hi all, hoping for some help I’ve been trawling the threads trying to decide on a 55” tv to replace one that my toddler just broke (painful subject), and still need a bit of advice. It’s for a dining room and not my main TV so not really worried about OLED. Just used for kids / wife to watch...
  4. nonsoloinglese

    BT sport via EE or pay the £25

    Hi all, Having not been on EE for a few years, what are the limitations of the BT sport smart benefit? Am I able to log in on my Samsung tv/Apple TV? I am seeing conflicting information that you can only view on the phone and would need to pay even more to have a login etc. thanks!
  5. chippyteaforme

    Quick Q about CCTV - is quote reasonable or should I do it myself?

    Just had a locally recommended CCTV installer round, the neighbours have had opportunists trying vehicle doors e.t.c. at 3am which they picked up on their CCTV and I fancy getting some cameras for a mix of evidence (if needed), and also curiosity. The installer has quoted the following : 2 x...
  6. U

    Looking for the contact information of Rewards Pay

    I received a charge from a gift card company Rewards Pay. Its charge was shown as "RwdsPay* Haslemere GBR" Can anyone tell me its contact information such as web address, email address, and phone number? Thanks.
  7. JSWolf

    Why pay more? What's the deal?

    Why pay more more for the same movie that's in a metal container? I don't get what the big deal is.
  8. lee1980

    Pay more into pension scheme or Pay more off mortgage?

    Seen various threads on paying off mortgage. As I am now 40 (nearly 41 soon) have been thinking about what is best for future. Really more so can retire earlier. We have a salary sacrifice type scheme in work for pension and am currently paying minimum amount, employer pays same I think. It...
  9. IGC

    Bruce Willis: I Have Bills To Pay Thread™

    Feel free to post anything you find and especially if you've actually seen the films. I like Bruce Willis, am I missing a good film? I'll start off the carousel of crap:
  10. J

    SkyQ Multi Room - Do I pay per room?

    I currently have SkyHD piped to every room of the house via HDMI splitters and CAT5 adaptors for video and I use the original TV Links over coax for the Remote controls and its a brilliant system, which does everything I need. I am moving house and have to start again, and its just too big a...
  11. L

    How to solve the problem of low pay?

    The Boris Johnson thread had meandered down a lot of interesting tracks, and was now taking a look at the issues around low pay. Many FMs had pointed out that low pay is effectively subsidised by the taxpayer in the form of in-work benefits. I wondered if there might be enough interest in this...
  12. cunnas

    Using Xbox balance to pay

    Hi all, I pre-ordered the new BF game a couple of months ago on the Xbox store and chose to pay via PayPal - I have just checked orders and the order is in progress with PP as the payment method. However, I have recently added a fair bit of credit on my wallet balance (enough to pay for the BF...
  13. S

    Samsung Pay +

    Not sure if I'm being thick or not but how does this work? Looking at buying the new Samsung Watch 4 and you get 5% cashback if using Samsung Pay +. Now this acts as a debit card and they also send a physical card out to you. The bit I don't understand, is my banks debit card I have in Samsung...
  14. A

    Can I have normal tv or do I have to pay for a virgin media package with tv

    Hi, sorry if this is a really silly question! im moving into a new flat and this is the current set up (see photo). I’m trying to figure if I will have to go with virgin media for a tv/wifi package due to this set up. 1. Will I have to have cable due to this VM box? As opposed to plugging...
  15. jizzlejimbo

    Would you pay extra for a higher bitrate streaming service?

    I mostly watch 4k Blu-ray's for the higher bitrate and better quality audio I recently got gigabit internet and seems a shame to only stream Netflix it 25+Mbps. Would you pay a premium for a 100mbps streaming service with uncompressed audio streams? Akin to 4kbluray?
  16. MSW

    Anyone aged 50+ quit their job and took a 50%+ pay cut for another job

    Hi, I’m 50 and hate my job (no need to go into to much detail as to why but the biggest part of the problem is that I no longer earn my salary and feel like a fraud because my role does not warrant what they pay me). The job is what I would call very very well paid with lots of benefits. Also...
  17. gunner84

    Wallet/Apple pay

    Hi Had iPhones for years now, but one thing I have never bothered using is the wallet for contactless payments, despite having a few contactless cards that I use. Just wanted peoples thoughts on the apple wallet and how easy it is to use in shops. Think the thing that worried me using it was...
  18. D

    Pay as you go

    Our son gave my wife his old phone as she has never had one before. Because the phone was locked to EE he sent for a sim card for it. She probably won't use it but to be on the safe side I put a fiver credit on it just in case she needed it. She used it for the first time yesterday to ask me to...
  19. Rasczak

    NHS Pay Rise - 1% or 12.5%?

    A row is growing over the proposed 1% pay increase to NHS staff. The Royal College of Nursing has criticised this calling it 'insulting' and suggested it should be 12.5%. Given all the interest and thanks for the NHS efforts during the pandemic, is the proposed 1% the right figure...
  20. T

    Question How much would you be willing to pay for full fibre broadband?

    Basically County Broadband is rolling fttp to our town. Prices are quite pricey for liking (I get they will be expensive). Friday I had one of their reps to knock at door registering interest. It interesting having a chat with them and answered a few questions I had. It just got me wondering...
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