Pay may refer to:
A wage or salary earned for work
The process of payment for providing a service or trading goods
Waterproofing the seams of a wooden ship
Puffy AmiYumi, a Japanese pop/rock band
pay (geology), portion of a reservoir that contains economically recoverable hydrocarbons
Pay-e Borj, a village in Lorestan Province, Iran
Pay-e Kal-e Garab, a village in Ilam Province, Iran
Pay-e Rah, a village in Khuzestan Province, Iran
PAY may refer to:
Partido Alianza por Yucatán, a political party in Mexico
Puffy AmiYumi, a band in Japan
Verifone (NYSE stock ticker: PAY)

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  1. A

    Deal Agreed AMD FX4100 Quad core cpu with m5a99x evo motherboard. Free just pay postage £10.

    AMD FX4100 Quad core cpu with m5a99x evo motherboard tested and working Quite heavy say £10 postage.
  2. Westindieman

    Is is possible to pay for a soldering service?

    I need a rom chip moved from a faulty pcb to a replacement one but my micro soldering isn't good enough. Has anyone experience of any services which may provide this, preferably a walk in drop off than post?
  3. chaz

    Google pay mucking me about again

    Sorry to bother others again my Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra is playing up again Trying to use Google Pay but does not work. So what i did I deleted the pay app installed again the same thing the app did not work it showed the card but nothing so now I have deleted all the cards and try and...
  4. chaz

    Google Pay freeze on samsung

    I own a Samsung S21 ultra Mobile phone I have download Google pay Wallet put all my C/Cards on it and its been working fine up to now the suddenly they have stopped working expect one but all the others when I tap the card on the screen nothing happens. Has anybody got any ideas what it could be?
  5. frankie carbone

    Question bank transfer

    hopefully in right place iam buying a mobile phone off someone tomorrow i will be meeting them in person but he wants me to pay by bank tranfer after i check the phone is it safe to do so can he scam me in any way as he going to give me his sort code just think its a bit strange any help thanks
  6. rousetafarian

    What can I expect to pay for a 6ft high fence with 6 or 7 wooden posts and around 110 6ft planks, plus gravel boards

    As above I’ve got a fence between me and my next door neighbour that is my property according to the deeds and I paid for it to be erected in 2008. Weather and time has taken it‘s toll and it’s time to replace which I am happy to pay for. Timber costs? Are they still very high and what could I...
  7. P

    Pay as you go SIM confusion

    Hi. New here. I am looking at pay as you go sims. O2 specifically. I went to the O2 website and navigated to Shop -> sim cards-> pay as you go. What I found was 2 tabs one saying phones and the other iPads and tablets. I picket phones. Scrolling down I get 7GB Unlimited minutes and Unlimited...
  8. bruce-leroy

    Ebay - what are the sanctions if I don’t pay (genuine mistake!)?

    I’ve been using eBay (both selling and buying) intermittently for 10 years, and this is the first time this has happened. I bid on an item that I really thought was a Blu-ray, and it was only after I won that I saw it is the slipcase only. I think it was my own fault but for some reason, I never...
  9. Tempest

    Smartwatch that does accurate steps and Google Pay?

    Honestly don't have any really need for all the things a Smartwatch can do. And I'd be too worried about damaging anything expensive, esp at work. So, with that in mind. Does anyone know of an inexpensive SmartWatch/Band That is pretty accurate when it comes to recording your step count, and...
  10. T

    Technical differences between PAYG and pay monthly SIMs?

    Hi - I have a 4G Security Camera (no wifi signal) from Eufy that comes with a trial SIM from EIOTCLUB that uses PAYG. It works fine however I want to use an existing SIM from EE that is on Pay Monthly. Eufy state their camera supports EE however it fails to register on the EE network. Eufy have...
  11. ClarkKent77

    Best Way To Pay For A New TV

    I'm looking to buy a 65-inch OLED. Looking to spend around £2000. However, I don't have £2000 and I'm too impatient to save up! So what are my best options in term of payments? I just ask in case there is some shop that does good deals, or some form of payment that I'm unaware of. I'd be...
  12. rousetafarian

    Pay for TUI holiday by Paypal

    Hi I’ve booked a holiday and saw an option to use PayPal Credit, where effectively you take up to 4 months to take advantage of 0%. So far so good, TUI has been paid but it dawned on me that as I’ve not used a credit card I may encounter problems should TUI go bust, encounter problems or have...
  13. Killed by Death

    iPad Air 4th gen., contactless payment? (tap to pay)

    Recently I got my Apple Card, which is a Mastercard issued by Goldman Sachs, quite posh! It's a nice card, but I won't be carrying it around & my phone is an Android. So getting the cashback benefits are proving to be a non-starter, except when purchasing films on iTunes. I've been trying for...
  14. C

    Can you have an apple wallet without apple pay?

    I would like to add details of my vaccination status to my iphone. I was offered the opportunity to download it to an apple wallet but when I tried to install that it is demanding that I set up Apple Pay and give over my credit card number which I am reluctant to do. Is it possible to set up...
  15. iqoniq

    Abba Voyage - would you pay to see holograms?

    Abba aren't really my thing, but my dad likes them. He's just started to notice the publicity again (he's known about it for a while) around their new Abba Voyage "concerts", and has started going on about going to see them again. Now to be fair, the tickets aren't crazy expensive (from around...
  16. sha66y

    I’m gonna pay you a visit!

    Bit of fun but one that might throw up some rough diamonds. im gonna pay you a visit and I’d like you to play just ONE track that you feel showcases your system, that “ go to” track that you put on when your trying to impress someone! Led Zeppelin -The Rain song the intricate detail of the...
  17. S

    No work no pay - time off work whilst recovering from surgical intervention, are there qualifying benefit entitlements?

    Here is the situation. If my friend does not work (at her place of work) she does not get paid. She needs surgery which will mean a 6 week recovery period, so no working for 6 weeks. Like everyone she has bills to pay, can she get benefits during this time to help her get by even although she...
  18. A

    Order cards in Google Pay

    I'm sure I used to be able to set the order of cards in Google Pay on my watch. For some reason I can no longer do this. I've tried setting default cards to rearrange the order, thinking they will drop down by one as new cards are set as default, however this doesn't happen and the non default...
  19. Veni Vidi Vici

    Work from home, take a 20% pay cut? These seem to be fairly highly paid employees but it wouldn't surprise me if this became more popular across the board where possible. So for those who work from home full time would you be happy to take a 20% pay cut?
  20. Nikson420

    Need suggestion, Samsung Galaxy S21 FE 5G or you would pay more for Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra 5G

    As title say I want to buy Samsung Galaxy s21 or would you suggest to pay more for Samusung s22, Does it worth?? I was looking for this one One more question. Does this Bluetootk Headphones 5.1 works on Samsung s21?? Its about this one - 18.31£ 5% OFF|Samsung Buds Live...
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