1. hodgey66

    For Sale Clear out - Just pay postage

    A few random bits and as no access to the charity shops rather than throwing it out I thought id put it on here first. The bulkier stuff will most likely cost £3.10 second class. However what ill do is post it first then send you the receipt with the cost of postage for you to reimburse.
  2. S

    Wanted 12 Month Playstation PS Plus Membership - Will pay £35

    Anybody have one please?
  3. Speed

    Wanted CeX Vouchers - Any Amount (Will Pay Going Rate)

    Hi Guys, Looking for some CeX Vouchers. Not fussed on value big or small and I'm happy to pay the going rate. Let me know what you have! Cheers, Mark
  4. Andy Bassett

    Government to pay 80 percent of wages for employees out of work because of coronavirus

    The latest daily press conference regarding the government's response to the coronavirus crisis has revealed plans for it to pay 80 percent of wages for employees who are not working, up to £2.500 a month. https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/business-51982005 That's quite a commitment - what do members...
  5. JabbaNut

    Research Group Expects Android TV to Lead Pay TV Set-Top Platforms Worldwide

    " The paid set-top TV landscape is certainly changing, and one research group expects Google’s Android TV platform to come out on top in the coming years. Rethink Technology Research’s report suggests the smart TV platform will triumph by riding on waves of increasing success in the...
  6. Agentcooper82

    Wanted Scary Stories to tell in the dark & Leon USA Edition

    Hi All, Anyone got these going Thanks.
  7. A

    Wanted CEX Vouchers, will pay the going rate, looking for roughly 1k.

    Randoms and usual regulars are always welcome! paying via BT, Paypal, whatever you fancy. Thank you :)
  8. Ewoody

    For Sale Antec AV Cooler ** FREE ** Just Pay Postage

    As per title. I had it sitting on top of my old av receiver as it was prone to getting hot. The cooler has two fan speed settings (low & high) which are situated at front of unit. Comes with power supply. Pic here ...
  9. stereobfs

    Back dated pay rise after leaving company.

    Hi everyone! We should get the annual pay rise in November 2018 but the talks were postponed and they could not agree the amount with the union etc. Finally, the pay rise was agreed on 23 December 2019. Unfortunately, i left the company on 14 December 19 ( week before it was agreed). So...
  10. JabbaNut

    EE has become the exclusive mobile partner for SVoD service BritBox. EE pay monthly mobile and tablet customers across the UK will receive a free six-

    " EE has become the exclusive mobile partner for SVoD service BritBox. EE pay monthly mobile and tablet customers across the UK will receive a free six-month subscription to BritBox with inclusive mobile data. Launching on March 13th, the offer allows all EE pay monthly mobile and tablet...
  11. J

    Wanted CEX Voucher £10 - £100 will pay 87%

    As per title. Want a voucher between £30-£50. Just one for now but if all goes well in the future I'll likely be buying more. As I'm brand new willing to pay first via PPG but only to members with a very strong feedback score (50+ positive) Edit: now taking £10-£100 amounts, feedback...
  12. Knight Rider 1963

    Playstation Plus Pay Monthly or Prepaid?

    Would anyone recommend paying for PS Plus monthly or is prepaid the best way to go?
  13. B

    Long Shot: Anyone travelling from Liverpool to West Yorkshire can collect something from B and Q, will pay.

    I need some laminate collecting from B and Q in Liverpool Speke, anyone coming to near Huddersfield/Leeds/Halifax area from Liverpool can collect, would pay you for your troubles. Otherwise it's a lost day from work for me. Long shot but you never know, thanks.
  14. bannerdan

    orange pay as you go sim

    I have an old orange pay as you go number that hasn't been used for a good while.I just tried recharging the phone and was greeted by the signal showing as zero.Contacting what is now orange or EE I was told the number had been deactivated due to lack of use, and that it cant be reactivated...
  15. P

    I'll pay you to spec my home stereo system.

    Room: 55'x30' rectangle. Hardwood floors, bare walls, 70% windows, 2 couches and a small rug. I listen to jazz trio, solo piano, and big-band music. See me on FB if that helps - Paul Marcus, San Diego.
  16. johnnybaloney

    Question Home CCTV with Pay As You Go or easy cancellation of extended storage option

    Hi, I'm considering getting an indoor CCTV with longer term storage which I'm happy to pay for. However, I don't want to be chained to a long term contract, I want a Pay As You Go option - pay for, say, one month of storage upfront and if I still need the service after one month pay again, else...
  17. psychopomp1

    Cash purchase of new car - use PCP & then pay off immediately?

    Planning a buying a new (factory order) Audi A6 Avant as an outright cash purchase. Drive The Deal comes out the cheapest for the spec I want but this is based on a PCP where Audi contribute £4k as deposit. An outright cash purchase is around £6k more. So am I right in thinking i should go for...
  18. Voucher

    For Sale FREE. FREE. PS3 160GB boxed pay only postage

    In very good condition. Comes boxed in original box with controller, usb cable and electric cable.
  19. T

    Wanted FIFA 20 code - will pay £39

    Let me know
  20. nheather

    Wanted Amazon Vouchers (will pay 93% of face value)

    Hi, Looking for larger amounts of Amazon Vouchers (£100s), what do you have. Pay 93% of value by BT or standard PayPal. NB: if you have low feedback I may require you to post first. Let me know what you have. Cheers, Nigel Location: Horsham, West Sussex, RH12 5PL...
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