1. C

    Which password

    People, sorry to sound stupid but have a wierd issue with attempting to connect to my windows pc from a macbook have managed to find the windows device but when i asks for password, keeps saying incorrect. Is it not the user account of the windows pc that i use to log in normally?
  2. theogluck

    Marantz SR6010 AVR keeps saying wifi password (and others) are incorrect when they aren't.

    I was going to sign into Pandora this morning on my AVR (as I routinely do) and for some reason asked me for my username and password. It kept coming up as incorrect. Same for SiriusXM. I was able to successfully log into Pandora and SiriusXM on both my iPad and MacMini so those passwords ARE...
  3. Chunky

    Xbox Series X - Asking for password on family login

    Recently bought and XsX along with the three years GP Ultimate deal. Enjoying it so far, have set my wife up with a new MS login and added her as a family member on the same console with her own controller. All works fine except every time she wants to play she has to enter her Microsoft...
  4. T

    New Series X keeps asking for a password in order to start playing, which I don't have!

    I got a new Xbox Series X for Christmas, plus Halo Infinite, but it is asking me to set up a profile before I can start playing. I put in my email address, but then it is asking for a password, which I put in, only to be asked for my microsoft password. Not having one, I tried to skip this and...
  5. C

    password protect external hard drive

    Hi I have a 4 Tb external hard drive that has amongst other things has my iTunes music folder on it, I'm wondering, If I have understood it correctly 1- if I use fire vault to do this the whole disk and files will be encrypted slowing down the speed of transfer? 2- If I use disk utility to do...
  6. damo09

    windows 10 password

    hi all, we have a pc with what i think is windows 10 there is a password on it that for thelife of me i cannot get to remove we know the password but i cant see how to use the pc withot a password anyone have any idea how to remove it, its the main password to get the pc to start up...
  7. RoVic

    Floureon Password Locked

    Hello all, I've been using a floureon NVR wired 8 cam setup for around 4 maybe 5 years and in the time never had any problems with it at all! Till now, the other evening i needed to check a previous recording but couldn't! for some reason it seems the NVR box has given itself a password ...
  8. Surebrec

    Anyone with experience with with password managers (KeepassXC)?

    For the last month or so, I have been using KeepassXC for storing my passwords. This has been great for my usual web based logins, but for things like Steam and other games platforms & logging into my PSN account on my PS4, I'm having troubles getting my head around it. Is there any way to...
  9. caledonia

    Change password on console with 7 day ban

    My son16 game shares on ps5 which he tells me is legal. Anyway him and his friends all fell out and he reported one of his friends for abuse and got same back on a shared account Is there a way to change his password to stop gamesharing on his account while on the 7 day ban he knows he cant...
  10. GaryAnderson

    [News] - Colonial Pipeline was hacked using SINGLE password to access systems I don’t even know what to say. I don’t expect perfectionism in every profession but such gross oversight should have legal implications for the IT department running this place. They...
  11. daba1955

    Dowson H.264 DVR : Locked out lost password

    Hi, I am trying to resurrect a 4-years since last-used Howson 16-channel DVR for which the owner has lost/can't remember the login-in password. This was a machine he used in his bar before being told he needed to store 30 days+ to comply with licensing regulations. So instead of asking me to...
  12. M

    How Do You Secure the Final Password?

    I have say 60 passwords all 2 factor authentication with 30+ ransom characters long including capitals, lower case, numbers, symbols etc all stored in an encrypted password key safe but then you get to the problem that nobody promoting keyword safes or encryption techniques really talks about...
  13. mikebarden

    Bypass Windows 8.1 user password

    I want a recommendation for the best free tool to help me log into a windows 8.1 computer. The owner died and the family do not know password. I know of packages I can purchase and Iknow how to access data. I have already removed hard drive and backed up everything. BUT what I really want to do...
  14. jurassicmark

    What's your password policy?

    That may sound like a rather official way to describe how you decide what password to use and how to record/remember it when registering on a new website, app, etc. but I think this is more important than many people seem to appreciate. Security is only as strong as the weakest link so when...
  15. D

    Reset hikvision password

    I cant remember my hikvision NVR password. It wont self reset with QR scan and now im on the SADP tool and get these error messages trying ti export key or QR code option. Anybody know what i can do. Pictures attached and device details below DS-7604NI-E1/4P/A V3.4.101 BUILD 181024 DSP V5...
  16. T

    Humax Foxsat recorder password

    Any help appreciated have started using my recorder again and have a few recordings that appear to be locked/protected have not a clue what password is just wanted to know if it's possible to reset it or do I have to live with them being there thanks in advance
  17. N

    Samsung ocasional password

    My current (S10) and previous Samsung phone had this annoying habit of asking for my password every few days, disabling the fingerprint and face detection functions. REALLY annoys me as it keeps happening just as I'm trying to pay with Google pay or something and I'm at the front of the queue...
  18. MrPxG

    Password problem

    Wife setup my sons xbox series s today, she said she needed to download a app and it atomically synced to the xbox. Few hours later my boy tried to go back on the xbox and its asking for the password for the Microsoft account linked to my wifes phone but its an old account she doesn’t use now...
  19. RMJP

    Range Extender Password problem - assistance please?

    My broadband provider is SSE and they have recently replaced my router, albeit with some reluctance, following persistent problems with my Wifi not being recognised by Sky Q (new box sent without quibbling) or by my HP printer. I know that the router was faulty because I was able to temporarily...
  20. AVRAG

    A random device connected to hub, even after turning WPS off and changing password!?

    BT Smart Hub 2 I was doing a little tidy up on the router today and I deleted lots of old devices that were still showing up. Anyway, I notice an unusual device name made up of letters and numbers but with iPhone at the end... There isn't a single Apple product in my home! Also, it's IP...
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