1. K

    Marantz NR1510 and AppleTV passthrough

    Hi! i recently bought AV receiver and now I'm trying to figure out how to properly set HDMI passthrough mode - ON. At the moment i have set up everything like this: As i understand it should be working like this: i press menu button on AppleTV's remote -> AppleTV and TV turns ON and TV...
  2. F

    USB passthrough HDMI

    Hi I have a number of HiSense and Philips TVs connected to computers via HDMI - I was hoping to add webcams to above the TVs but wanted to avoid running another USB cable from the TV to the computer. Do any TVs come with the ability to connect the webcam to the USB port on the TV and then pass...
  3. N

    Can LG C1's eARC passthrough Dolby MAT 2.0?

    I have a LG C1 and a Samsung Q700A Soundbar, both of them are new release in 2021. The question is after I set all up, my Xbox just can't passthrough Dolby Atmos audio to my new Soundbar. My setting>>> TV set to Passtrough with eARC enable, Xbox set to bitstream When I set my Xbox to...
  4. M

    Roku AVR passthrough not working (Pioneer VSX-324)

    I have just bought my first projector/receiver setup and have spent weeks (on and off) trying to get it set up... and it's just not happening. My setup is: Source - Roku Streaming Stick+ (and/or Roku Premiere) Receiver - Pioneer VSX-324-K-P Projector - BenQ TH585 Speakers - Mordaunt Short M10...
  5. P

    LG B9 - DTS passthrough

    Hi all, I have a question regarding LG OLED B9. Can it passthrough DTS audio, like on previous models? Will my USB content with DTS work on this TV? Thank you for your help advance.
  6. Thunderspud

    Onkyo TX-NR757 HDMI Issue (all audio works)

    I have an Onkyo TX-NR757 with a pretty perplexing video issue. I have read through tons of posts describing HDMI board failures with Onkyo recievers but the majority of those describe symptoms that I simply don't have. Things like sporadic cutouts, a Thermal Error message at startup, front panel...
  7. D

    LG SL8YG and passthrough resolution with Shield 2019 Pro

    I've just bought the LG SL8YG and connected a Shield pro to the bar as my Samsung TV only has arc. When the shields resolution is correctly set at 4K 60 Hz I get a black screen that flashes on and off. If I reduce the resolution to anything 24Hz or below it all works as should. Shield works...
  8. C

    No audio passthrough on Samsung HW-Q900T

    Hi there! I'm currently using a Shield TV, connected to a Samsung HW-Q900T, which itself is connected to my TV's only ARC port. First weird thing, if I connect the soundbar on a non-ARC port, I only get a green screen. I don't know if this is normal or not, but definitely weird. Also, when I...
  9. Mizzymooma

    Finally true audio passthrough on Xbox!

  10. castortroy2009

    Does my receiver also passthrough DTS-HD & Dolby True HD?

    Does my receiver also passthrough DTS-HD & Dolby True HD? lg bh6720s It says it does Dolby Digital & DTS over Optical Input & Over DLNA & USB. However I have some movies that are Dolby Digital 5.1 Atmos & Dolby True HD & DTS-HD Audio. Will I still get the full fidelity & audio perfection of...
  11. J

    Digital audio out setting on TV - AV sync issues with Passthrough or auto, is PCM fine to use? EARC

    My understanding is that passthrough is the best setting to have as this means the sound is not processed by the tv and is instead sent straight the receiver. However, on the passthrough or auto settings, I have lip sync issues. If I use the PCM out setting it resolves this. With this setting...
  12. dollag

    Question RTX 3070 with avr passthrough

    just received my card and was hoping this would be a straight swap out from my 2070. current set up it HTPC>AVR>TV (LG CX77) set at 3840x2160 60hz colour settings YCBCR 420 - 10bit limited dynamic range All working as should and then i swapped out the card. no screen TV ultra colour was...
  13. E

    Logitech Harmony Ultimate passthrough setup activity

    How do I set up an activity where the amplifier is not turned on but the input is sent to AV1? I have installed the latest version of MyHarmony ( I feel that I can configure less than in a previous version. When I go to the activities tab, select the activity and click on "adjust...
  14. A

    Samsung QLEDs (Q70T) - 5.1 PCM Passthrough via EARC - PS5

    Hi All: I am trying to get 5.1 PCM via PS5 on my surround system via EARC on a Samsung Q70T TV. My AVR has ARC but not-EARC, so I purchased the SHARC from Then Audio. However I am unable to get more than 2.0. I am wondering if there is a limitation for EARC on Samsung QLEDs to passthrough 5.1...
  15. HelloShaun

    Question Freeview and Freesat passthrough?

    I have a new LG TV which has built in Freeview and Freesat tuners but I also have Humax 2000T and Foxsat boxes. I'm being lazy here and wonder if anyone knows if I can pass the aerial feeds from each box in to the TV to feed its tuners as I would like the options to record on each box but...
  16. H

    Question KD-55A1 Best App for Audio Passthrough

    Hi all, I have just bought the JBL Bar 9.1 to hook up to the Sony. Just wondering which app people prefer for video playback. I know about the limitations within the ARC setup, so i am not expecting Dobly Atmos, however through the inbuilt app i do get DTS Neural X. Problem is with this app the...
  17. UnknownSmuggler

    Does the Vizio SB36512-F6 Support [email protected] Passthrough?

    My wife is buying me the Panasonic DP-UB820-K and my plan was to have it passthrough to my Vizio SB36512-F6 Soundbar but everything that i have found says that the Vizio soundbar can passthrough [email protected] but no mention of [email protected] My concern is Judder. And before you say to just plug the Bluray...
  18. R

    No HDR passthrough (HDMI 2.0a) what are my options?

    I have a Sony STR-DN860 with a HDMI 2.0 output (HDCP 2.2) and would like to passthrough 4K from my source (which only has a HDMI output) to a Optoma UHD42 (UHD50x in the US) with HDR. I'm reading (in this very forum) that since the receiver has HDMI 2.0 and not 2.0a I'm out of luck. On the...
  19. Ornithorp4

    Recommendations for Soundbar with HDMI passthrough?

    Hi, my current setup consists of a large monitor, an Apple TV (3rd gen), an external DAC, and an old-school analog amplifier with good speakers. I'd like to replace the DAC, the amplifier and the speakers with a Soundbar. The Apple TV (soon a newer one) should be connected to the Soundbar via...
  20. P

    5.1 optical passthrough- any idea why it won't work?

    I have a couple of LG OLEDs now - an EG9600 and a B8 too. Now I also have two pretty old but serviceable 5.1 surround sound systems (Pioneer). Currently I have my games consoles and bluray player connected directly to the 5.1 via optic. Thats fine...but it doesn't give me the option to listen to...
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