Passive may refer to:
"Passive" (song), by A Perfect Circle
Passive voice, a grammatical voice common in many languages
Passive house, a standard for energy efficiency in buildings
Passive psi, psychic abilities involving cognition
Passive language, a language from which an interpreter works
Passivity (engineering) a property of engineering systems, particularly in analog electronics and control systems
Passive solar building design, which uses (or avoids) sunlight as an energy source without active mechanical systems
Passivity (behavior), the condition of submitting to the influence of one's superior or superiors
Passive–aggressive behavior, resistance to following through with expectations in interpersonal or occupational situations
Passivation, process of making a material "passive" in relation to another material prior to using the materials together

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  1. cjwood555

    For Sale Monitor Audio SB-2 Passive LCR Soundbar

    Selling my SB-2 due to a change to separates. Really nice sounding speaker - subjectively, a class above Radius and Bronze despite shared drivers. Passive bass radiator rather than port and very rigid cabinet may be the difference. Driven by a decent receiver this punches well above its weight...
  2. S

    Dali Oberon On-Walls (Passive) First Impressions

    I purchased a set of Dali Oberon on-wall speakers (passive) as a secondary system and am providing some feedback, as I have found little written about them. The Oberon on-wall uses a 29 mm soft dome tweeter and an ad 5-1/4" woofer made with the proprietary mix of paper and wood fibres. While...
  3. Paul7777x

    Wanted Ruark Logrhythm sub cabinet.

    Anyone with a broken or abused Ruark Log-Rhythm sub who’d be happy to sell me the cabinet please? I’m making some passive subs and already have one so I’ll use it and another if I can find one. A bit of a long shot I know… Cheers. 👍
  4. mb3195

    Hamrammr Owners Thread

    About to order 4 of these subs, 2 x 18” passive and 4 x 18” active. Specs look really good, xmax 22mm, 3200w amp, very similar design to Ascendo. Will be sure to post some comments once I’ve got them in, installed and calibrated. For those that don’t know, going in to a fully...
  5. Kane Server

    For Sale Tangent Evo E5 Speaker Set

    Tangent Evo 5 speaker set in gloss black consisting of 2x E5 bookshelf speakers, 2x E5L on wall and the E5C on wall\stand center speaker. (Would look great mounted around a thin panel TV on the wall.) The two pairs are in great condition, complete with grilles and with mounting brackets ( easy...
  6. H

    Using Sonos amp and passive speakers

    Hello. I’m looking for a solution. I am about to create a home cinema. We have a long sitting room. At the far end is a Sonos Amp and a pair of passive Monitor Audio speakers. I want to site a BenQ W2700 (or similar) projector next to the amp and to reverse project (3.5m) onto a screen half way...
  7. Denbo99

    economical way to send music to separate passive ceiling speakers 4 zones

    I have existing passive ceiling speakers wired to a central closet location in my home office, lots of room and power. Zone 1 has 4 speakers basement tv room, zone 2 is kitchen/dinning room has 4 speakers, zone 3 is master bathroom has 2 speakers and zone 4 is guest bathroom has 2 speakers. I...
  8. schizophonic

    Denon X1700H with an passive subwoofer

    I've acquired an passive subwoofer. Looking on the internet I cannot just simply connect this up. I've also got hold of an external amp. Would this be used to connect to my passive subwoofer? So how to I get external amp and main AV amp to talk to each other? Sorry a bit of newbie to this...
  9. SED

    Question Connecting Panasonic passive speakers to a AIYIMA A07 PRO Amplifier

    Hello, I just purchased the AIYIMA A07 Pro amplifier and I want to connect a pair of passive Panasonic speakers from an old mini sound system to it. Each speaker has four hard wired sound cables coming out of the rear speaker panel, two for the low frequencies and two for the high frequencies...
  10. R

    Question Yamaha RX V371 without subwoofer: a passive sub is better than nothing?

    Hello, everyone! Yamaha RX V371 without subwoofer: a passive sub is better than nothing? I recently got an old Yamaha RX-V371 receiver, functional, but without subwoofer. I connected to it, through the front L+R speakers amped jacks, an old LG passive subwoofer. So far, around 2 months, it's...
  11. A

    New setup

    Hi all I've always wanted a decent hifi setup, ATM I have been using a pair of Roth active oli speakers with an old cambridge audio sub via my phone through a portable DAC. I have ordered a BK subwoofer with a high level lead and now I would like some help with a pair of passive bookshelf...
  12. C

    Connecting two Passive Subs on Power Amp

    Hi. I am new to this forum - and, frankly this community, so this may be a dumb question. (Apologies in advance if it is). I currently have a Denon receiver driving two front audio speakers. A simple old school stereo setup. Then I have the sub pre-out on the receiver driving a small active...
  13. bberger

    Question Looking for small, passive bookshelf (satellite) speakers, 4" drivers or above

    I'm having a really hard time finding small bookshelf speakers that come either in black or white (not woodgrain), have at least 4" drivers and aren't too big (maximum of 20cm of depth for the center, ~25cm for the front/surround satellites and also won't break the bank. I contribute this to the...
  14. T

    Upgrade Advice - Passive or Active

    Hello All. I am looking for advice about upgrading my streaming system. For reasons I won’t go into, I currently listen to my music via a Chromecast Audio and Spotify/Apple Music. The CCA then goes into the optical input of some pretty cheap active speakers. My TV is also connected to the...
  15. R

    Passive Preamps?

    Any forum members using a passive preamp in their system? I've just bought a pair of Avondale Monoblocks and I'm looking for a preamp. Currently using my Rotel RC1572MK11 and they sound superb, best amp I ever had by a wide margin. I've been looking at the NVA passives, NVA think they might not...
  16. S

    Amp for JBL passive subs

    Hi folks - looking to illicit a little help. I currently have 2 JBL SSW-2 passive subs (Maximum Recommended Amplifier Power 1200 W RMS) and was running from a Behringer NX6000 amp (no DSP model). Sadly yesterday one of the channels packed in on me and I'm looking for suggestions for a...
  17. vena

    New 2022 lg oled tv Lg4826clb

    Hi i have a new 2022 model tv lg4826clb i have fitted a Sony surround Theatre via an optical cable.... The sound comes through but only passive rear speakers IE: not in true surround sound...i have been at this now for 3 weeks and its foxed me ..any ideas please
  18. Oldi

    Secondary passive splitting of PROAMP310X signal

    I am currently using a loft amp/distribution (PROAMP310X) to distribute FM, DAB and TV signal to four rooms. One bedroom only needs TV, the bathroom only FM and DAB, the latter being fed from a diplexer. The two rooms downstairs require TV and FM to feed a TV and FM receiver via diplexers. I am...
  19. T

    Passive isolation Vs ANC Vs Sound quality..!

    Hello All, I am on Apple Music and with a Chord Mojo 2. I have a BD DT 770 Pro for the moment and love it when at my desk at home. but i find the sound isolation is not good enough when at a coffee shop or at the office. My understanding is DT770 design (closed back) is one of the best for...
  20. P

    Monolith M-OW3 THX Compact Certified Passive Soundbar

    Anyone got one of these? Monolith M-OW3 THX Certified LCR/Soundbar On Wall Speaker It's rated for rooms up to 1000 cubic ft and up to an 8ft veiwing distance, so rooms on the smaller side.
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