1. A

    Sony STR 1030 to passive sub

    Howdy all! I've given a Sony STR 1030 to a friend who had a cheap all in one LG system and for now he wants to keep using the speakers. Everything works fine except the LG sub is passive and just has the wired connections. We got the following: It doesn't seem to work I think i might have...
  2. darny1980

    Wanted Passive LCR Soundbar

    Hi there, Is anyone selling a nice sounding, but at a bargain price, LCR passive soundbar? Just moved house and the configuration doesn't allow for bookshelf speakers.
  3. B

    ATC Speakers

    Good Morning, Hope you can help. I have 2 pairs of ATC speakers one pair is the SCM20 Passive speakers and the other a pair of SCM50 Active speakers. I'm looking for an integrated amp that can run both pairs either together or independently. I've been looking at a Marantz PM8006, would this...
  4. SteffMarinov

    Using drivers as passive radiators?

    Hi guys, I’ve got two DIY subs that were originally designed for 2x15” drivers each. At some point I decided to split them into 4 separate enclosures. However I never got rid of the bigger boxes and now thinking of using them, but with a single driver in each. Question is - do I blank the...
  5. N

    Class AB power amp for Lyngdorf BW20 passive subs

    Looking at a few pointers on what power amplifier to go for. Two BW-20 passive subwoofers are being considered, naturally the dealer will recommend Lyngdorf power amplifier which is class D of 2x 400watts. Any advice on other class D amplifiers? Or Class AB which are rated 500watts or above...
  6. Laney70

    Passive be Active subs

    Hi everyone, please don't laugh at me here but as this forum has been so helpful to me in the past I need some serious advice. My belief is my subs volume maybe too loud. I had my Denon Avr set up with 4 subs (yes 4) and two floor standers at the front, two floor standers as surrounds, two...
  7. LuvCVs

    Best DJ power amp for AV passive subs?

    Hi, just need some advice on what is best for 2 Jamo One passive subwoofers. I was thinking of a home power amp but I need it to be 4ohm 200w and, of course it's over £650 for a really good one, to much for me. So, last choice is a pro DJ power amp, but do some go down to 25hz or below? What...
  8. E

    Ruark Passive cross over not working. Please help a new guy.

    Hi all, Please be gentle, I’m new on the forum. I’ve a pair of Ruark Prologue II which have been great. Until a house move, when they sat there untouched for over a year. One of the tweeters stopped working. I took it to my local AV shop where they replaced the tweeters but to no avail. I’ve...
  9. E

    Please recommend a passive LCR speaker bar with widest possible channel separation (imaging)

    Short version: I am looking for a recommendation for a passive LCR speaker bar that would provide the widest sound stage (or is it imaging?). I mean left/right separation for TV and movie watching in a family room. I will be adding a sub and 2 surrounds shortly after, but this is about the LCR...
  10. W

    Looking for passive subwoofer 20Hz

    I've been looking for a subwoofer that goes down to around 20Hz. When I search I keep finding actives misrepresented as passives, or they don't go much lower than 40Hz, which is close to my main speakers. Any suggestions please? I have a spare NAD amplifier to drive it so don't want to pay for...
  11. blacksheep99

    Power amp for a passive sub

    Looking to help a family member. They have a sub and their old amp has failed. I'm after some recommendations for the replacement. I assume we could replace with a mono amp. The sub is a artcoustic Diablo compact sub. Any guidance would be appreciated. Thanks.
  12. J

    Passive soundbar and subwoofer UPGRADE (advice)

    Hi Peeps OK so i have a bit complicated situation with my sound system. So i currently have a monitor audio R one HD passive soundbar with monitor audio 90s HD as rears (rears not seen in photo). I have this with a BK gemini Subwoofer all hooked up by my x2600h denon. Now its been ok and the...
  13. M

    Converting 2ch to 3ch, without a AV receiver, using a passive pre.

    I have a NAIM Uniti Atom and my speakers are the Paradigm Prestige 85F, 55C and 15B. I don‘t much care for the 15B. But I love the sound from the other three. So I was wondering if it’s possible to create a 3ch system without the use of a AV receiver. My idea is to use a Y splitter into an...
  14. MrYake

    Passive speaker's to TV HDMI

    Hi all, I purchased 2 passive ceiling speakers I want to put in my family room to add to my TV. The TV uses Google Chromecast with Google TV on HDMI. It's a Toshiba 55L310U but I plan on eventually getting an LG OLED. I have an old receiver Samsung HT -TQ72 but am willing to upgrade to make...
  15. ericl4242

    Passive Soundbar Advice

    Hello, Due to a recent remodel, I'm having to move my tv above the fireplace vs. on my existing media cabinet. With the new location, I can't easily keep my external speakers and therefore I'm having to move to a passive soundbar so I can at least keep my current receiver setup. I've done...
  16. A

    Passive Subwoofer conversion, amplifier choices

    I'm considering converting two of my BK Monolith+ ported subs to passive and unable to decide what external rackmount amplifiers to buy. Reasoning is I'd like to build two of the subs into my screen surround, they will need to be on their sides and the amps will not have much airflow so I'd...
  17. N

    Active vs passive nearfield vs mid - classical music

    Hi. I'm finally in a postiion to upgrade myself from Klipsch THX Promedia 2.1 computer speakers, to something that can do proper justice to my love for music, espeically classical music. I'll be using my Macbook Pro as the 'source' with Apple Music. Macbook only has USB-C outputs so either a iFi...
  18. mahead

    Active speakers or using existing passive ones and buying new stereo amplifier

    I have spare Q Acoustics 2010i speakers laying without any use. I have been debating with myself which one would be better way, selling them and buying new active speakers, or just buying new stereo amplifier. In both solutions I would be adding subwoofer, most likely Klipsch R-10SW. There is...
  19. TarMoo

    Passive Soundbar

    I currently have a Panasonic 55in OLED TV and a SVS SB2 subwoofer I have around 1400mm for a new TV stand width with soundbar shelf - I prefer to get a wooden stand rather than glass I am looking to get a new AV receiver, passive soundbar and TV stand. I am not limited for budget, so I am...
  20. A

    Suggestions for Passive White bookshelf speakers for desk setup - Under £250

    Hi All, I am looking to pick up a pair of White passive bookshelf speakers for a desk setup. Preferably under £250, As they will be sat on my desk I am not looking at large bookshelf speakers. Cambridge Audio MINX XL are on my shortlist but I'm up for any recommendations you may have? Thanks
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