1. S

    For Sale Monitor Audio SB-3 passive LCR soundbar, wall mount and cable - £300

    Good condition original boxed Monitor Audio SB-3 soundbar with orignal wall mount. No idea of age as I bought it used. This is a passive soundbar for use with a normal home cinema amp, and has your LCR channels all in one unit. Great for discrete installs or simply for where you don’t have...
  2. Kelu

    Help connecting a passive sub to a amplified sub

    Excuse the audio noobness. I have a cheap 5.1 in a box package and the Yamaha HTR 2070 receiver has a passive sub connected (NS-SWP40) which has + and - wires on it only:When i upgrade to a new receiver with Atmos (looking at Denon X3700H) it will require an active sub connected via RCA. I have...
  3. SimonST

    For Sale LG OLED 65" E6 4K TV (OLED65E6V) with Passive 3D [ISF Calibrated]

    Selling my 2016 LG 65" E6 4K OLED TV (OLED65E6V) with Passive 3D (Full 1080p quality 3D) Specifications from LG Purchase history Purchased as a straight exchange (£4999) for a faulty 65EF950V OLED from Currys in June 2016, 65E6V was delivered at the start of July 2016 (5-year warranty has now...
  4. morganog37

    For Sale Monitor Audio SB3 Passive sound bar

    Monitor Audio SB3 Passive sound bar LCR. Ideal if space is a premium, only selling as I’m moving home and going back to separate fronts and centre. Comes with original packaging, instructions and wall mount bracket. In excellent as new condition. Pet and smoke free home.
  5. D

    Passive soundbar and rears recommendation

    After stripping down my old home cinema system I'm left with a Denon X1400H AVR and a Ruark Epilogue Subwoofer and am now seeking recommendations for a passive soundbar that will work in conjunction with these two pieces of kit. I'm very keen to go down the single 5 channel soundbar route and...
  6. S

    Help connecting Pioneer VSX-830 to passive speaker bar

    Hi all, I am trying to connect my Pioneer VSX-830 to my passive speaker bar Dayton Audio BS41, and my LG smart TV. I did the following: 1) Connected the HDMI OUT from the AVR to HDMI ARC port on TV. 2) Connected the left, center, and right front channel terminals on the AVR to the corresponding...
  7. B

    Passive bookshelf spearkers & sub for dance music

    Hello, I currently have a Marantz PM6005 amp powering a pair of Wharfedale diamond 9.1 and a really old pair of Mission Cyrus 782. The Wharfedale are in another room so are fine, but i want to replace the 782's. I don't have room for big floor speakers, so bookshelf's are a must, and have an...
  8. S

    Desktop setup Sonos vs Passive book shelf

    Hi everyone. I don’t really know much about hifi and wanted some advice so thought I would ask here. I have recently moved house. Previously on my desk I had my TV, my computers (a work Dell, a personal MacBook) a Sonos beam, and 2 Sonos Ones as rears behind me. I used the Sonos system for...
  9. Daz7610

    Can I use passive speakers with an av amp

    Can I use passive speakers with an av amp? Pioneer vsx 930 k
  10. A


    Hey guys, I've been using a AVR DENON 2000 for the last 8 years with the passive subwoofer from my Bose AM10s. And just upgraded to a Denon avr-x2700h, I have tried nearly every thing to get them working and the bass is just not there. Denon believes that these new receivers don't support...
  11. L

    If I was to passive bi amp what receiver would actually make a difference?

    Hi I’m trying to find a av receiver that would actually make a difference when I passively bi amp front wharfedale 4.2 ? I’d rather buy a quality receiver than adding an extra 2 channel amp. Any suggestions would be great 😊
  12. D

    Can I connect a Behringer mixer to my AVR for use of passive speakers instead of active ?

    Hi all, I have a Behringer Q1002USB mixer for internet radio & karaoke, now as my place is pretty smal, I am running low on space on what can go onto my small desks. What I was wondering is it possible to connect the mixer into either a AVR or Stereo Receiver via RCA and use the passive...
  13. M

    M&K MP9 Passive Soundbar

    Hello, Is anyone here currently using the M&K MP9 passive soundbar and can give any comments on performance? I am also interested if you have the white version if you can post some pictures of it as I am having trouble finding any online at the moment. Thank you!
  14. J

    Question NAD M10 with passive speakers vs NAD C658 with AE1 Actives

    Some advice please. I am looking to set up a new hifi system in a 9' x 15' room. I've played with a few systems in there including Densen and Naim and never been really happy because of bass boom, not helped because the speakers have to fire down the length of the room. Even the LSX's that...
  15. sn3hura

    Advice for connecting passive custom made subwoofer and satellites

    Hello everyone, In our storage we found an old audio equipment. I tested each of them separately and all of them works. Most of them dont have any brand on it, so I suppose they are custom made. From prevous owner of the object, I know that the subwoofer has 500w. Satellites 2x 75w. The sub...
  16. R

    Question Reviving an unfix-able active sub-woofer with dedicated Amp passively wired ?

    Hi all, Newby here. I have a Klipsch 10 inch powered woofer (sw-350), the 'active' side has died (dodgy gluing) and replacement hardware is no longer available. I was wondering if anyone had advice or experience on the 2 solutions I'm looking at below to wire the Sub passively as is...
  17. D

    mini passive Foldback/Monitor wiring.

    First, I hope I'm able to ask this question here? If not, my apologies. Hi All, I'm not an expert, hence why I am here. I'd like to build a mini passive 40w foldback monitor from some old (vintage drivers and dome tweeters I have). But first need a good wiring diagram for the components...
  18. J

    Recommendations for Soundbar - preferably with passive wired sub

    I've recently had my fingers burned with a purchase that included a wireless subwoofer after my trusty old Sony bar gave up on me. The sub seems to futter and fart when there's only speech or generally low levels of output, which is unbearably distracting. I'm concerned this is a general issue...
  19. R

    Passive soundbar

    Hi all, i have a 75” Sony and i would like to get the largest but best soundbar that i can place under the TV that would asthetically match my TV ...size wise i have cheaper inwall speakers for LCR channels so looking for ideas i found the UK Monitor Audio and Logan Martin but the logan is...
  20. J

    Help with passive subwoofer please

    Hello this is my first post and am looking for help with a passive sub that I just bought for our living room. The receiver I have is the Pioneer vsx-523-k Amp is the Monoprice unity 200 watt bridgeable power amp Subwoofer-monoprice fiber 300watt in wall subwoofer I have everything...
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