1. G

    Replacement sub driver for Paradigm

    After 20 years it appears the driver suspension has rotted away, just wondering if it’s possible to just replace the speaker driver with one of the correct size and rating? 10” 250w And if anyone knows a good supplier......
  2. kbfern

    For Sale Paradigm PS1000 v3 subwoofer black in west midlands *Price Cut*

    Hi Guys Just upgraded my living room sub so I have my old sub for sale. It's a Paradigm PS1000 v3 in black ash finish condition is excellent, no marks that I can see without using a microscope. I have had the sub a few years now and has been used daily with no faults whatsoever. I don't have...
  3. Cynar

    For Sale SOLD. Paradigm Millennia Subwoofer

    I’m posting a new thread for this now the other items in the previous thread have sold. Paradigm Millennia sub for sale. This is an amazing bit of engineering and ideally suited if space is at a premium. It can be used vertically with the stand as shown in the photos, or laid flat with the...
  4. L

    For Sale Paradigm seismic 110

    Seismic 110 in excellent condition, boxed. Very little use, small and compact quality sub Currently selling for £1800 so grab a bargain Would prefer pick up so everyone's happy 👍
  5. Cynar

    For Sale **REDUCED** Paradigm Millennia Subwoofer.

    Paradigm Millennia Sub In a league of it's own really. A proper subwoofer that can fit in small spaces such as under a couch. Won't dig as deep as the SVS obviously, but for its size it's an amazing bit of engineering. I haven't used it but it comes complete with the wireless transmitter so...
  6. jobseeker

    For Sale Paradigm Milleniasub, black, with PBK and wireless receiver

    Paradigm Milleniasub in black. Very compact, so high WAF :). It will even fit under some sofas. Goes down to 24Hz -3db. Complete with base for vertical floor standing, plus feet for under-seat horizontal use or for use with included wall-mount bracket. Also includes Paradigm PBK with microphone...
  7. Gooner32

    For Sale Paradigm PS1000 Subwoofer

    A beautiful and rarely available pair of Anthony Gallo 3.1s for sale. I have owned the 3.1s from new and they are in excellent condition for their age. They are part of a second system that are no longer required as a result of a recent house move, therefore looking to move them on to a new...
  8. Y

    For Sale 2 B&W ASW 750 subwoofers and D-Class Paradigm X-300 amplifier

    Hello, I have 2 B&W ASW 750 subwoofers in cherry color, which had their capacitors blown following an electric surge caused by an incompetent electrician. They were both giving sterling service before this. So currently these are driven by Ultra D-Class Paradigm X-300 amplifier, as the plate...
  9. M

    For Sale Paradigm Servo 15 Subwoofer

    Selling my Paradigm Servo 15 Sub in good condition. This has only been used a handful of times since 2013. I haven't been able to let go of it since it's such a lovely piece of gear, but I'm moving house and I think it's time to let go.. Anyone that is familiar with this sub and has actually...
  10. L

    Paradigm and Boston Acoustics VRS Speakers / Keep or Replace

    I have Paradigm and Boston Acoustics VRS speakers for a while. These are pretty big and heavy. The specs are given below. Paradiagm (Floor Standing ) : 15-100W, 80W MAX, 8 OHMS Boston Acoustics VRS 004812 : 15-150W, 8 OHMS Are these speakers any good or are there any better ones...
  11. S

    WANTED x-30 module for Paradigm Servo 15

    Long shot, but after the paradigm x30 crossover module for the paradigm servo 15 subwoofer. Thanks
  12. Black20VT

    For Sale Paradigm Millenia Sub & Wireless PT-1 Transmitter - With pictures

    Paradigm Millenia Sub complete with Paradigm PT-1 wireless transmitter which allows this subwoofer to be placed discretely under a sofa or bed, behind a sofa, hung on the wall etc. This is a slimline subwoofer with stunning output and deep response with lots of installation options to fit into...
  13. A

    For Sale Paradigm 95F speakers

    1 x pair of Paradigm 95F floor standing speakers for sale in gloss white. The speakers are in immaculate condition and I have all of the original packaging. I am offering the speakers at a crazy price as my wife has decided that she no longer wants floor standing speakers in the room. The...
  14. E

    For Sale Paradigm Subwoofer PS1000 V3

    Selling a powerful Paradigm subwoofer PS 1000 v.3. In very good condition. Works great with both movies and music. Selling as I am upgrading to a full 9.2 system with another leading brand psb. Collection only. Price and currency: £130 Delivery: Goods must be exchanged in person Payment method...
  15. X

    B&W DB1D vs Paradigm Persona Sub

    I'm looking to get a set of two subs for my new home theater. My room is about 9m x 6.5m with 6m ceilings. 30ft x 21ft with 19ft ceilings. The ceilings are slanted (vaulted), and the room is irregularly shaped. My main speakers are Sonus Faber Sonetto. I've narrowed my subwoofer choices down...
  16. M

    For Sale Paradigm, Analysis, Swan, Kef clearout

    Clearing out what has become a speaker store after two house moves . . . Analysis Audio Omega: £7250 Full-range magnetostatic panel speakers. Quad killers. Analysis Audio Omicron: £3750 Smaller version of above Paradigm Prestige 95F floorstanders: £3750 Pair, gloss black, effectively brand...
  17. M

    For Sale Canton CD300, CD360F, CD20 Speakers, Paradigm Sub & Yamaha RX-671 & 5x CD10 Speakers

    Canton CD300 x2, CD360F & CD20 x2 (inc wall mounts for CD20's), Paradigm PDR10 Sub & Yamaha RX-V671 Moving soon and have downsized to some smaller equipment. The equipment is around 10 years old so there's clear wear and tear, please look at the photo's for a closer look! £300 Cash on...
  18. nonsoloinglese

    For Sale Paradigm Seismic 110

    So I am considering selling my Paradigm Seismic 110 for the right price. Excellent condition purchased November 2014 from Kent Home Cinema. I think it is a little overkill for my system so looking to save some quid. No real rush but if the offer is right we can move this forward. Price and...
  19. Dan201

    For Sale Paradigm Studio Sub 12 Subwoofer

    The Paradigm subwoofer was bought in 2013 from The Home Cinema Centre in Edinburgh. Its in great condition with only some light surface scratches when you move light around to reflect off of it. Very hard to photograph, its a bit like trying to see a scratch on a watch face. One of the feet has...
  20. S

    Question What are these Paradigm speakers worth

    My parents are having a clear-out and they have the following speakers, what are they worth? 2 x Paradigm 7se MK3 2 x Paradigm Mini Monitor (think they are MK1) 1 x Paradigm CC-170 Cheers Shyam
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