1. H

    Paradigm Millennia One speakers and Crossover setting

    Hey, I have a 5.1 setup, with Paradigm Millennia One bookshelf speakers, and a Martin Logan Dynamo 700 Subwoofer. These are wired into a Yamaha Aventage RX-A1050 (I want to upgrade the receiver soon enough). Anyway, the original recommendation from the shop I bought these from said to set the...
  2. A

    Should I replace front speaker from Paradigm Mini Monitor to Polk Audio RTi A7

    A friend of mine is replacing his Polk Audio RTi A7, I am able to get it. My receiver is Yamaha RX-V485 and front speaker is Paradigm Mini Monitor, wondering if replacing it with the Polk is an upgrade, I read a lot of people does not like Polk Audio. TIA
  3. C

    Paradigm Studio 100 v3 Matching Center

    Hey there, I've got an old pair of Paradigm Studio 100 V3's I dug out and started using in a 2.1 setup with my new LG OLED. I'd like to build out a 5.1 or 5.1.4 using these guys but am having a hard time finding a matching center channel for them. With some research I've seen Paradigm Signature...
  4. B

    Paradigm Atom V4 - box rebuild?

    Hello! I've got a pair of Paradigm Atoms -V4 that have served me well over the years and wanted to get an opinion from others on the box. The back of the box is a thin piece of plastic that is screwed into the 1/2" particle board carcass. There is a pretty small amount of sound deadening...
  5. terrykuiho

    Recommendation needed for amplifier power for speaker Paradigm Prestige 75F

    Hello all, this is my first post:) and I recently bought a pair of Paradigm Prestige 75F speakers. I have an old AV receiver Yamaha RX-V675 which is outputting 90W per channel. I wonder if that is enough power for the 75F. I have read the speaker manual which says the speakers should not be...
  6. M

    Compact, modern alternative to a Paradigm PS1000 Subwoofer?

    Afternoon, Hoping somebody can help me find a subwoofer please! Current system: Harman Kardon Citation Amp Wharfedale Evo 4.3 Paradigm PS1000 Subwoofer The PS1000 belongs to my dad and eventually needs to make its way back. I love the sound and depth this subwoofer provides but it's far too...
  7. N

    Paradigm Soundscape vs Sonos Arc

    I have the Paradigm Soundscape soundbar and was, and still am, very happy with the sound I am getting from it. However, the Soundscape does not have an HDMI input, only optical, and I cannot access any Dolby Atmos content from my Sky Q or Apple TV 4K. My question is if I replace the Soundscape...
  8. Z

    Subwoofer for paradigm

    I have a Paradigm Soundtrack 2 and the subwoofer died on me. Aside from fixing it, ordering a new sub, can I get a different branded subwoofer and use it wirelessly?
  9. H

    Used Paradigm Speakers & SVS PB-2000 Sub - How Much to Sell For?

    Hello, I purchased some speakers back in August of 2020. That said, the pricing below is listed in Canadian Funds. (Two) SVS PB-2000 Pro 12-Inch Ported Box Sub Woofers (Paid $1,422.67 each taxes in) (One) Paradigm Premier 600C Centre Channel Speaker (Paid $1,411.37 taxes in) (Pair) of...
  10. Prestong87

    New Hi-Fi system with separates Help

    Hello all, I am looking into a new Hi-FI 2 Stereo setup and looking for some help for optimum setup. Speakers are Paradigm 9H. Options for setup 1: (2) Parasound JC1+, connected to (1) Parasound P6 2.1 Channel stereo preamp & dac, (1) NAD M33 BluOS Streaming DAC Amplifier. - I am questioning...
  11. Steve Withers

    Paradigm Defiance V12 Subwoofer Review & Comments

    The Paradigm Defiance V12 subwoofer not only offers a 12-inch driver and 250W of dynamic peak power, but also includes a remote app and Anthem Room Correction. The even better news is that all this cutting-edge subwoofery won't break the bank. Read the review. Write your own review for...
  12. O

    Paradigm servo 15a subwoofer

    Hello everyone I have a paradigm servo 15a subwoofer that I need to sell as I have upgraded. But I'm unsure of its value as I can't seem to find any that have sold in the last 12 months. I did find a ended auction for £450 ended price but that was just a servo 15 not a 15a and I have the x30...
  13. MrSweet1991

    Paradigm PS1000 - low bass sound?

    Hi All, I had to replace the foam on my PS1000 and to be honest at higher bass frequencies and loud volume it sounds great! But when it hits certain low frequencies it has this weird almost farting.. Reverb.. I don't really know how to explain but in the video you'll hear the bass between 3 and...
  14. M

    Question Upgrade from Kef q650C to Kef R or Paradigm CC

    Hey guys, I've came across two decent offer for a Kef R600C and a Paradigm CC590 (and a very cheap R200C). Was just wondering if it's worth it from a listening point of view. What I'm looking for is more clarity and "soundstage" from the Kef Q650C (especially after placing it in a better...
  15. MrSweet1991

    Paradigm PS1000 Foam Repair

    Hi All, I've had a Paradigm PS1000 under the stairs for like a year and I've missed the monster bass. The foam was pretty bad hence why it was put aside but after some research I've come to believe that I don't have to purchase a "Paradigm PS1000 replacement foam" which is near impossible and...
  16. L

    Paradigm Prestige 15B vs Monitor Audio Silver100

    Both speakers at the same price. Which is better?
  17. G

    Replacement sub driver for Paradigm

    After 20 years it appears the driver suspension has rotted away, just wondering if it’s possible to just replace the speaker driver with one of the correct size and rating? 10” 250w And if anyone knows a good supplier......
  18. L

    Paradigm and Boston Acoustics VRS Speakers / Keep or Replace

    I have Paradigm and Boston Acoustics VRS speakers for a while. These are pretty big and heavy. The specs are given below. Paradiagm (Floor Standing ) : 15-100W, 80W MAX, 8 OHMS Boston Acoustics VRS 004812 : 15-150W, 8 OHMS Are these speakers any good or are there any better ones...
  19. S

    WANTED x-30 module for Paradigm Servo 15

    Long shot, but after the paradigm x30 crossover module for the paradigm servo 15 subwoofer. Thanks
  20. X

    B&W DB1D vs Paradigm Persona Sub

    I'm looking to get a set of two subs for my new home theater. My room is about 9m x 6.5m with 6m ceilings. 30ft x 21ft with 19ft ceilings. The ceilings are slanted (vaulted), and the room is irregularly shaped. My main speakers are Sonus Faber Sonetto. I've narrowed my subwoofer choices down...
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