1. Davek0974

    UE55 panel picture quality issue

    Turned our UE55 on today and the picture has blown-out reds greens and blues - football pitches look like they are glowing, reds are seriously high and there is evidence of some sort of mpeg artifacts around the players. Have tried a picture reset from the menu, tried two input sources - sky...
  2. Lemsipper

    Gamers needs low price VRR panel, from UK, models only in US sending me crazy

    So as the title says, I do watch TV and movies, but the vast vast majority of time spent on my TV is using my computer to watch youtube and play video games. I don't own a monitor, all my media is consumed via TV as I have a small flat and don't feel like I need two screens when modern TVs are...
  3. M

    Q95T Back Panel Loose

    Just opening up my 65’ Q95T and noticed the top of the back panel and around the top edges is loose as shown in this video below. Someone please tell me that this is normal on this set.... Q95T Back Panel
  4. prezzy

    Help - does anyone know what this is - ceiling panel edging/trim?

    The edge part of the ceiling panels in our bathroom fell out the other night and has snapped so I cannot put it back, it is just a white plastic trim piece but the notches fit it into the ceiling panels - am struggling to find what this is to get a replacement - anyone any ideas what this is and...
  5. M

    OLED E6 55 clear panel noise

    Hi I have a E6 55 panel which has been brilliant however I have tried to use the clear panel noise feature and nothing happens either when I run now or schedule any ideas ? thank you
  6. RossG

    Unable to connect to Bryston manic moose or Jriver Panel

    I have a BDA 3.14 Streamer/DAC & use Jriver Media Centre 26 on my PC. Media server turned on. I also have a Samsung Galaxy Tab 7+, Google Pixel C & LG v30. WiFi is via Devolo Magic 2 2400 I have no problem accessing the internet via home WiFi (Sky Hub) with these devices yet I am unable to...
  7. C

    ASUS Xonar AE 7.1 front panel audio connection

    Hi I have an ASUS Xonar AE 7.1 sound card on an ASUS TUF B550-PLUS motherboard. The problem is this card is serving me no purpose at all because I plug my headset into the front audio panel, which goes to the motherboard, and I hardly use speakers on this specific rig. Since the Xonar doesn’t...
  8. M

    Question Faulty Panel or Calibrated incorrectly?

    I purchased an LG43UN71006LB from Amazon a few weeks ago. I believe it has an ips panel. It arrived on Saturday and I soon realised that the tv was displaying yellows as more of a greenish-yellow out of the box. The tv seems to be adjusting the picture automatically but I’ve turned every...
  9. H

    LG Panel Replacement/Factory Calibration

    Hi there I am due a panel replacement on my C9 tomorrow due to some dead pixels. I read somewhere that when a panel is replaced there is actually some white point calibration that needs to be done by the technician due to the new panel. Something that is normally done done in the factory on...
  10. D

    Alarm panel

    Looking for recommendations for a alarm panel wired that has 16 zones any help much appreciated and Happy new year
  11. H

    Panel Replacement Experiences

    Hi there For those of you who have had your panel replaced, what has been your experience? There is a video or 2 on YouTube and I am not impressed with the care and lack of professionalism when changing panels lol. More importantly how was the new panel in terms of uniformity? Many people...
  12. Tim O

    50" & 55"UN series - VA Panel?

    After seeking advice here, I've pretty well made up my mind to buy a 48" or 50"UN series TV (slim possibility of a 55"). Excellent guidance from Dodgexander steered me in this direction and his suggestion is that a VA panel is what I need. Better contrast, low viewing angle, Freesat onboard, no...
  13. Mark 3

    Splodge marks on C8 panel

    Hey all, Only noticed this today somehow. Black sploges on the panel. No pattern to them, just seems to be different patches all over the place. Only seen them once sunlight reflected. Thought they were marks at first, but seems to be the panel. Anyone else encountered this before?
  14. A

    HDR picture settings on 50" VA panel

    Hi all, I have a Phillips 50PUS6754 with a VA panel and Saphi OS, and am very happy with it. I have got most picture settings spot on for my usual viewing conditions, but I am struggling to get the HDR10 settings right, specifically on Amazon Prime Video (the built in app). The picture...
  15. M

    Good review site with panel info?

    Hi All, I'm looking at getting a new TV and want a review site that is likely to tell me whether a TV has an IPS or VA panel. I saw one mentioned on a review here a few months back, but can't remember it or find the thread! Any recommendations? I think it was a foreign site. Cheers
  16. Somebody

    Question How to automate a panel heater?

    Dear learned friends I have a number of dumb electric heaters controlled by switched spurs. What is the easiest way to enable timers and and have remote control etc. please? Thanks in advance
  17. T

    Panel hour check sony A8(H)

    Hi guys, How can you check the panel hours on a sony A8? i found 'Uptime' in the info menu but i am not sure if this is the actually hours the panel has been ON. Greetings.
  18. S

    QLED panel replacement query

    Hi, Looking for some advise, I purchased a QE65Q85R in December 2019 and recently had to have the panel replaced under warranty. It might just be me, but the picture does not look as good on the new panel. My worry is that an inferior panel has been used (eg. q70 or q80 instead of a q85 panel)...
  19. C

    Writing a petition for plasma panel production

    This may seem futile, but I have to try. Please humor me as it certainly doesn't hurt. I'm hoping to have other sets of eyes look at this petition before I post it for inaccuracies, important details I missed, and just overall ease of reading. Again, I know the slim/null chance of this...
  20. pepperedham

    Question What do these marks on screen look like (& general TV panel question)?

    Hey y'all, Been lurking here quite a bit after always being directed here when googling questions haha, and I've gotten curious on what these marks that have appeared on my TV are. My first reaction was scratches but they don't look like any other hairline/micro scratches that I've seen on any...
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