1. Kieran1981

    Samsung QN90a 43” is a VA panel in UK (for me at least)

    Hi everyone this is my first post, and I registered primarily to inform those who are seeking this info, that the 43” version of the Samsung QN90A is a VA panel and not a ADS/IPS panel, at least the one I received was. Maybe I won the ‘panel lottery’, who knows. The full model number for my...
  2. mowglii

    Is there any value left in a damaged TV (panel)?

    Once a TV has become damaged (impact damage which causes the panel to crack), is there any value left to try and recoup or is it destined for the dump? eBay always has broken TV's for sale but I'm not sure if they ever actually sell or if the seller gives up. Are there TV repair shops which...
  3. S

    Sony VW290ES - artefact on screen, dodgy panel?

    Just connected up a Sony VW290ES that i purchased as low lamp ex-dem from SO. I happen to select Artic as first movie that has a lot of snow scenes and within the bottom right quadrant I kept seeing what looked like a yellow square. Projecting some test colours, seems to show up more with...
  4. S

    For Sale Fibre Optic sparkling star panel with colour changing LED strip around edges 8'x4'

    For Sale is my fibre optic panel with twinkling or static stars, which also has a colour LED strip hidden around the edge, all remote controlled and mains powered. Approx 200 fiber optic strands in several different diameters for a better effect, it is covered in Devore black velvet and is made...
  5. G

    For Sale LG OLED55C7V - brand new screen - SW London

    Selling our LG 55" C7, description here. This was the big award winner when it came out and is still an excellent piece of kit. Smoke-free, pet-free home, the TV has been mounted on the wall throughout. The panel is brand new, just been replaced by Currys under warranty - the old one had a...
  6. V

    55OLED754 - No picture, sound ok - failed panel? Logic board?

    Hi All My 2 year 1m old 55OLED754 suddenly lost its picture but sound + ambilight function still. Picture is totally black, doesn't show startup logo. Anyone have insight as to likely cause ? I replaced power board - no change Any help much appreciated!
  7. AMCross

    Motorised Screen upgrade from button panel to remote

    has anyone any experience want to update my garage HC screen from a rocker button type button to a remote control or 12vdc trigger any suggestions please
  8. A

    Solar panel and charge controller for 12V leisure battery

    I have a 70ah (50% DoD) leisure battery that I'd like to use for some camping trips (tent) to power LED lamps, USB devices and recharge, and maybe an inverter to power a laptop. I'm thinking of something like a 100w solar panel might do to keep it charged up. Any suggestions or recommendations...
  9. rousetafarian

    Amazon Shopper Panel now launched in the Uk, by invite only.

    Hi I’ve received an invite this morning, anyone else? If so are you going to participate in the surveys and uploading your receipts? I’m sure it will a contentious platform for data harvesting.
  10. N

    OLED G1 55” - Panel slippage - lower part - normal?

    Hi- Just bought a brand new LG OLED G1 55” 2021 (here in the late product cycle) - and I wonder whether it’s normal that the lower part of the panel just above the metal edge should feel like giving in when pressed softly (only at the bottom of the screen) - feels and sounds like glue that...
  11. S

    Panasonic Oled panel maintenance not being completed

    My Panasonic Oled 65HZ980 fails to complete its panel maintenance procedure. I always leave it on standby and it never completes the maintenance or so it says by the message displayed on the next screen next day Makes no difference if I ask it to do it immediately or on next switch off, the...
  12. Original Star wars fan

    Failed OLED panel at 2 years - anyone seen this before?

    Here is my 2 year old Pansonic TX-65GZ950B and has been flawless until the last few months - I have noticed a shadow growing inwards from all sides. Photos - to show issue. Richersounds repair agent has said the panel has failed and looking to source a new panel - Has anyone seen this happen...
  13. T

    B6 Panel Replacement Confusion

    Replacement Panel on B6 Hi Everyone, LG is replacing the panel on my 65” B6 with a new C1 panel. I have no idea what this means for the different picture settings. My guess is that since it’s still going to have the guts of a B6, I should recommended B6 settings as a starting point, but will...
  14. Ste7en

    Panny LCD panel turned blue

    My brother got a nice, new Sony 55" TeeVee so he gave his old Panny 50" LCD to our pops. I called in tonight to set it up and it was blue. I'm not talking a bit of a tint. The whole screen looked like it was wrapped in blue film. Any suggestions regarding what the heck is going on would be...
  15. stasis

    Safe OLED Panel Handling

    Hi, I would like to know if OLED Panels have any special handling requirements such as having to remain upright. Is it okay to lay a panel on its back so long as it is well supported during handling it?
  16. P

    Solar panel inverter replacement

    Hi, can anyone recommend a good company to approach regarding replacing our inverter? The company we bought from went bust years ago, so we are on our own. Our inverter is approaching 10 years old, it still seems to be working fine, and we are contemplating leaving it in place until it shows...
  17. P

    Samsung Au9005kxxc 43 inches,is this a VA Panel?

    Hi guys just bought the au9005 43 inch have a small video to show,can you tell me if it is a VA panel? Thank you!
  18. F

    Is there a HiSense U6G equivalent VA panel in 75 inch?

    Purchased a U6G (65 inch, 60hz, VA panel) for a spare room recently, it is amazing! Colors, black levels, contrast, and sharpness are awesome, it really pops! So much so that now I want to get one for our main TV room, which currently has a 75 inch. Few problems...I need one for gaming and...
  19. E

    HDMI Switcher - is there such a thing as a wall panel?

    I'm currently helping plan out a dedicated cinema room at my parent's new house build. My father loves the idea of having the cinema, but is a complete technophobe so has never used a computer and just about manages to get by with his phone and TV Remotes! The room is built so I'm at the stage...
  20. G

    Panasonic jz1500

    Just received this panel yesterday and noticed an ever so slight bend in the top of the panel. Is this quite common on thin panels or should I contact the sellers. Picture is perfect on it.
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