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  1. IrritatedBadger

    For Sale Panasonic TX-P50GT50B (free)

    Just gauging if there's any interest for this old panel. It's been sitting around for a few years (plugged into standby). It still turns on and such and works perfectly fine. It has some adhesive crap (what was a LED strip) around the backside of the tv which I'll do my best to clean up if any...
  2. L

    CX 77 Inch replacement panel eaj65436201

    Hello! Not sure if anyone would be able to help, looking for a rough price on a eaj65436201 panel for a CX77, and if they are available? Thanks.
  3. B

    LG OLED65GX8LA issue after new screen fitted

    Just had the panel replaced on my GX6 as had lots of pixel issues around screen , now it’s back with new screen but the pixel shift option is now greyed out !! ? None of the tv settings were reset as it’s all as it was but before it was changed I could turn the pixel shift on and off but now is...
  4. Samsung equivalent tv

    Hi everyone Some help or suggestions if possible please, my current Samsung Qled tv QE55Q8DNA has given up and the repair people have said that it needs a new screen/ panel. The tv is covered by a five year warranty with John Lewis, the repair company sent from John Lewis have suggested that it...
  5. V

    Green patch on CX Panel

    I have this green patch and line turn up on my LG CX panel on the top left corner. I don’t know what it could be and not sure if it’s dead pixels. Does anyone know what it could be. I tried to take a photo of the area as best I can. Cheers
  6. Ali Raza

    Question Radiator at first refection

    Hey guys, I am just planning to build some acoustic panels but there's a radiator right at first reflection spot, is there anyway I could cover it with some acoustic material or some other solution other than moving it. Thanks
  7. Bensb93

    Sony 43X85K or Phillips 43PUS8808/12?

    As the title suggests I am not sure which model to go for. I am looking for a good VA panel with 120HZ, without stretching the purse strings too much for a C2/C3. I have an option of a used Sony 43X85K or a brand new Phillips 43PUS8808/12, both around the £350 mark. I would be happy to spend...
  8. lmedd844444

    Samsung 50inch QLED Screen Panel damage

    Hi, I purchased a Samsung Q80C QLED 50inch tv from an online auction. Upon taking home and plugging it in the screen is like this. I don’t believe the auction company will refund as their T&Cs say no refunds. Is this an easy fix? It won’t let me attach a photo, but it has no actual damage to...
  9. sparkymark75

    Question Samsung 2020 65” QLED Panel gone?

    Turned the TV on tonight and it has a horizontal black line in the bottom third of the screen. The picture below this seems to be darker in colour and when you look closely, it’s like some lines are missing. The pictures I’ve attached are from the in-built YouTube app. The red bar is the...
  10. Joe Pineapples

    Old Xpelair controls

    Can anyone tell me what the switches on the right panel do?. The fan powers on/off fine (with the left hand panel switch)
  11. J

    Samsung Panel issues

    Hi. My mum’s 32”” tv has developed a fault with the LCD panel. See photo. I have limited experience of repairing these things. Could it be something simple? A loose ribbon connector? Or is it doomed to the tip? Thanks in advance.
  12. B

    3 mobile mast

    Park Street, Madeley new PoW mast installed by Three, There is no panel on top but probably later this year to put 5G panels on it. Not sure if this mast is 5G or 4G only?
  13. plasmaisbetterthanoled

    Just metered light out on a Panasonic ST60 with 35,000 hours and another with only 8,000 hours. Surprising results! How many hours on your panel?

    Just picked up a couple more plasmas and measured light output. Both 55-in ST60s, one with 35,000 hours the other with 8,000 hours. They have nearly identical peak brightness despite the massive difference in hours of usage. The higher hour set is just a hair brighter and this is very...
  14. mmeier

    💡SAMSUNG TV: Changed panel type, now black screen

    I changed the panel type ('Option > Type') experimentally through the service menu. After the restart, the entire screen unexpectedly darkened, and navigation is not possible. I performed a factory reset blindly (Option > Factory Reset > Confirm 2x), then turned it back on. I heard the typical...
  15. pYjamas

    Acoustic panel treatment advice (GIK)

    Hi everyone. I've contacted Gik Acoustics for advice on how to treat my living room and I was wondering if their advice sounds reasonable. First, they suggest I mount my TV on the opposite side of my balcony windows and if I can, build a solid wall there so my living room becomes more...
  16. A

    Samsung 55" QN90C panel type

    Good evening, has anyone confirmed if the 55" QN90C panel is VA or ADS? Everything I've read about it is contradictory. Some say in the US it is ADS and in the UK it is VA. Others say they are all ADS regardless of region. Can anyone with this TV confirm the panel type? Thanks!
  17. S

    Currys OLED Panel Replacement

    Hi guys, I have an LG OLED E7 55" with the dreaded screen burn caused by the TVs inbuilt Youtube app (as you can clearly see the app screenburn from the logo in the top corner). As this is over 5 years but under 6 (covered by consumer rights) Curry's have asked me to pay £125 for assessment...
  18. O

    MLA in 77" vs LG C3 in 83"

    Hello, Need some advice regarding two options. Either I go with Phillips 908 OLED in 77", which have the new MLA LG panel, or LG C3 in 83". They cost the same where I live. I'm coming from an LG C8 65" and have some worries that the jump to C3 would be most in size. I have space and viewing...
  19. L

    Answered Do quantum dots improve the brightness of a panel in addition to the colour gamut?

    I was curious as to how much, if at all, quantum dots added to the brightness of a LCD panel. Thanks.
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