1. B

    True 10 bit panel- Help

    Hello, I have received this data from LG Korea from the panel, can someone explain what it means T-CON SD IC Control signal 8bit+2bit? Thank you. 문의하신 65SM9010PLA 모델 PANEL은 완전 10BIT입니다. T-CON과 SD-IC의 통신 부분만 8BIT +최하위 2BIT (control signal) 된 새로운 A10 기술이 적용되었습니다.
  2. Deano1889

    LG panel John Lewis branded help

    Hi all, Not sure if this is the right area but as it's essentially an LG TV i'm hoping someone can help. Does anyone have any reviews or links to specs and more info on the below TV? Do I stick with the below and save a sizable chunk of cash or sell it and upgrade? Would an upgrade to a 2019...
  3. J

    TCL cheated in its 43P8E 4K UHD LED TV which is not 4K UHD TV but is only 4K ready having 1080P Full HD display panel.

    Hi all, I have purchased a TCL 43P8E 4K UHD TV in India. The TCL false advertising and specifying it as 4K UHD TV. When I checked it with Device check android application softwares RESCheck and AIDA64 downloaded from play store, it showed the Display Panel specification as having resolution of...
  4. David Jones Locker

    Removing Outer Protective Panel on Plasma Long-term?

    Greetings all, First post, so please go easy - though you seem like a well-informed, courteous, likeable lot. 😉 Just in terms of disclosure, I've also posted this in the plasma section but also being a Panasonic, I couldn't decide which was more suitable or where I was more likely to get the...
  5. D

    Electric Vehicle Consumer Panel Webinars

    Hi all, I hope that we are all safe and remaining relatively calm about the current alien situation we find ourselves in. If anyone happens to be confined to their home and looking for someway to fill some spare time, I am looking for participants on a couple of consumer panels that I will be...
  6. J

    For Sale Konnected Alarm Panel 2 wired alarm system conversion kit

    Hi Selling a brand new sealed Konnected Alarm panel v2 Only opened box to check contents but have decided to go a different route now as had preordered this in October More info here: Pre-Order the Konnected Alarm Panel 2 wired alarm system conversion kit This cost me around £120 delivered...
  7. Arrow0309

    Question 50PUS8204/12 Panel type.

    Hi, I know it should be a VA panel but sometimes the blacks aren't so "black" (I know it's not an OLED or Qled). I made a picture with my Note 8 (best visible of more pics), can you tell me if you recognise the panel type?
  8. A

    Rako Control Panel Help

    Hello, Sorry if this is a basic question but I've looked in Rako documentation and can't seem to find my answer... is there any way to use a single button on a wired wall control panel to turn scenes both on and off in a non-local room... example, I have a control panel in my kitchen and I want...
  9. J

    Question Hairline scratches on led panel?

    Why does my scratch only shows up when I face a bright flashlight on it? Viewing experience looks the same when the tv is turned off or on. I maybe scratched it days ago when i was cleaning it with my microfiber cloth, seems like some particles scratched it producing some horizontal hairline...
  10. LordPlops

    Much difference between a 2017 OLED panel and a 2019?

    Hi, I'm looking at possibly upgrading my TV and want to know if there is a noticeable difference between panels from 2017 and ones from 2019 - would it be obvious or only obvious if they were side by side? I'm looking at moving from a Philips POS9002 to a Philips 854. If the answer is no then I...
  11. Lvrhs

    Oled panel life

    Hello. Someone has used OLED tv for over 2-3 years without any issues or replacements? In my country, I get 2 year warranty and have read here, that most OLEDS are broken after 2 years.
  12. Bert Coules

    Speaker connectors in a patch panel

    I wonder if anyone here has ever used these speaker connector keystone modules? (Apologies for the poor quality image.) I'm setting up a patch panel in an AV rack and have bought a number of these Nexxia products: they're very nicely constructed and reasonably priced but the design has me...
  13. T

    Samsung panel issue?

    Hi, my 10yr old 1080 Samsung LED UE55D8000 has started to show issues with certain colours on the left side of the panel - see image. Any ideas if this is fixable or if it’s a sign of the panel starting to fail? It’s more apparent on certain colours. Green (as per image) is particularly rough...
  14. D

    Question 82” Q70R dark lines around panel

    Is this normal?
  15. Saldawop

    Solar panel for leisure battery

    My partner has a horse and runs the electric fencing using a leisure battery{85mah}. She has a small solar panel (5w 12v)with controller(5a}, but doesn't seem to do anything . We are assuming the solar panel /controller is too small? Did anybody know which size she would need?
  16. anlygi

    Question Acoustic panel construction advice

    I have recently moved home and the lounge layout is totally inappropriate for my system so I'm going into a small dedicated room. It's also a half roofspace conversion so there's a vaulted ceiling on one side, beginning just above each corner I will be placing my Q Acoustics 3050 fronts. It is...
  17. N

    Powermax plus Tamper alarm Control panel

    Hi all, desperate to find a solution. I’ve got a powermax plus and it indicated to replace the Control board battery pack, which i did. When i replaced and Closed the system, battery is ok now. However the system now reports a tamper issue on the control panel.... any idea how to fix this? It...
  18. Baixa

    Samsung 43RU7400 VA Panel vs IPS Panel Version Eye Strain, Fatigue, Headache, help!!

    Hello!! So Short story: I have bought a Samsung 4k TV 43RU7400 on Black Friday , but i returned it beacuse it came with an IPS panel with terrible backlight bleed, bad black uniformity, even so i kept it for 3 weeks and that bleed was the main problem for me, not so much the fact that it was...
  19. ashallen2000

    panasonic tx-40gx700b/any other sizes owners, whats your opinion on this panel?

    Looking for a tv within the budget of £350, 40-43" to play games on in a dark room and im stuck between the Hisense 43b7500 and this panasonic tv. Anyone who owns this tv, what is your opinion on the image quality, input lag, brightness, etc.
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