1. R

    For Sale 65" Panasonic FZ802

    Selling my much loved FZ802 due to upgrade to a 77" OLED. Picture quality is superb and there are no dead pixels and no signs of burn in/image retention whatsoever (this model has good burn in protection so not likely to be an issue). I purchased it new from John Lewis in July 2018 for £3499 so...
  2. laws08

    U7QF and Panasonic 820

    So watched a 4K movie the other night, had some flickering on the picture, fixed it by turning the brightness down, went to put another movie on today and no picture at all only sound!?! Can’t even see the home menu on the player!!! Anybody solved this issue?? I’ve reset TV, changed hdmi ports...
  3. D

    Panasonic TH-58AX800UK with Sonos Arc

    I have a 2015 (model year 2014) Panasonic TH-58AX800 and a Sonos Arc. I was fully aware I would not get Dolby Atmos but expected to get Dolby 5.1. I can only achieve PCM Stereo with my current setup. Xbox series X - TV HDMI 4 - HDMI 2 (out) to Sonos Arc Xbox will not give me bitstream out with...
  4. R

    Panasonic TX-65HZ980B vs LG OLED65BX6 LB

    Hi all, I have taken delivery of the Panasonic TX-65HZ980B today, however I am now wondering if the LG OLED65BX6LB would have been a better option? The price is very similar between both so that is not a deciding factor, I don’t play games etc. - it would be used for YouTube, Netflix and...
  5. jason1wood

    For Sale 3D titles and Panasonic 3D glasses

    bought these to try 3D, watched them and realised it isn't for me, so up for sale. Will sell the blus for £15 Life of pi Prometheus Jupiter ascending Piranha 3D (3D boobs Boyz) Pirahna 3DD (more boobs) Jurassic world Paranormal activity ghost dimension Also have a boxed pair of Panasonic...
  6. jbmouse101

    Panasonic TXL42ET60B screen fault, repairable or not?

    My 8 yr old Panasonic has suddenly started exhibiting a series of horizontal lines near the bottom of the screen, they flicker a bit, are worse on the right hand side, worse on light picture, not visible on black parts. I have attached some photos and I have a video that I dont seem able to...
  7. Wavod

    Wanted Panasonic DMP-UB900 4k Blu Ray player

    Trusted AVF buyer. As per title I'm after a Mint Panasonic DMP-UB900 with all original accessories, original box and packaging also. Maybe someone is thinking of upgrading? Going rate seems to be £180/£200 incl. postage. WHYG? Good quality pics appreciated. Regards,
  8. S

    Panasonic P50GT60B Fault Patches of Blue Green Dots

    Hi all, I've had my Panny P50GT60B since December 2013. Recently I've noticed patches of blue/green dots (pixels) across parts of the screen when watching TV. This is most noticeable when watching Netflix or Amazon Prime. Its not really significant and is random where the dots are located...
  9. boxer dog

    Any advice as to current market price MK MP150 and CS150s?

    Hello everyone Apologies if I am posting in the wrong place here as I have been away from the forums for a while. We are having a house renovation and the cinema room has to go, we are switching over to a Samsung frame and Sonos arc setup. I will be putting up for sale LCR MK MP150s and CS150...
  10. B

    For Sale Panasonic PT-DZ780 Projector with ET-DLE030 Ultra Short Throw Lens bundle

    The quietest high brightness fixed installation projector. Aimed at continuous 24-hour operation in public display and signage, as well as rental and staging applications, the DZ780 projectors feature a liquid-cooling system that reduces operating noise to just 30 dB when projecting at full...
  11. P

    55HZ1000B amp connections

    Hi, I've had this set only a couple of weeks, but I've already had problems with successfully connecting the TV to my Yamaha RX-V377 amp. Like my previous TV, I connected the HDMI to the ARC-enabled slot at the back and all seemed well. Then, out of the blue after a few days, I was getting no...
  12. cthuluxxxgod

    2nd monitor

    Can i connect and use my samsung galaxy tab s2 as a second monitor on a Panasonic HDC-SD60 camcordor ór will i need to get an actual monitor if so Any suggestions on monitors on a budget would help Thanks
  13. C

    Panasonic FS500B - USB HDD To PC

    I have a new Panny FS500B 24" smart t.v. But its too smart for its own good. Apparently it can record progs. to a USB HDD; and then play back same. BUT any recordings cannot be played back on a PC / laptop. Indeed recordings can only be played back on the very same t.v. that recorded them. Is...
  14. J

    Panasonic engineer in South-East London?

    Hi All, I have a Panasonic DMR BWT 740 which has an issue - it cannot find/retain TV channels. I've discussed on another thread here and it appears the unit has a fault. I called Panasonic and they informed me that the nearest authorised Panasonic repair centre is 22 miles from me (near...
  15. R

    UV Filter Suggestions for Sony AX53 and Panasonic HC VX1

    Hello everyone. I have the Sony AX53 and Panasonic HC VX1 and they both have a protection filter on the front in case of an accident! But I'm looking for a UV filter that would stop the sun glare onto the lens, with the protection filter it lets a lot of glare onto the lens which is crazy. Any...
  16. S

    Wanted 3d glasses for Panasonic 58dx902b

    Hi, I am after working 3d glasses for Panasonic Dx902b tv. Thanks
  17. B

    DMR-PWT655EB Stops Recording When Input is Changed

    I have this linked via my Denon amp on ARC - anytime it is recording a programme on Freeview and I try to change the Input, it always wants to stop recording the programme and will not change the Input (to TV etc), anyone got any advice..?
  18. J

    HZ980 or LG CX? DTS annoyance.

    Hello. I hope you're all keeping safe and well. So I'm in a bit of a first world dilemma right now. I can get the LG 55CX for £999 from Richer sounds, or I can get the Panasonic TX-55HZ980B for £950 from John Lewis (and they will throw in a £100 gift card). I'm quite frustrated that there is...
  19. SyStemDeMoN

    Panasonic DP-UB450EBK 3d problem

    I have had this player for a year now and I remember the last time I tried to play a 3D disc on it I had problems. I have updated the firmware and tried different cables and such. The cable I use atm allows DV 4K to the tele so I am assuming it would pass 3d also. I have the player direct...
  20. Sluggster

    Will aMac Mini do what I want it to?

    I was going to get the new version of the Apple TV 4K (2021) but it does not appear to be much of an upgrade from the older version. I‘m now considering a Mac Mini 2021 with the new non Intel chipset. Before moving forward I would like to make sure it will do what I want it to first. It must be...
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