1. M

    Panasonic DMR BWT850 - Hard drive replacement

    Panasonic DMR BWT850EB - Hard drive replacement Hi all, I'm trying to replace a broken HD in my BWT850EB. There doesn't seem to be anything else wrong with the machine, power supplies fine etc. The original HD failed during a thunder storm and refused to respond at all, so ended up in the bin...
  2. 1

    Panasonic Smart TV (How Smart is it)

    I'm currently enjoying a 2010 55" Panasonic TV. Works great. But to get the some current apps I need to go thru a Amazon fire stick. I am looking at a TC-P55ST50 which I believe is a 2014. Would that be able to get Apple TV, Paramount +, etc. apps or would I still need to use the Firestick...
  3. O

    For Sale Free Samsung and Panasonic Active 3D glasses - Buyer pays postage.

    The last time I used, they were working fine. Free to collect or Buyer pays for the postage. Collection from Weybridge.
  4. Zog

    JX800 DVB issues connecting to an audio system and the remote

    Have an odd problem with the connection to my mini-system in the bedroom. The audio and video for all the Freeview channels and apps, but there is a problem with the audio on the HD channels. Initially it's like the old dial-up sound, then changes to just white noise. Tried to change the...
  5. Johndm

    Random event, Panasonic OLED going into standby/restart

    My Panasonic OLED has recently randomly going into standby followed by an immediate restart. I have all my equipment connected through a Pioneer Receiver. When this happens, my Apple TV 4K springs into life for no reason, white led starts flashing and it powers up CEC on Apple TV is off, any...
  6. S

    TX-58DX750F - Begginer in calibration

    Hi, I just got my Panasonic TX-58DX750F. It's my first time with a "good" tv and I would like to calibrate it, precisely if possible. But I'm a total begginer in this field. The goal is to use it with my Xbox Series X (so SDR and sometimes HDR). What I've done so far is following those 2 videos...
  7. V

    Panasonic SC-HC200 stopped working

    I have a Panasonic SC-HC200 Until recently it was working perfectly. I,ve been playing commercial music CD's and some CDR's (Maxell) with music with no problem Now whenever I insert a disk it continuously flashed "Pending" I tried a brand new music disc and it says "No disc" Bluetooth and radio...
  8. marty1

    For Sale Panasonic DMP-BDT 310 3D Bluray player

    I'm selling my Panasonic bluray player due to 4k upgrade, it's in good condition, just minor scuffs, comes with remote control, I do not have original box. £80 with delivery £70 collection from Dagenham Thank you
  9. mascot

    Panasonic Viera TH-50PZ80B picture breaking up (video attached)

    Hi all, My Panasonic Viera TH-50PZ80B plasma developed a fault where the picture would start to break up after about half an hour of use, which made me think it was linked to a component warming up/getting hot. But now the image looks like in the attached video from start-up. Sometimes the image...
  10. Bemused One

    For Sale Panasonic UB420 4K Bluray Player

    I have for sale a Panasonic UB420 4K Blu-Ray Player, with remote. Fully boxed. This is a great little bluray player. It's never let me down. It will be 3 years old come August this year and has had moderate usage in that time. It has an abundance of settings for those who like tweaking and...
  11. S

    TX-58DX750F has a parental PIN code set, necessary for factory reset

    Hi, I'm new on this forums so very sorry if I make some mistakes. I just got a used Panasonic TX-58DX750F. I would like to reset it to factory settings. Problem there is a parental PIN code set, and it is necessary for a factory reset : I asked the previous owner about this, and he can't...
  12. steve1966

    For Sale Panasonic DMP-BDT120 Blu Ray Player

    Panasonic DMP-BDT120 3D Blu Ray Player -SOLD Boxed with remote and power cable Tested and working well £20 including delivery
  13. R

    Panasonic Speaker cable plugs help

    I need help finding the correct or near enough (to do the job) speaker wire plugs for Panasonic SC-DT100 I already tried 27mm alligator clips but they're awkward, fidgety and keep slipping out of the terminals. Any help appreciated. John
  14. N


    HI i recently bought a TOSHIBA smart TV and i am struggling to play my VHS tapes from my PANASONIC DMR EZ49VEB dvd/ vhs combo the dvd works fine with the HDMI but keep gettoing messages on the TV about connecting to the appropriate AV connection ive got as far as a black and white image filling...
  15. F

    Panasonic plasma TV TX-P65VT20E

    Hello, could you please help me? I need a part number for a super fast recovery diode RFUS20 T4S. Where I can get the same one or replacement part? Thx
  16. 3

    For Sale Panasonic TX-P42ST30B

    Panasonic 42 inch Plasma TV. Remote control and Wall Mount. Very good condition. Excellent Plasma picture.
  17. W

    In need of Panasonic EX98V firmware

    Hello. Long time lurker here but first time poster. I wonder if anyone has the file needed to get a Panasonic DMR-EX98V working? I am referring to the file that has to be burnt to and loaded by CD. Problem: HDD ERR. I removed the drive from the DVR and plugged into a pc and the drive does not...
  18. mtenga

    For Sale Panasonic UB820

    Purchased from Sevenoaks in September 21, lightly used and no longer required. Good condition with remote and power lead only, no box.
  19. P

    Panasonic DMRHWT230, Freeview box

    Please can someone help, I had to buy a new remote, but I can’t find how to pair it with my Freeview box
  20. rik111

    For Sale Panasonic TX-P65VT50B 65" Plasma

    Lovely TV purchased from these very forums around 6 years ago. Picture is still comparable to the best on 1080p. Replaced by a LG oled which was a bit underwhelming after the Plasma. Stand was never used but picked up a scratch in storage. Have both remotes, the small one was never used but...
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