panasonic tx-50gx800b

  1. A

    Panasonic TX-50GX800B and a 4k Firestck

    Hi all First time poster. So we have a Panasonic 5oin Gx800, we love the tv, well apart from the time it was 3 weeks old and it blew the main board, but thats a different story. We use a firestick with the tv and the problem is when we wake the tv from sleep the tv remote won't work the...
  2. A

    Hisense B7500 VS Hisense B7120 VS Panasonic GX800B

    Hi, I'm trying to get a budget to mid-range TV for playing video games and I'm looking for the best visual fidelity (resolution, HDR implementation, etc) that my money can buy, along with an at least not bad sound quality. I can afford all three of the following TVs, which are my "finalists"...
  3. Spence0108

    Panasonic tx-50gx800b or LG 49SM8600PLA

    What should I buy out of these two? Mainly use mine for gaming, watching movies and streaming. I know the LG is better for gaming and has a better UI but haven't heard great things about when dark scenes are on. Overall have heard good things about the Panasonic but UI is outdated. Can anyone...
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