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  1. C

    Neo Professional with Panasonic Oled

    Hi All, Recently I bought a neo pro matrix 4x4 on ebay. within house I was able to switch between skyq and CCTV live cam. I have a summer house/office at the back of garden. I am able to watch SKY Q here , but unable to see CCTV live cam. for testing purposes, I got 1 of the in house TV and...
  2. M

    Panasonic OLED TV and Britbox problem

    I have a Panasonic OLED 4K TV which has an annoying problem with Britbox. When trying to watch certain episodes of boxed sets, an error message is produced and the program will not play - even though it runs fine on my laptop. I have tried a factory reset - to no avail, and have contacted...
  3. Kapkirk

    Should I be worried about Burn in on Panasonic OLED?

    I was just browsing youtube and noticed many LG OLED users complaining of screen Burn on their TV's, I had heard about this before buying my Panasonic but didn't pay much too much attention as many people are saying on here it's not really an issue anymore, nearly all of the videos are from LG...
  4. T

    Upgrading my panasonic oled gz950

    Hee guys, I need some help. I got a change to 'upgrade' my panasonic gz950 (2019) 55 inch to a sony A8 (2020) 65 inch. Should i do this in terms of picture quality / motion /hdr & DV? Thanks!
  5. Rodzy

    Which sound system for Panasonic OLED TV

    Hy everybody, I'm searching for suitable sound system for my Panasonic oled 65 gz950e tv, preferably soundbar + bass. It could be real sorround system, but back speakers should have wireless audio signal and wired power supply. My budget is around 500$/450€ and I want to be able to stream music...
  6. BrynTeg

    Question Panasonic Oled Help

    My trusty Panasonic Oled Cz952 has developed a fault .... Switched it on this afternoon to watch football and there was no sound, plus it keeps flashing as if it cant stay on the Hdmi source. I have tried both hdmi inputs , sky being one and blu ray the other both same issue.. I have also...
  7. A

    Question Replacing my Panasonic OLED for an QLED because of bright living room?

    Hi all, I've been wondering if I should consider replacing my current Panasonic 65" FZ802 because my living room is quite bright? (please see attached image for the floor plan) We get a lot of sun light throughout the day since we are south facing, it gets bad when its around 4-5pm onward as...
  8. rooster_nch

    Panasonic OLED - TX-55EZ952B

    I purchased my OLED TV on 31st March 2018, it still has 3 years warranty on it. Noticed whilst watching a program with yellow scenerey that there was a distincy green blur dead centre of the screen. Ran a YouTube Yellow screen test and confirmed that there was a big green blur exactly central...
  9. S

    Current generation Sony or Panasonic OLED - is a raised stand position possible?

    I am considering upgrading my Pioneer plasma to one of the current Sony or Panasonic OLED models. I have a large centre speaker on the surface that I would like the new TV to stand on, so was wondering whether anybody knows if it would be possible for the new model to be in a raised position...
  10. J

    Question Viewing via an aerial on a 55” Panasonic oled

    With the cost of Sky on the increase we’re thinking about going back to old fashion terrestrial Tv through an Aerial. Was wondering about HD picture quality.
  11. E

    Panasonic OLED ASBL

    Hello fellow Panasonic users, I'd like to know if any one of you knows how to disable ASBL (not ABL) in the service menu of a GZ 2000 ? In games like FIFA or NBA 2K with a HUD, the overall brightness gets dimmed down after 1 ou 2 minutes which ruin the gaming experience... Thank you in advance...
  12. A

    Do Panasonic OLED TVs use PWM? Eye-strain..

    Hi, As per the topic ... There's something about my new OLED that I'm sure is giving me eye-strain. At first I thought it was the brightness - it seems really bright to me, though a bit better now I've reduced the Luminance to ZERO for night time viewing, and lowered the contrast. Even then...
  13. Andy Bassett

    NEWS: Panasonic OLED TVs to feature Netfllx Calibrated Mode

    Panasonic and Netflix have come together to create a Calibrated mode for the Japanese company's latest OLED TVs Read the news.
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