1. J

    Professional or Consumer Video Recorders & Players (VHS PAL)

    Hi, can you please provide me with a list of make (Sony, Panasonic etc) & models of Professional or Consumer Video Recorders & Players (VHS PAL) that has the following specific Technical Specifications: S-Video Input /Outputs, Component Input /Outputs (not composite!) video - separate feeds for...
  2. lyanporto

    How to consistently change PAL into NTSC?

    Hi, everyone, This is driving me nuts so I hope somebody can help me. I just moved to Belgium and brought my American NTSC Nintendo 64 with me. Here, I bought an LG 49UN710006LB. Naturally, when I plug it in, the image is black and white. I expected that. I didn't expect it to be so hard to...
  3. blaik00z

    Question Portable TVs in 2020 (HELP)

    Hello All, I'm having problems connecting HDMI to some old portable TVs. Obviously, not an easy project to start off with but I've had some success already and need some general knowledge if it is out there. There are 2 portable TV sets, one color and one black and white. I've included images...
  4. M

    Vankyo V620 stuck in PAL mode

    Hello, new to the forum today! I inadvertently put my Vankyo v620 into PAL mode. Now it just gives me a blue screen, say no signal regardless of what input I am on and my remote won't work. Anyone know how I can get it back into NTSC mode? Thanks!
  5. C

    PAL aerial feed to NTSC/ATSC tuner

    Hi all Hopefully this is the correct forum for this query. I'd like to purchase a "Fire Tv Recast" (FTA OTA DVR) which is only available in the US for use in Ireland. (I realise the fire tv recast isnt everyone's cup of tea and there are alternatives such as hd homerun - but I'd rather the...
  6. P

    Question PAL60 to HDMI

    Hello everybody. I'm desperate and I hope anyone can help me. I live in Europe and I got a PAL Gamecube. Currently, it is connected to my TV via Composite but I need to convert it to HDMI to use my HDMI Splitter and other stuff. So I bought an AV to HDMI Converter on Amazon, which works...
  7. Jonny 65

    Question 1978 PAL telefunken tv, strange input, what are they for?

    Hi, im new to this forum, i just want to know something about my crt tv My tv has very strange input and i want to know for what are they for, i did not find nothing on the internet, please help me, thanks. I will Attach a foto, so you can see them (and sorry for my bad english, im italian)
  8. T

    Help watching Football! UK BT Set Top Box with a USA TV

    I'm hoping someone can help me set up my BT TV service with my TV from the USA. I've moved here temporarily, making it not cost effective to purchase a new TV. I know UK signal is PAL/50 Hz and USA tv is NTSC/60 Hz. I purchased a device that I thought would convert the signal...
  9. Andrew Rodger

    Bang and Olufsen LX2502 CRT TV NTSC Capable?

    I have a Japanese Super Famicom 16-Bit games console which operates at 60Hz NTSC. I have the opportunity to buy a Bang and Olufsen LX2502 CRT TV which was manufactured from 1989 to 1992. From a little internet research I have found a document which says it has a 'power frequency' of 50/60Hz...
  10. dosdan

    Display frame rates of "PAL" & "NTSC" DTVs

    I know a lot of DTVs and DVDs players are multi-system. So what's the deal nowadays with DTV frame rates. I presume an "NTSC" DTV will using display frame rates which are multiples of ether 59.94Hz or 60Hz, while "PAL" DTVs will be using multiples of 50Hz. But what about: NTSC DVD -> PAL DTV...
  11. C

    Connecting PAL devices to Japanese TV

    I'd like to get some advice regarding following problem. My goal is to make few PAL consoles (which use RGB and component interfaces) work with Mitsubishi NTSCJ TV, which I was unfortunately bestowed with and have no chance to get rid of it as for now. What I tried to do with that premise was...
  12. T

    My Xbox 360 Reboots once i change inputs... Pal

    hi, i looked on google and ive tried covering pins and once i get the picture to stay on i lose sound or it becomes so distant i cant hear anything unless i turn up the volume really high. is there not just a cheap adapter i can buy nowadays... any help would be fantastic please as i cant play...
  13. Geeky123

    Pal Connector for Satellite Cable

    Can I use Pal connectors instead of F connectors in satellite signal cable? Do Pal connectors cause signal loss to satellite signals?
  14. jimjam75

    Panasonic Bdt370 NTSC or pal

    Hi this is my first post so here goes. I have just bought a Panasonic BDT370 bluray player and it is connected to a Yamaha RX-v677 which is connected to a Sony KD 55x8505B what I would like to know is which setting I use for to system is it NTSC or PAL?
  15. D

    Freeloader Help (GC)

    Hey guys, i'm having a few issues and I could really do with some help. I have a pal gamecube with freeloader and a US Pokemon Colosseum XD (I could never find an EU one :( ). While the game loads I'm having issues with my memory card. Every time I try to load my saved data it tells me the...
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