1. S

    Technics 1500c amp and speaker pairing help

    So I bought my first turntable last week and despite only playing it on rubbish speakers I am absolutely in love with the aesthetic, collecting records, record shops and all in all sound. Come September, I will be buying an amp and speaker set that I can setup once a flat move is sorted...
  2. G

    IPhone SE pairing

    Not sure whether it is the car or the phone but when I try to pair my SE with my car (Honda CR-V) for the hands free it is either unable to find it or on the occasion that it does find it, the very next time I use the car it has disappeared and I have to start all over again. Is there anything...
  3. emzatos

    Pairing Sony STR-DH190 with Martin Logan Motion 20s

    Hi all, I recently picked up a pair of ML Motion 20s and I'm looking for a receiver to pair them with. My setup involves a turntable and a TV, so phono in is required. I will only be needing 2ch for the time being. With some cursory research I landed on the DH190s which seem to be very...
  4. I

    Subwoofer not pairing

    I have a wireless subwoofer and all of a sudden it is no longer paired with the soundbar. I've tried manual pairing by setting the volume on soundbar to "min" then holding mute but nothing happens. Tried turning off & on multiple times. The soundbar doesn't seem to go into "pair mode" LAS455H...
  5. D

    Help pairing streaming amp to Concept 20 speakers

    Hi all, This forum has been a game changer for me and I just wanted to start by thanking you all. This is my second thread and it was suggested that I start this because my original thread was about pairing an integrated amp with my Concept 20s. I settled on the Rotel A12MKII. I love the sound...
  6. O

    Marantz NR1200 pairing with speakers: Dali vs Q acoustics and what about impedance (using one set vs 2 sets simultaniously)

    Hello, I would like to add new speakers to my Marantz NR1200. I am currently trying out the Dali Oberon 3, Q acoustics 3030i and 2020i. I am a bit confused as for what would technically be a good match, power / impedance wise. Especially when I would pair 2 sets of speakers, would a...
  7. NifkinFZ6

    Chord Qutest amp pairing

    Hi guys, I'm looking at picking up a Chord Qutest at a never-to-be-repeated price to upgrade my streamer and CDP output. My amp is a Creek Evo 100A, which is a neutral, transparent, very low distortion solid state number, so I thought I'd ask, before pulling the trigger on the Qutest, any...
  8. evolutiontheory

    Amp pairing suggestions for 603 s2 anniversary

    Hello all Got into speakers from the world of headphones. Got the Dali Oberon 7s but they lacked detail for me but the sound was sweet and vocals great. So got the bowers and Wilkins 603 s2 anniversary. I went with Nad C700 for the convenience. The speakers now have detail but seems like...
  9. P

    Need help pairing bookshelf speakers with Cambridge cxa81 amp in small room

    Happy weekend and go Bengals! I have researched for many hours and decided I'll just ask as my head is starting to spin. Looking for an end game bookshelf pairing to this amp. I recently got the Cambridge Audio CXA81 integrated amp (well within return window fyi) currently being used with elac...
  10. S

    Arcam AVR400 B&WM1 Sub pairing

    Hi all, what sub would you pair with a Arcam AVR400 and B&W M1’s for a 5.1 setup? Most of the sound will be approx. 80% film. The room is open plan but the living area part is 3.2m by 4m. One requirement is wireless for the sub so I have been looking at Rel/SVS. Putting budget aside, what...
  11. JohnMusicAddict

    Pairing B&W 685 S1 with S2

    Hiya all, I'm looking for a center speaker to complete my B&W set. Currently I have: 4x B&W 685 S1 for front and surround ASW610 as sub And a Denon X2500h receiver This works great, but I don't have a center yet, and I'd like to for clearer dialogue and better surround. At first I considered...
  12. fwokinfwok

    Sky Q remote volume only adjusts when pointing at sky box

    I've had Sky Q with My LG OLED TV and Denon receiver set up for years. Just recently, the volume buttons stopped working on the sky Q remote. I reset the remote and re-paired the remote as per the instructions on the tv on how to pair to a sound system. It works but when I close the door on...
  13. D

    Pairing tv remote with amp

    Hi. I recently bought a Denon amplifier to play my L1 speakers through when my subwoofer broke. The sound is great so I’m not going to replace the subwoofer. The only problem is I have to turn the volume of the tv and amp up separately with different remotes. Is there a way to pair the Loewe...
  14. B

    Amp for Magnat Transpuls 1000

    Hey all, I recently bought the Magnat Transpuls 1000 speakers and I'm trying to find an amplifier to fit them. After a lot of reading it seems the Audiolab 6000a would be very nice, but I am unsure if its powerful enough for these speakers to reach full potential. Any help would be much...
  15. Ivan6488

    Can Bose Gemstone speakers be paired with accoustimass 3 series iv subwoofer?

    Hi, I wonder if anyone has done this or could help. I have an accoustimass 3 series iv laying about and I was going to put it in my kitchen and I was wondering if I could plug Gemstone speakers into the sub. The gemstone speakers will fit perfectly into where I need them and from what I...
  16. C

    Pairing wireless earbuds with stereo system

    Is it possible to pair Cambridge melomania touch bluetooth earbuds to the Cambridge CXNv2 streamer so not listening through speakers ? Or use my integrated Amp which has a bluetooth connected in its rear panel that might do the pairing??
  17. A

    Epson 2250 Bluetooth pairing fail.

    Hello, I can't find ANY way to connect the audio Bluetooth of the 2250 with a good audio equipment, The bluetooth option works well: devices are listed and recognized in the menu, but the connection will 'Fail' with all my professional bluetooth audio new devices (BOSE smart soundbar, Samsung...
  18. S

    65Oled855 remote pairing issue

    Hi all, hoping someone can help. Bought one of these from ebay yesterday, all working good when I went to collect but this morning I've tried to install in my house and I can't get past the remote pairing screen. I've pressed the pairing button for 3 seconds but nothing happens. Anyone else had...
  19. M

    How to Pair a remote to Aiwa stereo system

    Hi all, I'm just curious if anyone is aware of how to Pair a remote control to an Aiwa Stereo Hifi system, the amp came with a RC-TZ1100 remote, which has broken and I have a replacement, it is a RC-TZ720, which I want to try and pair to the amp ( mx-z3100m ) Cheers all
  20. G

    Pairing speakers to new amp

    Following on from my recent thread in the hi-fi section, I recently purchased a Marantz PM6007 which is paired with a Rega P1 turntable and a CD player to follow. Really happy, but I feel that my current speakers Monitor Audio Bronze BR1 are the weakest link so I am considering buying new...
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