1. N

    Projector screen wall paint...

    Hi, As part of refreshing my home cinema set up - I want to improve the picture visibility when there is more daylight in the room. I saw these guys had some amazing paint that achieves that - I wasn’t sure if it was just marketing hype or if genuinely the paint was this good, but do we have...
  2. humpo

    PS5 custom paint job

    Ever since i saw the teardown, it immediately sprung to my mind how easy it would be to give the 2 white parts a lick of spraypaint. Watched a few youtube vids last night who used some spray on stuff called plasti dip, it seemed to work very well and can apparenty just be peeled off if you dont...
  3. L

    Recommendations on painting MDF

    I will be building my first HiFi System soon and was wondering if anyone has any recommendations on painting. I have searched around but can't seem to find a clear answer. I want the speakers to be a nice plain white with a little bit of gloss. Thanks In advance :).
  4. oaklandraiders

    Another paint question

    Current room is vinyl Matt white ceiling and Gardenia walls. Ceiling will stay the same, I’ve been allowed 1 wall in a slightly slightly darker colour, it’s still going to be white based. Would this be better on wall behind screen, adjacent to screen or the back wall. Terrible drawing attached
  5. Davekale86

    Smelly paint

    Long story short painted the kids room on the weekend with some paint that was left outside,had some water in it and tipped most of it away,started painting the walls and it smelled like poo said to the Mrs this doesn’t smell right,anyway painted it Saturday and it stills smells any ideas why...
  6. A

    Paint wall for UST

    I cant get an Epson LS500 at the right price, from one of my it suppliers, and i'm wondering, what colour of finish to paint wall. I don't want a huge oversize screen looking silly in an the tv/sitting room. I was going away from projectors to an 86" tv, but at the price i can get that projector...
  7. MartinMiller

    Gloss Paint

    Hi Can anyone recommend a good gloss paint that doesn’t go yellow quickly? cheers Martin
  8. sep8001

    External Concrete floor paint

    Hi Looking for suggestions on external Concrete floor paint, will be used on the drive way. Thank you
  9. Ciotog

    Another projector paint question!

    Hi guys, just looking for a recommendation for a basic good wall paint to project on. I have a NEC P420X projector, nothing fancy. It projects at 4200 lumens (I run it on eco mode so I guess 75% of that means 3150 lumens if I understand the manual correctly - image attached?) I currently...
  10. D

    Best Paint For Wall

    Hi all, Just after a bit of advice. I recently bought a cheap Amazon projector and will be using it in my recently converted garage. I'm planning on projecting the image onto a plain white wall and am looking for paint recommendations. I'd prefer not to shell out for proper projector paint...
  11. Dony

    Paint Mixing

    We are looking a redecorating a room and have found a colour we like. It's an expensive paint but my wife has said not to worry about that, we'll just get it mixed and it will be much cheaper. My question is, what are we losing by not buying the original in favour of getting it mixed? Wife...
  12. DodgeTheViper

    What filler and paint ?

    This has to be the best place to ask. What filler do you guys use that allows you to fill MDF, sand, then fill and sand again etc ? And what brushable paint do you use ? I‘m capable at spraying, I just don’t have the facility to be able to do it after losing the garage. Cheers :smashin:
  13. C

    mk s150 thx mk1 advice on paint please

    ive got a set of lcr mk s150 mk1s they have lost there sheen on top from sunlight i was thinking of getting them repainted but im a bit lost on paint types and who to get to do it (car painter perhaps) or do it myself any help please cheers guys want to keep to original colour if possible
  14. marksman

    Question Marty Cube (UK) - Paint

    Good Afternoon All, I've just ordered 2 "Marty Cube" enclosures from "Gordy" ready to replace my single BK Monolith, ill be using Ultimax 18" as is the trend. My main question is about paint, Gordy said he will cover it all in PVA to seal it so that's how it will come. Now im going for a more...
  15. C

    Vanyko V600 and screen or paint??

    We are considering getting a projector. It wouldn’t be anything expensive (so far I’ve seen good reviews for the Vanyko Performance V600) and I’ve been trying to figure out which option is best - projector screen, projector paint or just ordinary paint. Would a screen or projector paint do...
  16. Mathematiques Modernes

    Question Refurbishing Arcam CD72T Silver Casing - spray paint recommendations?

    The silver casing on the Arcam line of amps and CD players - a pressed steel panel coated with a silver paint have a tendency to mark very easily. I got some water drips onto the top of the unit a few weeks ago which I did not remove immediately and these caused unremovable marks in the paint...
  17. GrumpyOldGamer

    Patio/Driveway paint.

    We moved late last year, the shed was knackered so I've taken it down today and pressure washed the base underneath, the plan is to use that area in the evening as it's a nice sun trap but I want to paint it grey to match current pation area, can anyone recommend some outdoor patio paint?
  18. B

    Anyway to paint, spray, wrap kitchen worktop to new colour?

    Anyway to paint, spray, wrap worktop to new colour? Anyone ever done this, at the moment think it's wood with coating and we are going white so want to update this too but on a budget. Pic below. Infact just seen this, how hard is it to swap worktops over a sits fairly cheap and looks nice...
  19. B

    Weird paint?? Damage

    My wife noticed this on her Audi A3 yesterday. When measuring it is almost like someone put their boot against it. It is odd those as it doesn’t seem to have damaged the paint but like their is a clear layers of film on it that is peeling. I’ll take it next week to a body shop to get it...
  20. L

    How to use Paint

    I have two photos on my cameras memory card which I need to attach to a email but I get a message saying they are too big for the server.I thought I could use the paint program and transfer them to two documents I have created but seem to have forgotten the procedure to do that all I remember is...
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