1. 3

    3.5mm Computer output to PA Mixer

    This is for a church PA system that's probably about 20 years old and still works. I want to send audio output from a PC (3.5mm headphhone output) to an XLR socket that is about 4m away, which then runs back to a mixer. Where should the conversion be done and what cable to use to give a good...
  2. D

    Portable PA or Mixer and powered speakers

    Hey everyone, I havea small podcast where I do everything I've can with my mixer interface and pc. I'm getting into some music live music production. I have a MG12XU and I'm wondering if what route would be better, buying the all in one pa system to use primarily. Or buying some powered...
  3. Steve Withers

    Storm Audio PA 16 MK2 16-Channel Power Amplifier Review & Comments

    The Storm Audio PA 16 MK2 power amplifier promises 16 channels of Pascal Audio Class D grunt in a single convenient box. Read the review. Write your own review for Storm Audio PA 16 MK2
  4. A

    Panasonic TX-58GX700

    Just wondering what people's preferred picture settings are? I've used several Panasonic TVs in the past, including the AS650 from several years ago. Usually I find calibration tips online, but can't find anything for this TV. I usually set up the picture using True Cinema and select Warm2...
  5. rocksoccer

    Any recommended PA speaker for home living room karaoke

    I am searching for a speaker for some karaoke in my living room. Is this the right section for the question. I have been searching in the forum and it is quite clear that it is very bad ideas to use Hifi speakers for karaoke (especially considering my singing skills :suicide:). Only going to...
  6. gasolin

    Pa speaker with hifi sound or hifi speaker with high sensitivity ?

    I have decided i want more punch speakers, a litlle more bass a little deeper bass and a little more sensitivity speakers New Dali oberon 1 i could afford but not to much bass and low sensitivity, used as well as new dali oberon 3 is still to expensive Pa speakers like JBL JRX 212 is the...
  7. W

    Passive PA Speakers

    Can anyone recommend a pair of passive PA speakers to go with my Nad c370. It’s a powerful amp 120w but most of the the passive pa speakers are rec 200w +. It’s for garden party type use. I’ve previously blown up 2 pairs of Tannoy speakers rated to 125w. Id like good quality sound not just...
  8. JoCaBa

    Quiet PA speakers

    I'm currently trying to sort out my church's Sound system, replacing an InterM PAM-60 mixer/amp with a Soundcraft UI16 Mixer and an Audac COM108 amplifier. The speakers are really inaccessible, so I'm hoping I can just hook up to them and they'll work. I'm not sure what make or rating they are...
  9. F

    Panasonic HZ1000 Oled Tv Unboxing & Picture Settings..

  10. goatywoaty

    Anyone use PA speakers permanently in a home environment? Thinking of using them in kitchen...

    Hi everyone I have a pair of Cerwin Vega active PA speakers (twin 8" drivers), fairly small for their output, punchy as hell. Originally bought them for our wedding party. I was going to sell them, but as we will doing a bit of building work and getting a new kitchen, i'm actually tempted to...
  11. gasolin

    Pa amp for hifi

    Im at a point where im either gonna buy a good (used) denon amp (require that i sell 2 of my amps or can trade them for one good denon amp) Or a power amp for one of my other amps that has preout and main in and is one i can buy now without having to wait for my amps to be sold. I do want more...
  12. Sluggster

    Question How to Maximise Stereo Quality. Arcam AVR20 or 30 or 20 with Stereo PA

    I’m looking change my setup from the current 6 boxes for AV & music down to ideally 1 box or maybe 2. My Naim system is very good for music but my new house is acoustically challenged. Also, I seldom sit down and listen to music critically anymore. The sound quality of my LX82 is generally...
  13. S

    School PA system has crackling noise in only two speakers???

    Hi, first thread being posted and I'm not even sure if I'm putting it in the right category but I work at a school and there are two classrooms where the speakers are making crackling noises. They work fine when someone speaks over the system or bells go off but when they are not in use there is...
  14. audiolab007

    To PA or to not PA – That is the Question?

    To PA or to not PA – That is the Question? (or what to do with a surplus Audiolab 8200A and some Q Acoustic Speakers) You’ve helped organise a Christmas party, the venue was booked ages ago, but no-one remembered to book a band or DJ until a week before and the pub’s sound system is just for...
  15. C

    PA Speakers

    Knowledge required. I’ve been given some RCF 300 PA speakers and last night cranked them up via an XLR to 3.5mm jack (iPhone). The sound output is rubbish when using Spotify. I then tried some another music app and the sound was still rubbish. I then turned on Split Output and hey presto perfect...
  16. A

    Bargain 12" Active 500w PA Subwoofer £299

    Saw this and thought it might do some on here, even if buying only for the amp itself. It may even be good enough for some people with room gain etc, these people build some interesting stuff. The above sub is on offer at £299 Beta 12″ Active Sub 500w RMS Bass Plywood Compact Subwoofer |...
  17. Andy Bassett

    NEWS: T+A expands E-Series with PA 1100E integrated amplifier

    T+A has taken it’s E-Series PA 1000E amp and added a high quality DAC to create the PA1100E integrated amplifier featuring analogue and digital inputs. Read the news.
  18. J

    Need pa advice!

    Hiya! Got a Yamaha emx860xt and we're running two peavey eurosys 3 150w 8ohm speakers and two eurosys 100w 8ohm monitors. We do small to medium rock concerts and just want to add a bit more oomph to the bottom end. Can I add subs to this setup? I've seen two passive peavey bins on ebay for the...
  19. D

    Active PA speakers with Pioneer SC-LX87

    Hi all, Currently I am using Kef Q900 as fronts, Q600c as centre and 2 Wharfdales Xarus 500 as surround sepakers with 2 Subs- one B&W PV1 and other Kef HTB2. My AV receiver is Pioneer SC-LX87. Now I am happy with the Cinema performance but I love to listen to music in high quality and loud...
  20. Dizzyg

    PA System for a hall - 13m x 7m

    Hi, i'm looking to install a new PA System for a rectangular 13m x 7m Rugby Club. There will be 4 TV's, and the plan is to create some atmosphere with decent sound quality for the upcoming internationals. I will also want to be able to play streamed music via bluetooth reasonably loudly and at...
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