1. P

    Arcam AVR390 with Arcam P7

    Hi, I just purchased an Arcam AVR390 from Peter Tyson and I'm using an Arcam P7 7 channel amp to drive the height speakers in a 5.1.4 setup. Would it be a good idea to also drive the front and centre speakers with the P7? Would this theoretically improve the sound? Balance of 60% music, 40%...
  2. M

    Bowers and Wilkins P7 first model

    Hi does anyone know how i can fix my P7 headphones as they are snapped on the left side where the two prongs join, these are the first P7's that were made.
  3. Ben Edwards

    AAXA P7 focus weel verry stiff

    Making it close to impossible to focus as it does not move smoothly, it jumps. Is this normal or do I have a faulty unit?
  4. Ben Edwards

    Case for AAXA P7

    Hi, I am looking for a case for my newly acquired AAXA P7. Mainly as it does not have a lense cap. Something just for the projector, not the power brick/accesories. Hard shell or nylon. Anyone got any good sugestions. A lot of the generic pico projector cases seem to big.
  5. P

    About to sell Arcam P7 multichannel power amp, then I broke it! Help.

    Hi, looking for help please. After 15 years of great service, I’m selling my arcam system. Foolishly, I managed to short two speaker leads when dismantling. Of the 7 LED’s six are red with led 4 flashing green. Any advice please, do I trace a fuse or hide in a corner?
  6. S

    Arcam FMJ P7

    Hi, does anyone know how to remove the bolts securing the amp modules to the chassis? Many thanks.
  7. LuvCVs

    Question What power cable? Arcam FMJ p7

    Just got a P7 power amp. Thing is, it's got the prongs for the AC cable but the prongs are horizontal and not vertical and I can't seem to find a power cable for it. Were they specially designed for this model? Any help would be great...
  8. V

    Question Arcam fmj P7

    Hi. This is probably a rather long... long shot but i am after a “ damaged “ arcam p7 . I am actually just wanting the chassis in black really. thanks in advanced
  9. MrTubThumper

    Question Arcam AVR850 and FMJ P7

    Hi, I currently have a Arcam AVR850 running a 5.2 setup (Monitor Audio GS20, GS Center, Soundframe 2’s and 2 SVS SB2000 Pro subs). I have the GS20’s Bi-Amped and really enjoy their performance but I’m looking to expand the setup to 7.2 (adding rears) or 5.2.2 adding 2 CP-CT380IDC for Atmos or...
  10. 69COU

    Arcam P7 any improvement on Nakamichi AV1 power amp

    I had both an AV1/AV1p combination for my 60/40 AV/Music room. The AV1 processor developed a powering on fault, so obtained an ARCAM FMJ AV 400 receiver which I have been using alongside my Nak AV1 power amp. I am using amplification from both as this allowed me to Tr/BiAmp with AV400 doing HF...
  11. toon10

    Oppo HA2 SE

    I have used an old FiiO portable amplifier (without DAC) for a few years with some B&W P5's and I have been very happy. I paid about £40 for the FiiO on eBay and it proved to be a real bargain and well used. I've just bought some wired P7's as I can notice a slight step up in sound quality...
  12. H

    Question how can i use an Arcam AV9 PreAmp and P7 Amp to provide Dolby Atmos sound with 11 speakers and a subwoofer?

    how can i use an Arcam AV9 PreAmp and P7 Amp to provide Dolby Atmos sound with 11 speakers and a subwoofer? is this possible? please provide thoughts and detailed description of options. thank you for your insights!
  13. M

    Aaxa P7 v Chinese eBay projectors

    Hi Guys I am looking to spend $400-$500 on a preferably portable projector or mini projector. I would be using this to view mostly sport and the occasional movie at 80-100 inches without the need to buy a tv this big of course. My main concern is being able to get a full HD image. Anything less...
  14. fatrich

    replacing Audiolab Power amps for an Arcam FMJ P7

    Hi can anyone please help or offer any assistance?, I currently have in my home cinema x3 Audiolab 8000p and x1 Audiolab 8000m The 8000p are driving my front 2 kef reference one's and the rears and the 8000m is driving my kef ref200c (all bi-wired) and I'm very happy with this set up which I've...
  15. Killak

    Question Arcam power amp kettle lead advice

    Hello I removed all my av equipment to redecorate my room. Putting everything back now and I seem to have mixed up or lost the original power lead for my Arcam P7 power amp. I do have other kettle cables, can I just use those or should I try and source an original replacement cable from...
  16. Hawklan

    Question Cartridge for a Rega P7

    Hi I have just purchased a lovely Rega P7 and need to buy a cartridge Can you guys recommend one around the £200 mark? Many thanks Ron
  17. mr gothic

    Question Which Bluetooth Transmitter To Use With B&W P7 Wireless Headphones

    hi which bluetooth transmitter to use with my pioneer lx87 av amp and b&w p7 bluetooth headphones for great sound? cheers
  18. Dean

    B&W P7 Wireless - AptX and LDAC

    So I've recently got myself the B&W P7 Wireless, and paired it to my AVR which is a Sony STR-DN860. The receiver is capable of LDAC, but the P7 is only AptX. I'm wondering will I get any benefit of LDAC (assuming this is better than AptX)?
  19. fraze1974

    Question B&W P7 Wireless and PS3 Bluetooth Compatibility

    I'm probably in a small select group but has anyone tried pairing their B&W P7 to a PS3 over Bluetooth. I've managed to setup a connection using pass-code '0000' but the connection only stay live for 5-10 seconds and then drops out. When trying to re-connect I get the same behaviour, in that...
  20. D

    Question B&W P7 wireless....

    Does anyone know if the B&W P7 wireless headphones brighten up audio wise after being run in on the bluetooth connection? Auditioned them today and thought they sounded sligtly dull on the bluetooth connection. Listened to them with the wired connection and they did sound slightly brighter...
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