1. Alo991

    Anybody with a wimius p20 willing to help me?

    Hi, I have a wimius p20, I was just wondering if anybody else has the same projector with a pc/laptop hooked up to it and would be willing to run a test for me. I have noticed that when mine is set to anything over 30hz it gets bad frameskipping (actually only shows half of the frames which...
  2. JonnyTester

    Question Have you ever replaced the rear cover of a Huawei P20 phone?

    My P20 Pro hit the floor back first and the glas has shattered. I had only taken it out of its case to clean the screen. So I've ordered a (genuine) replacement back cover and a proper hot air gun (no messing about with hairdriers). Taking the cover off looks easy enough, apart from the glue...
  3. S

    Question Moto G6 or Huawei P20 lite

    Any advice about which phone is better? It'll mainly be used for social media, youtube and camera. From what I have read, Moto G6 (standard 32GB/ 3GB ram) seems more durable (splash resistant, gorilla glass), but I've also read about Motorola updates not being the best. The phone is to...
  4. apollonia

    Question Google Pixel vs Huawei P20 Lite

    I am looking to buy a smartphone to replace my now useless iPod Touch but I want to buy one with a great camera. My budget is a bit limited so can't go latest generations. I was between the Pixel 1st generation and Huawei P20 lite. What do you reckon is best? THANKS!
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