1. kevjf

    Advice on new speakers for my set-up?

    Hi folks, thanks for reading… Wondering if anybody has got any advice, set-up similarities, suggestions for a speaker upgrade for my system. The speakers feel like the weakest link at the moment, along with the turntable. The system is: CXA-60 Amplifier CXC CD transport Rega 2 Planar BluOS...
  2. N

    Optoma Cinemax P2 vs other DLP long throw projectors

    Hi, I am a Panasonic Pt7000 owner who would like to upgrade. After trying a used Sony vpl300 and an Optoma Cinemax P2 I was very impressed with the Optoma. I tried the two projectors with the Ps4, as video games interest me a lot, perhaps even more than movies. I loved the sharpness, the depth...
  3. M

    Is Rega IO capable to provide audible improvements with P1 vs P2 vs P3?

    I am upgrading my system and recently bought Rega IO. I have Pro-Ject Debut II with phono, so I can't use Rega IO's phono stage and Mission 702E speakers. I already like the improved sound over old NAD C340 and feel like Rega IO deserves better.. I wonder how far in Rega TT line IO can go? And...
  4. UrNzWy

    EVGA 850W P2 PSU Caught on Fire - Faulty PSU randomly ignites!

    You know what's fun? Waking up to a house full of smoke, fire alarms going off and finding your desktop engulfed in flames.. That was a reality I never even though about until two Friday's ago... Que 5:45AM in the morning. We live on a busy alley way where there are always garbage trucks...
  5. L

    Rega P2 humming, but only in my house

    Hi there, I have recently purchased an Onkyo A9010, Dali Zensor 3 speakers and a Rega P2. However, I am having an issue with what at first glance is something that has been discussed on a number of occasions, but one that I think is actually different to other threads. When my amp is set to...
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