1. herespaulo

    Question Overscan option greyed out?

    I have an RCA HDTV (RTDVD28111-B). Great set, but I'm having some issues with the overscan setting. When I have anything else connected to my TV with HDMI, the overscan option is available, but when I have my Playstation 2 hooked up, either via component or by HDMI through a convertor, its...
  2. N

    Overscan LG TV problem

    I have an LG 42lc2d-ud that's connected too my Xbox One. All the games I play cut off the edges of the screen making it really difficult to see certain parts of the game. I just learned this is something called overscan. I can't seem to find a button on my remote or in the menu settings that...
  3. N

    Question Overscan

    Hi, I have an old LG 37LC46 LCD TV and recently got a Roku streaming stick and found when watching YouTube videos the edges are cut off. I can't find any settings for overscan, can anyone help please? Thanks Ninko
  4. RBZ5416

    Question Remove M5500 Overscan?

    Anyone know how to remove overscan when fed by a Windows PC? Edit Found it if it helps others: Settings > Picture > Picture Size Settings > Fit to Screen = On.
  5. Panasonic

    Question Viera TH-42PX60E (Overscan ? Firmware ?)

    Hi there, after much googling and reading here and on german forums, I havent found what I was looking for. I got a Viera TH-42PX60E here. Here are all current settings : Panasonic 2006PDP V11.020 IRD Version : 2.00 Panel-MCU : 02.01 Panel-EEPROM : 41.01 Panel-FPGA : 41.01 Panel-PDROM : 41.00...
  6. B

    Question Overscan issue with LG 22LH20R

    I recently bought used a LG 22LH20R 22-inch LCD TV. I know that is a very old model but it really fits my needs. My Wii connected with component cables at 480p looks amazing but I have a small problem with the position of the picture. I have small black bars located at both sides of the screen...
  7. P

    Answered Overscan on Tivo

    I've just received my new Tivo box from Virgin media, but the picture is going off if the edge of the screen at the bottom and on the right hand side. Is there any way to correct this on the set top box? My TV has no overscan options for the HDMI connection, so I can only correct overscan at...
  8. EpicDave

    Question Sanyp 42" DP42410 LCD HDTV Overscan Help?

    I've had this tv for a few years and it works great. Just like the first day I got it. How ever there is a big problem when playing PS4 and other systems. It has overscan on it. With the systems like the Wii U how ever where you can manually adjust for it in the settings for that console most...
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