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  1. Scott Wright

    Bargain Expired Voger Outdoor Security Camera Reduced from £39.99 to £19.99. Expires 2nd January

    Voger Security Camera Outdoor 50% off Code : 533XSBZC Reg.Price : £39.99 Final Price : £19.99 Expiration Date : 2021.01.02 Code tested and working 31st December. Please reply to let me know if link is expired before the 2nd!
  2. S

    Wanted Nest Outdoor Camera

    I’m looking for a nest outdoor camera. Either model.
  3. B

    Outdoor Rock Subwoofer Type

    Hi All, I have an outdoor rock subwoofer that I use to power a left and right outdoor speaker. The two speakers are wired in to the LR output of the subwoofer. The subwoofer LR Input go back into the house and is wired into a Sonos Amp. I'm looking to replace the outdoor rock sub with another...
  4. Scott Wright

    Bargain Solar Outdoor Spotlights Reduced from £27.99 to £8.40. Expires 25th December

    Solar Spotlights, Solar Path Lights Solar Powered Lights Outdoor IP67 Wireless 70% off Code : 3Q5Y6PQD Expiration Date :2020-12-25 There is also a 4-pack variation. The code also works on this! It reduces the price from £45.99 to £13.80 Code tested and working 18th December. Please...
  5. mstar

    Outdoor Camera Smart Automation Advice

    Hello all i was wondering on peoples thoughts on below LED porch lights are currently linked via lightwave hub to alexa to switch on/off I would like to have a camera with motion detection to (hopefully) link via alexa to create routines to enable my porch lights to come on when motion is...
  6. RVasqez

    Question Outdoor Camera best motion range

    I am looking for an outdoor camera to monitor my small dog when outside. Need motion detection distance in 40-50 foot range. Tried Blink and Arlo essential. Range is approximately 15 feet. Need more. Anyone have any suggestions? Ideal if it works with Alexa Echo Show.
  7. G

    Question Help required re outdoor PIR sensor

    Can anybody recommend a decent sensor to control my outdoor LED security lights? We actually use them to view wildlife in the garden but can't find one sensitive enough to detect foxes etc!!
  8. M

    Question Nest cam IQ outdoor

    Hi guys. This is more for info than a question. I've had the IQ for a while now. It has a 4k sensor that isn't used to its fullest to record, that's 1080p, but so that when it zooms in, it is meant to have more detail. I say meant to... I realise it is a digital zoom but lately I've noticed...
  9. mstar

    Outdoor security camera with Alexa

    Hello All, i wanted to use a better outdoor camera than the RING security camara. However, i am not sure if the Eviz, reolink outdoor cameras (wired), have FULL alexa routine integration. I wanted a alexa routine to be triggered by the outdoor security camera motion, and switch on my...
  10. N

    Outdoor security floodlight or camera questions

    Hi all, just trying to beef up my outdoor security and wouldn’t mind peoples opinion. i currently have a ring doorbell and that does a good job at the front of the house. I have added a motion detector and hue lights for the garage here so the front is pretty covered. I have one PIR...
  11. raven219

    Outdoor light - triggered by two events

    Hi I have a standard outdoor light that I would like to automate. I would like the light to know when it is dark and then set a geofence round our home. The outcome I am looking for is that light will come when any 1 of 3 phones enter the geofence and it is dark. The light won't turn when...
  12. sea surfer

    Outdoor cat6 help

    Hi looking for some advice, I need to run some decent shielded cat6 cable to an outbuilding, can you guys recommend a decent cable from Amazon or somewhere? Cheers Mark
  13. A

    Active 2 bad earphones outdoor connection

    Hi, I recently bought an Active 2 watch, mainly for outdoor sports use with music listening. I tried it with Kz s2 and edfier tws1 earphones with very poor connection at outdoor use (music drops every second). I will try mpow m30 next week. The Sony wf-1000xm3 works well , but it's not great for...
  14. DrPhil

    Recommend a smart gu10 for outdoor use

    I have downlights in the soffits of my house and I want to get smart enabled ones, and something that is compatible with Smartthings. Any suggestion on something outdoor proof? I need 8 in total.
  15. D

    Bose 51 & amp guidance for outdoor

    Hello all, I've recently bought 6no Bose freespace 51 speakers (2nd hand) for the garden but am a bit lost in terms of what amp/receiver to buy, the garden is a decent size so these will be spread out. Speaker specs: Nominal Output Power 50 Watt Nominal Impedance 4 Ohm, 4/8 Ohm Recommended...
  16. M

    Advice on a projector for an outdoor 500 inch diagonal inflatable movie screen

    Hi, I am in the outdoor movie business. We have been using 20 foot VXP inflatable screens for a long time with Canon 6K lcos projectors that have worked just fine. Most of my business has been for towns, colleges and high school's for movie lawn nights outdoors. With Covid, of course, the Drive...
  17. A

    Question How to connect outdoor speakers to Denon AVR X4300H

    Hi, I have a Denon AVR X4300H, 8 speakers, 1 base and 2 Subwoofers all in one Home Theatre type room. I want to add either 2 or 4 more speakers, which will be Outdoor Speakers. 2 at the front and 2 at the rear of my house. The ports have been taken up on the Denon AVR. I have been told that...
  18. M

    Question Netatmo outdoor camera floodlight on permanently

    The floodlight on our Netatmo outdoor camera is now permanently on for no reason. This is an issue that started two days ago since the iOS14 upgrades on ATV and other devices. I’ve flagged this with Netatmo. There’s no reply. Anyone else experiencing this?
  19. R

    Question Indoor/outdoor speakers switch

    Hi All, New to this group and a total newbie to car stereo systems. Appreciate any guidance you might have. In my RV trailer I have 6 speakers + sub running from a 5 channel amp. Two channels are split running 4 speakers, two others running individual speakers and the last running the sub...
  20. meagabyte

    Question Matching network streamer to outdoor speakers

    Hi the people, Am after some advice. I want to add outdoor speakers to a largish area (about 20-25m squared) but from what i have found out. Ive been looking at devices that are rather under powered for the job like the Denon CEOL. So what are you guys using or speakers and amp combos?
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