1. O

    Question Help setting up an outdoor system

    Hi all, I think I'm going to setup an outdoor theater system and was hoping you guys could help me plan and pick out some equipment. I live out in the woods and don't have any issues with ambient light except that I do like to have a large camp fire. I'm debating getting a viewsonic PX727-4K or...
  2. Fergal82

    For Sale Google Nest Cam IQ Outdoor x 3

    I have 2 x Used and 1 x new sealed £625 if you take all 3 I bought all 3 around March / April this year so for all you warranty lovers I work out they still have around 7/8 months warranty left. I had to make a warranty claim on one and it’s done off the serial number, similar to Apple I...
  3. lee667

    Question Anyone have a Google Nest cam outdoor?

    After a bit of researching about different cameras for monitoring my back garden I think I've narrowed the choice down to one of the google nest outdoor cameras. I'm wondering if many people on here have either the standard or the iq cam and what their views are on it? I'm leaning towards...
  4. R

    Outdoor projector build help needed

    I think I'm in the right place for this one, if not I'm happy to move it. I love the idea of watching a film in the garden so I've started the process and I just wanted some help with the final push. I've got a shed with power and Cat6 so that's covered, I just need some help with a solution...
  5. P

    Question Outdoor TV Mount 75inch 85Kg

    Hi all, My first post on here so please forgive me if it isn't the most exciting question. I am looking for an outdoor TV Mount that is capable of taking a 75 inch TV that is weighing in at 85 KG, I am doing the electrical install for a swimming pool in the garden of a private home and the...
  6. C

    Question Outdoor Subwoofer

    I have a Yamaha TSR-7850 receiver powering a pair of Klipsch AW-650 outdoor speakers on the back deck. I would like to add an outdoor subwoofer. I understand it needs to be powered/active. Suggestions? Thanks.
  7. MickeyB81

    Question Help!! Outdoor Projector Screen Material

    Hi all, new to all this but in some urgent need of help. My daughter's 5th birthday is coming up in a few weeks and due to the current pandemic all she wants is a small camping night with movie night in the garden. About our ads You may also like I've bought a projector with the following...
  8. T

    Outdoor projector Epson HC1060 vs HC2100 vs HC2150 or alternative

    Hi there, I'm Tom and I'm currently thinking about purchasing a projector for our roof top to do some movie nights until this corona nightmare is over. I did some research and found that a fair amount of people recommend the Epson HC1060 for this application, however, almost the same amount of...
  9. R

    Question Banana plug recommendation for outdoor speakers

    Hi Everyone I have a pair of Polk Audio outdoor speakers and i need to terminate the speaker wire with banana plugs to make it easier to connect the speakers. My questions are I need a right angled banana plug because the gap at the back of the speaker and wall will not take a normal banana...
  10. F

    Looking for an outdoor rope light (UK)

    Hi all, I'm looking for an outdoor rated rope light I can use to light up one side of my garden path. The total run is 23 metres with a couple of right angle bends. I understand a normal LED strip can only go 5 or 10 metres on a single run before you need to add another transformer to avoid...
  11. B

    Anyone got a Hive View Outdoor CCTV set up?

    Anyone got a Hive View Outdoor CCTV set up? 2 of these with install under £400 so looking at this as an option for front door and back yard.
  12. WeegyAVLover

    DIY - Help with some outdoor deck lights

    Hi all, I have these deck lights, pictured below, in my garden from when the deck was first installed. the lights are now all needing replaced. I cannot get hold of the original electrician as they were installed about 8yrs ago and i do not have his details. I spoke to another electrician and...
  13. H

    Question Subwoofer for driveway

    Hi all. Bit of an odd question here but hope someone can help me out. I have a driveway that is about 10 meters x 10 meters and started to kit it out with an audio system for when we people over, washing the car, kids playing out front..... So far I have 2 Polk atrium 6 speakers in the eves...
  14. M

    Security System and Outdoor Flood Lights

    My home is 25 years old. When we first installed our security system the outdoor flood lights which are in three separate breakers would flash on and off when security system was tripped. We had it changed so they would just stay on. Our security system was upgraded and now the outdoor flood...
  15. Emmett518

    Need to key recording of outdoor cameras with an external sensor.

    I need to monitor my property with high quality video. I have livestock, so any normal motion sensing cameras are constantly being triggered by animals. I want to set up a driveway sensor, out of range of the animals to turn on the camera recording if someone pulls into the driveway, or walks...
  16. R

    Outdoor projector Daytime

    I have a screened in backyard that has a 12 foot overhang. I was going to get a TV for outback but then started tinkering with the idea of getting a projector to shoot on 100 inch screen. Is a projector a bad choice for outside daytime use even with the overhang. It’s not direct sunlight but...
  17. S

    First Post, Be Gentle! 70v outdoor set-up question.

    Hello all, I have 9 speakers plus an inground subwoofer set-up outside. The 9 speakers are 70v ([email protected] watts, non-selectable) ([email protected], selectable). They run off of a Monoprice 70v amp hooked up daisy chain. The in-ground subwoofer is a 10" sub rated at 300-500W +/- and it is hooked to a Dayton...
  18. T

    Epson 1060 vs 2100 vs others? Outdoor Viewing

    I’m looking to buy my first projector for outdoor viewing and occasionally in my basement. This will be used for sports and movies. 4K is not needed, I’m good with 1080 I’ve read that the Epson 1060 is a great outdoor projector due to the 3,100 lumens. I’ve also heard the contrast/black levels...
  19. A

    Outdoor projector and screen recommendations and advice

    Hi all, I am looking into the possibility of setting up a projector and screen for our garden - ideally a setup is permanently in place (retractable screen is fine). Has anyone done such a thing and could offer any recommendations on kit and/or advice ? Roughly, I am thinking of a screen that...
  20. F

    Garden lighting with smart control powered from outdoor socket

    Hi all, I'm landscaping the garden and would like to incorporate some lighting while I have the opportunity. I'm thinking around 5 or 6 spike spotlights - 2 will uplight a couple of tall trees which are on the side and back boundary of the garden and the rest I will space out equally along the...
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