1. U

    Nest Outdoor Camera

    I have a Nest iq outdoor camera for my front drive, which it seems has been discontinued. So I can see there's a Nest Indoor/Outdoor Camera (battery) available, but I also see Nest wired one available. However, if you go on the Google store, thats not an option. Can anyone explain? I've also...
  2. P

    Outdoor Smart Sockets

    Hi all, Am quite new to all this smart technology but as I'm about to start renovating my garden I thought it was the right time to also look at converting my garden lighting to being smart. I'm looking for a smart outdoor double socket that i can link to my alexa and if possible will help...
  3. R

    Outdoor lighting motion sensor but not after specific time!

    Hi, We are looking to get some lights on the front of our house that we would like to come on when it starts to get dark, but not after a specific time such as 23:00. I know this is do-able with Philips Hue lights, but as the better half would like 7/8 up and down lights, this would come in at...
  4. WeegyAVLover

    DIY Help- Vestibule to Outdoor flooring conundrum

    Hi all, I have started a job on my old house and as is always the case what you think should be a simple job reveals stuff you never expected and now wish I had not started 😂. So got a new door installed yesterday and we decided the vestibule tiling looked awful next to it so needed to be...
  5. W

    Philips Hue Lily outdoor lights issue

    I've recently had my garden landscaped, and as part of the project I wanted to incorporate some subtle lighting to help extend the occasional nice day of weather the British summer brings us. I've never had much luck with solar lights, so I decided to go with Philips Hue as we'd used them...
  6. J

    outdoor soundbar for tailgating

    Hello All -- I have a question I hope someone can explain before I go and buy another soundbar and waste money.... We have an RV we use for football tailgating. For several years, I have been using a Klipsch SB-1 soundbar with wireless bass for music, and it does the job really well --- the...
  7. IWC Dopplel

    Big outdoor screen !

    I have just come back from walking the the dog and came across a pop up rather interesting Cinema !
  8. S

    Which Hikvision camera would you choose?

    The school director asked me to look for a poe camera that perform good at night and price is no more than 120$. We already have an expensive Hikvision camera, but it does not fit into the budget. I'm really satisfied with the brand. I found 3 option: -Hikvision DS-2CD1023G0E-I (2.8mm)...
  9. RockandRoll

    Outdoor subwoofer problem

    Greetings, I have a wired, outdoor subwoofer that sounds distorted. The two outdoor speakers connected to the subwoofer sound great. I paid attention to polarity left/right when connecting to the receiver. It is a new OSD FORZA8 outdoor omni subwoofer. Thinking it might be defective, I...
  10. G

    Outdoor speaker system for $3,000 budget

    We are in the final stages of building a pool in our backyard, and are looking to add a wired speaker system for around the pool area. The pool and deck are generally rectangular, and the area is approximately 1,750 sq. ft. Our budget is approximately $3,000 for the speakers, sub woofer, and...
  11. P

    Extended warranty for outdoor sunbrite tv or not

    I know extended warranties are usually a not so great investment but I’m buying a sunbrite veranda tv and given the fact that the tv will be outside does the geek squad warranty make sense. It’s $400 on a $2k tv!
  12. Bryn1

    Outdoor speaker advice/recommendations

    I am currently using a pair of Sonos PLAY 3's for outdoor music duties however plugging them in/unplugging them and taking them indoors everytime is not the best experience so looking for some recommendations for a pair of permanent speakers that I can pair with a Rotel RA12 amp, the speakers...
  13. G

    Outdoor Cinema Setup

    Hi all, i have read some of the previous threads about outdoor cinema setups. I’ve just bought a cheap Vamvo 120” screen and want to use it to set up an outdoor cinema to surprise my daughter on her birthday. is it possible to use any type of projector to project from the rear ? Or does the...
  14. C

    Barco PHWU-81B - does it make sense for outdoor use?

    Dear Forum, Newbie here with a question! I have the possibility to buy a Barco PHWU-81B projector along with a motorized 4 meter Euroscreen for 550$. The projector has seen use in a company conference room and the lamps have been running for approximately 1000 hours. My idea of using it would...
  15. JollyJamma

    Correct CAT5e/CAT6 for outdoor use?

    Hi all I'm going to run 25m of CAT5e from the downstairs TV room where the fibre connection comes in to the house, up the side of the wall and into my office. I'm getting packet loss with the wifi and I've always preferred cables over wireless. I just need to know if I should use one...
  16. JimmyMac

    Portable speaker for outdoor wedding

    My cousin is getting married in a month, just before the proposed removal of final restrictions. As such no music is allowed to be played indoors and no dancing and such. However, the location is in the middle of nowhere using old farm buildings. One building is a barn without walls. The venue...
  17. kenshingintoki

    Newbie to outdoor cooking - BBQ, Coal, gas, Pizza Oven.. what do I buy?

    Hey guys. I'd like to start cooking outside in my garden. Mainly due to the nice weather, superior taste hopefully. My main concerns are: 1. Ease of use 2. Attracting mice 3. Maintenance Some suggestions have been BBQ gas, BBQ coal, tandoor, pizza oven etc. What would you guys suggest I buy...
  18. Pecker

    Bright projector for outdoor use

    So, I’ve not used a projector for a few years, so I’m not as up to date with the technology as I once was…though I suspect I might be looking for more of a reminder. Read on. We’re ‘re-doing’ the garden. SWMBO suggests we could watch films outside in the autumn/winter. She’s seen those little...
  19. S

    Outdoor projector with built in speakers

    Hi can anyone recommend a outside projector with built in speakers please and a screen with stand. Thank you
  20. raz77

    Outdoor tv reflection

    Hi just setup old Samsung led 40inch tv to watch in the garden, it has the sun behind but still has some glare. Are there any screen films that can be applied to help with glare?
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