1. 5

    Managing Photo Library in Apple ecosystem

    Bit of a sanity check post, plus some vain hope I'm missing an easier way. After a week twiddling my thumbs and being driven mad by the kids, I thought I'd use the lockdown to slowly address those tasks i've been forever putting off. Sorting out our family photos has ended up top of the list :)...
  2. tim68

    Mac OSX update problem

    hi all apologies for posting here but was hoping for a quicker reply started to update to the latest OSX on a late 2012 Mac Mini this morning around 9,30 then just left it do do it's thing and went out got home around 2 hours ago and checked up and it's been stuck on the spinning beachball...
  3. D

    OSX vs Windows Shutdown and waking PC

    I've got a dual boot PC running Windows 10 and OSX Sierra as a Hackintosh. They both use the same BIOS settings. I had had Windows 7 and 8.1 before doing an in place upgrade a couple of years ago. Both W7 and W8 would allow me to start my PC by pressing any key on the USB keyboard after the...
  4. S

    Best 24" 4k (3840x2160) display? 6 alternative.

    Hello! Which of these six 24 inch 4k monitors do you guys think is, or should be best for our eyes? :) I personally will only read and surf in resolution 1920x1080 HiDPI (mac osx), no game or movie. Specifications Side-by-side: http://imgbox.com/4Qy7USKr...
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