1. M

    Apps available on LG Web OS

    Can any owner of a LG tv with the current version on Web OS tell me if the video streaming App 'Feratel' is available in the system to download onto the menu. It streams live pictures from, mainly European, ski resorts. As well as being an App version for Android and Apple phones it is...
  2. Jason56d

    No camera after OS upgrade Big Sur

    We have started to use my sons 2015 (?) Intel MacBook Pro for video meetings etc as he rarely uses it now and it’s better than my iPad. 2 weeks ago I upgraded the OS to Big Sur. after that on every app, Teams, Zoom, Photobooth I get the dreaded ‘no camera detected. There are no lights (as some...
  3. F

    Flashing and Customizing OS

    Is it possible to flash android TV OS on any smart TV motherboard and customize the TV UI according to our need ?
  4. J

    macbook pro os recovery

    hello i factory reset my old macbook pro but when i tried to install the os it is saying this item is temporary unavailable i have tried a few things but still no joy i thin it may be because i didnt download the os using my own apple id is there any way to re install the software its the old...
  5. B

    U8G Processing Power/Image Quality: Built-in OS vs Fire TV 4k Stick

    Excited to have pulled the trigger on this TV and it is on the way. I'm a big believer of using External Devices due to upgradability (such as a Fire TV Stick) and not using built in OS's. I'm not going to be connecting any additional devices to the TV, no external speakers, etc. Simply trying...
  6. Pollywoggle

    How could I revive this Dell Laptop that works perfectly but has windows vista home basic as it’s OS?

    I have a Dell Inspiron laptop that must be from around 2009. I have never really used it for anything apart from setting up various bits of home cinema gear over the years. It’s hard drive is therefore almost empty. It has an Intel Celeron 583 2.16 ghz chip in it and 1gb ram I believe. The C...
  7. S

    Using TM to migrate - same OS needed?

    Just a quickie, home with my new M1 MBA and going to migrate using TM from my 2015 MBA. I read somewhere that to use TM for migration, the latest backup must be using the same OS as the machine you are going to migrate to. Is this the case as my old one isn't yet on Big Sur.
  8. M

    TV/Panel with no apps or OS?

    Hi, Is there such a thing as just a simple panel? Something at 65" plus ideally, everything I see seems to be aimed at advertising. I don't need any apps etc as I essentially just use the screen as a monitor. All my movies/TV are through either a PC or blu-ray player. I don't even need audio...
  9. RealityDysfunction

    Question Saphi OS

    Do people think that Philips will drop Saphi from their line-up in the next couple of years? They don't seem to have put the effort into supporting it that, for instance, Samsung and LG have in developing there operating systems. I seems to me that switching completely to Android would allow...
  10. C

    Question What are the best and worst OS and interfaces?

    Hi, I am looking for a new TV. I currently have a 10 year old Sony and so have no experience with how intuitive, or user friendly the user interface/os is between the different brands. Any advice? How do Samsung, Hisense, LG, Sony compare????? Thanks
  11. JonnyTester

    Question Anyone here have a Wear OS watch?

    I'm having a problem trying to copy my Google account from my new Wear OS Ticwatch Pro. No matter what I do, it just won't copy. I have tried on 4 different android phones and a tablet and it fails on every one. From what the Internet says, its more a Wear OS issue than hardware. And anyone who...
  12. leeb-1977

    Question Which OS for emulation

    Hi all. I've picked up a cheap micro PC from ebay and I'm looking to convert it into an emulation station. It's an old Dell optiplex 3050 micro so has an i5 and hd630 graphics, plus 8fb ram and a 240gb hard disk. It's never going to be a gaming beast - bit I'm guessing it's good for most retro...
  13. Monty Burns

    Wear OS and Huawei Phones (P40 Pro)?

    Hey guys, I'm struggling to find an answer to this and thought you guys might know. I've got a Suunto 7 which is Google's Android Wear OS. I'm very tempted to buy a Huawei P40 Pro in the next couple of days but, obviously, Google ban. Can I side load Google Mobile Services and Wear app on to...
  14. Tdubya22

    Question Schedule conflict Recording on Web OS (Freeview, films split by a news segment)

    I’ve attached a usb drive to my tv - 49sm8600. It now successfully records programmes. But I have noticed an issue. On many tv channels, a film is split by a 5 minute news segment. Trouble is, if you set the first segment of a film to record, you cannot set the second segment. It says “another...
  15. Darren Heal

    Advice Needed - CPU and OS for Home Server

    I am in the throws of putting what motorcyclists used to call a "Bitsa" ( bits a this, bits a that) PC from left over, salvaged and some new parts. The server will mainly be used to access ripped movies and CDs etc., as a general home repository, but ultimately I would like to use the server as...
  16. 2

    Question 70” TVs and android OS

    Hi all, A couple of questions. I’m looking for a tv of about 70” and the front running set is the following: Sony X830F| LED | 4K Ultra HD | High Dynamic Range | Smart TV (Android TV) I have heard people say that android TV can get a bit laggy or non responsive at times. I plan to use an...
  17. russellsnr

    Question Transfer OS to SSD

    Hi, Just waiting a computer that has the OS on a one TB hard drive although stated made for gaming I would only use it for Graphics (Lightroom and On1 Photo 2018) so would I get any advantage apart from boot up time to transfer the OS to an SSD (have a 120GB SSD) or leave as is? Also if I...
  18. T

    Casting photos/Videos on Web OS

    What methods do you guys use? I found using Smartview on my S8 resulted in reduced quality (i assume because its reduced bitrate to allow screenshare) I tried the built in app but found it very buggy having to manually select each photo, also any kid of video was buffering (4k). I used to use...
  19. D

    Question LG 43LH604V Youtube app crashing-Web OS

    Hi , I have a LG LCD TV model 43LH604V and the children always use the YouTube app on it. Frequently the app will stop and state on the screen "The app will restart to free memory " , i have tried restarting the TV with no luck .The problem persists and does any one know of a fix? Your advice...
  20. P

    Do retailers still sell discounted OS if you buy hardware from them?

    Back in the day, some of the big English retailers used to sell you a discounted (OEM) version of Windows if you brought things like hard discs or motherboards from them. Are there any that still do this? I'm only really interested i the larger retailers, not Amazon\eBay sellers?
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