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  1. T

    For Sale For Sale Optoma UHD60 projector

    I’m selling my Optoma UHD60 due to baby on the way and no longer required. It’s in perfect condition no marks on it. It is about 2 years old and has just under 700 hours used on original bulb. It was purchased from Richer sounds and has warranty remaining until august 2023. I don't know if the...
  2. J

    Answered Bypass PS4 Pro Media Player for 4k video files?

    Hi all. I've been painfully looking for a way to bypass the ps4 media player in order to play multiple 4k formats (other than the handful of formats ie mpg4 and avi that the ps4 pro player will allow) via either another device or an external hard drive into a 4k bluray player that accepts usb...
  3. M

    Question JVC X550R vs Benq W1700 4k vs optoma UHD60, Which one performs the best?

    Hi guys, I found a deal on JVC x550R in my local region for 1900$, which is used and sellers says it has around 200hrs lamp hours used so far. Is it a good idea to buy this over the new entry level 4k projectors like the benq/optoma? Which costs around the same new. Currently using Benq MH680...
  4. markbingo

    Projector screen goes blank randomly

    Please can anybody provide some advice on helping me sort out my issues. The problem is when i switch between using the TV and Projector I have to go through a process of switching devices on/off and between different HDMI inputs on the projector until finally they handshake and the projector...
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