1. Calgolf

    Optoma Hd29 vs hd200x

    Hi guys looking for some advice. I currently have a Optoma Hd200x and have recently purchased an onkyo surround sound speakers and receiver off a guy off gumtree for a ridiculous price. As he just wanted rid of everything he also chucked in a sapphire fixed screen and an optoma projector!! The...
  2. K

    HD Fury linker for Optoma HD600x?

    Hi, i have the Optoma HD600x projector. Native resolution 1280x720 but accepts 1080p. Is it worth buying a Fury linker to watch 4K programs downscaled from Sky Q or 4K blurays? Or just save some money and output from source eg Sky q at 1080p? thanks
  3. Secondhand

    Question Optoma UHD42, Denon AVC-X6500H Receiver and XBOX question. Noob needs help please

    NOOB Hi. I'm looking to convert my double garage into a home cinema/gaming room. Looking to use the next gen XBOX as my media centre for games (FPS semi competitive) and movies, etc, whilst running a 7.2.4 Atmos setup. For the projector, I've been currently looking at the Optoma UHD42 with it's...
  4. L

    Optoma UHD30 color issue

    I have a new Optoma UHD30 with a bright color issue. The fading is pretty bad and looks like a stream from 1998. It gets better in 4k, but in HD it is awful. The picture is HD. Look at the sky. The colors are not blending. It looks smooth on my 15 year old Hitatchi. Ive tried several cables. is...
  5. S

    Optoma 143x still best budget projector?

    Hi, just wondering if the Optoma 143x is still seen as the best budget projector? Looking for one for my Dad, I have the 143x and its great but if theres a better one now will go with that. Needs to be 3D and price range, £350 - £450 Thanks
  6. R

    HDMI switches - Atmos/4K

    Hello, I have at Bose soundbar 700 (1xHDMi arc port, 1x optic), Apple TV4k (HDMI and AirPlay), PS4 Pro (HDMI and optic) and Optoma UHD 42 projector (1 x HDMI 1.4 1x HDMI 2.0, VGA, Audio Jacks) which I’m trying to make work altogether to their best ability. I want to run 4K 60hz through my...
  7. GoodCoffeeCode

    Question Optoma HD151X Idling

    Hi all, My Optoma has been displaying the "change your lamp" message for a while and, a couple of days ago, stopped working. When I turned it on, it just idled. There was some noise, the fan was idling, but no light. I assumed it was the lamp, so bought and fitted a replacement. The first time...
  8. F

    Optoma projector - turn off the no audio icon in the top right hand corner of the projector screen image

    I have an Optoma UHD42 and one infuriating aspect of it is that as I have the audio going through my Sony AV, I have switched off the projector's internal speaker. The issue now is that I now have a pretty large icon of a projector with the sound off permanently in the right-hand corner of the...
  9. J

    Optoma HD141X and projectors

    I have tried to read the many many threads and get some info on projectors but there is just so much differing information. I have a really dark cinema room. Very dark so want a projector with 3d. Looking at 4k it seems they are out of my price range which would be cheap as possible. Just...
  10. M

    Question Optoma UHZ65LV LASER PROJECTOR

    Well folks I am looking at the new Optoma UHZ65LV is rated at 5000 Lumens and with 30K eco operating hrs on medium settings it says it is laser but I know it uses a 4 slice wheel that spins to make up the full colour spectrum, how long will that puppy last before failure just hope it does nto...
  11. C

    Optoma HD33 and green screen on certain devices

    I have a fully functional Optoma Hd33, with about eight pairs of 3d glasses (to speak to level of investment) -- I've had it for a few years now, and I'm still very happy with it. What's frustrating though, is that it's kind of fussy about what devices get plugged into it. Certain ones will...
  12. Pooler

    Anyone had an Optoma projector repaired that can advise ?

    I have an Optoma 550x projector that is out of warranty. Suspect it needs a new DLP chip as I have a single dead pixel on screen but it also has developed a flickering image. Can anyone recommend a company they have sent their projector to and had good service and price ? Would also be...
  13. DecibelGuy

    A problem I have with my Optoma UHZ65 Projector

    Hello there. I guess I am finally putting my AV Forums account to use after five years of membership. :) This thread is about a problem I ran into with my Optoma UHZ65. I am aware there are likely other (official?) threads dedicated to this projector but I felt I would be better served having...
  14. Technologysucks

    Question Optoma HD25LV power module

    Hello everybody I have a hd25lv and the power module started to make an audible noise, like a buzzing. My knowledge about electronics is not great so I would prefer changing the whole module instead of playing with a soldering iron. Any idea where could I find one? After countless hours of...
  15. T

    Optoma UHZ65LV Setup

    Hey, everyone A long time ago, I had a Sharp XV-Z9000, and a few years later moved to a XV-Z21000 DLP. which I've been running ever since, the 4th bulb about to expire. The UHZ65LV is the replacement, which is exciting. Back for the z9000, I painted Grey ScreenGoo and I'm wondering if moving...
  16. Wswan85

    Question Optoma UHD51 HDR mode

    Hi all, Can someone help please, driving me crazy. I've had the Optoma Uhd51 a while now, and think it's great. But just recently I've seen that when playing a 4k blu-ray through the xbox one x the projector plays in HDR Display Mode - great, but Sharpness and Pure Motion are greyed out, I...
  17. Sharkey1

    3D settings on Optoma Projector

    HI all, I used to be on this forum quite a bit before the kids came along......... I used to golf too and drink lots of beer etc etc ....... Well Im reclaiming the attic/cinema room now as they are not kids anymore so I have a few questions about the 3D settings of my projector. Its an old...
  18. L

    Short throw projector to upgrade from 6 yr old optoma GT1080

    Hi Guys, As per title I have an optoma GT1080 approx 1m from an 82 inch Optima screen. Am itching to replace it with 4k, HDR etc, what options do I have sub 2k? From a bit of googling i see ultra short throw, but apparently these will highlight ripples in the existing screen, otherwise i can...
  19. Bartttt

    Optoma hd143x failure

    Hi, I have Optoma hd143x for almost half a year and I wanted to clean it a little bit today inside as it was very dusty and it was heating quickly. So step by step, 1. I took off the top panel 2. I have disconnected all the wires from the motherboard 3. I took of the mother board and the...
  20. Bonoscot

    Anyone care to help a noob on new Setup Optoma UHD40

    Hi i recently purchased the Optoma UHD40 and its stunning image quality in my room,have a few probelms though if you could help. 1. I have a 10 metre HDMI V2.0 High Speed UDD 18Gbps 2160p 4k cable,the quality of my Image is great but when i run anything in 4k the screen goes black,i can hear...
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