1. A

    Question Debating the Benq W2000 V Optoma HD27...

    I could do with some advice. I'm going to invest in a projector and and debating the BenQ W2000 V Optoma HD27. They seem pretty equal apart from the BenQ has more variables in terms of positioning. My primary reason and use for the projector is to use in an art context, exhibitions...
  2. S

    Optoma bulb supplier recommendations

    Had my HD50 for a couple of years now & bulb shattered this morning, made me jump! Optoma want £400 for a new lamp, which 40% of the cost of the projector when new. There seems to be some choice of supplier on the net but can anyone recommend anyone. Don't want to buy a bulb that only lasts...
  3. S

    Question Update an Optoma HD67

    Hi Everyone, I appreciate this question will come up alot, but after advice on a new projector. I currently have the Optoma HD67 which I have had for some time now and would like to update this for a cinema room with possibly 3d (and some occasional gaming). Im a little confused as alot of...
  4. S

    Question Optoma HD65 issue

    Hello, Here comes another of those threads! Sorry, but I haven't been able to locate an issue that corresponds with mine. I've got myself a fairly old HD65. I've been very pleased with it, though, until the lamp blew half a year ago. I ordered a (according to seller) genuine replacement lamp...
  5. petrolhead

    Question Optoma HD87

    Having now got a OLED TV a friend of mine want to buy my Optoma HD87 with 400 hrs on the bulb. Problem is I have no idea of its value. Anyone here have an idea what its worth
  6. NNenov

    Question Vesa mount for Optoma EH501 (attach to horizontal pole)

    Hello, I've got an Optoma EH501 which I need to attach (hang) from a horizontal pole, its a generic scaffolding pole (UK), cannot confirm diameter. A few years ago I got a generic projector mount which I remember didn't fit to this projector (only two of the holes aligned) and I don't want to...
  7. fdez64

    Problems with Optoma HD25

    My optoma HD25 has the green light of the power supply blinkering and the projector doesn`t turn on. The manual says about the light that the projector is warming up.The lamp has never been changed but doesn`t seem even the fan won`t run. Any helpful advice. Thanks
  8. A

    Optoma to launch UHZ65 laser 4k DLP PJ

    It looks like Optoma are planning a laser version of the UHD65 in the autumn. Optoma Unveils UHZ65 Laser Phosphor, 4K UHD Projector for $4,999
  9. U

    Optoma UHD550X/ UHD60/ UHD65 Owners Thread

    I thought it was about time the obligatory owners thread was made. Is there an orderly queue for these new Optoma Projectors yet ? The lack of 3D is disappointing as I have lots of 3D Blurays. I'm also not normally keen on buying a first gen device. It does however sound promising from the...
  10. 0

    Question Is my Optoma HD20 irreparably broken?

    Hi there, I've just come home from a trip and found that my Optoma HD20 appears to be broken. When I turned it on, I don't get the usual Optoma logo, but instead unmoving static broken by a black bar. Fan comes on as usual, but no buttons other than power make any visible change. It also...
  11. H

    NEWS: Optoma launches new 4K UHD home DLP projectors

    Optoma announces the availability of a new 4K Ultra HD DLP projector and slates another for release later in 2017. Read the news.
  12. AVDavid

    New Optoma 4K DLP Projectors

    Next Month Optoma is to release the UHD 550X 1999 euros, UHD60 2600 euros and the UHD65 3200 euros
  13. bookle

    Question Optoma HD200x / HD20 Upgrade with no rainbow effect?

    I have had my Optoma HD200x (same as more common Optoma HD20) for a few months now on my first projector setup and absolutely love it! But... I realise now I am very sensitive to the rainbow effect that this projector is known to have. What else can I buy at around same price point (used)...
  14. shroud

    Optoma GT1080e VS Acer H6517ST

    I have been testing out an old Hitachi projector in our room, to get a rough idea about various arrangements of screen and projector, and I am reaching the conclusion that for us perhaps the best solution is to actually keep the projector on a low table in the middle of the room. This would mean...
  15. F

    Question Optoma HD27 vs GT1080e

    Hello, I was looking for a entry price projector around 600£ which was mainly going to be use to play video games and which had a low input lag and a nice image quality for the price (without going amazing) I have ordered on Amazon the Optoma HD27 and GT1080e (which was marketed as gaming...
  16. N

    Optoma GT1080E vs Epson EH-TW5350 vs Optoma HD27

    which projector out of 3 is best to buy and why Optoma GT1080E vs Epson EH-TW5350 vs Optoma HD27 ? HD27 - 3200, GT1080 - 3000, Epson EH-TW5350 - 2200 (Lumens) the main difference but should that what the buy should be based on? help thanks
  17. P

    Optoma hd25e

    Hi peeps, I've had the projector for about a year, bulb has only done 500. Im not sure if the bulb needs replacing as I can see blocky parts on dark scenes and a sort of flicker all over the screen. Basically I'm not sure if it's the bulb, something that has always been there? How can I tell...
  18. M

    Question Optoma EH515 - 5500 lumens for $1800! Ideal? Or any downside for home theatre?

    I've been looking the past few days at just about every company's projectors, looking for a projector with: - maximum lumens (for light exposed living area) - 3D capability (for 3D video played from my PC via HDMI) - quiet function - horizontal and vertical keystone adjustment - 1080p - <$2000...
  19. kuckilig

    Question Optoma HD26 or Acer HD7532BD

    Narrowed it down to these 2. I heard that Optoma color saturation is bad and that it does not have vibrant colors, is that true? Or is that only in light flooded rooms? Which one of those would you get for movies and why? Really need help deciding!
  20. kuckilig

    Question Acer P1500 vs. Acer H7532BD vs. Optoma HD25e vs. Optoma HD141X vs. Epson EH-TW5300

    Hey, newbie here. Can anyone clear me up on the advantages/disadvantages of above projectors for home cinema use? Thanks in Advance!
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